The child does not have six months? The person who said this is really ignorant!

It\’s almost June, and everyone is wearing shorts and shorts, but where is Tinkerbell? Being wrapped up tightly by her mother-in-law, there seems to be a tendency that winter is about to come. Dingdang’s mother tried to persuade her, but her mother-in-law refused to listen. She had to wear more clothes when it was windy and rainy. Every time I argue with my mother-in-law, she always says: \”Children don\’t have six months to live, so they are afraid of cold or heat! What should I do if I catch a cold without covering it?\” Dingdang\’s mother couldn\’t help her, but she saw that Dingdang wakes up every day with a cold Sweat, seeing that prickly heat was about to break out in just six months, Ding Dong’s mother had no choice but to put aside everything she was doing and start taking care of Tinker Bell again. Why is it said that \”children don\’t have six months\”? This is a folk saying that has been circulating for a long time, and people of the older generation will say it. The general meaning is that babies are not as strong as adults and cannot tolerate heat or cold. They would rather wear more clothes to keep them warm than wear less clothes and freeze them. What if they get frozen? Indeed, in the past, children were frail and had poor health, and they would get sick easily. But now, this statement is no longer correct and has no scientific basis at all. The baby\’s body functions are not fully developed yet, and the heat dissipation function is relatively hot, so he needs to sweat to achieve the effect of hot and cold regulation. If he sweats and does not wipe it dry in time, it may easily cause other diseases. In fact, Dingdang’s mother also knows that the adults who say this are all for the benefit of their children. However, in the hot summer, you have to wear more clothes in a certain way. As the saying goes, you should keep pace with the times~ The baby woke up sweaty, maybe because he wore too much clothes. Recently, many mothers have reported that they find that their children are sweating every day when they take a nap or wake up in the morning. What\’s going on? In fact, it is normal for children to sweat. Children have strong metabolic abilities, but their own ability to regulate heat and cold is poor, so they regulate their body temperature through sweat. If you find that your baby is sweating a lot, don’t worry too much. Check to see if you are wearing too much clothes for your baby. The weather is starting to get hotter, so babies need to wear fewer clothes, otherwise it’s no wonder they’re sweating from the heat. However, mothers who have pathological sweating should not be confused. If you find that your baby is sweating abnormally, you must go to the hospital for treatment. Do not treat blindly. Some mothers always think that their babies are calcium deficient and need calcium supplements. This is wrong. . How to wear baby clothes in summer. The baby\’s chest and back should be well protected, but it should be similar to what adults wear. A baby who is used to being covered can wear one more thin piece of clothing than an adult. If you wear less clothes all of a sudden, the baby may not adapt. Mothers should keep the following rules in mind: 1. Wear more short sleeves and shorts. The temperature is high in summer, so give your baby short-sleeved shirts made of natural fibers such as cotton, which are breathable and light. Choose loose and light-colored styles. Baby boys can wear short-sleeved shirts or vests, and shorts or overalls. Baby girls can wear dresses or sleeveless tops. It is best to choose sandals that can cover your toes, and hats that are breathable and have a wide brim. 2. Change clothes frequently. Babies have developed sweat glands and are prone to sweating in summer. If sweat-soaked clothes are not changed and cleaned in time, they will cause colds. Babies are prone to sweating if they are covered in summer, which can easily lead to diarrhea and heatstroke. Therefore, if your baby\’s clothes, quilts, and pillows become wet with sweat, they should be replaced and washed immediately to prevent sweat stains from contaminating the baby\’s skin and causing inflammation and other diseases. 3. Increase according to temperatureReduce clothing. It is best for the baby to stay at a certain temperature. If the air conditioner is turned on indoors, the optimal temperature is 26~28℃. If you want to take your baby out, you need to add or remove clothing according to the outside temperature. Generally, touch the tip of the baby\’s nose or limbs. If it is not cold, it means the clothes are suitable. Things to pay attention to when your baby sleeps in summer. There are many things to pay attention to when your baby sleeps. It doesn’t matter whether you wear too much or too little. How should you do it specifically? 1. Never let your baby sleep naked! Especially at night when the air conditioner is on, the baby should be careful about catching cold while sleeping. When dressing, do not take off all the baby\’s clothes. Wear a vest or bellyband, and the chest and abdomen must be kept warm. It is best to wear a pair of shorts on the lower body so that after the baby kicks off the quilt, his skin will not be in direct contact with the air and avoid catching cold. If the room temperature is low, less than 30 degrees, you can also put a pair of small socks on your baby. 2. What should the baby cover? Towel quilts are the best choice. It is relatively thin and breathable, which is most suitable for babies to use in summer. Mothers, be careful not to let your baby sleep directly on the mat, otherwise the baby will catch a cold. If you want to use a mat, it is best to put a layer of sheets or towels on it. The mat should be scrubbed every day and exposed to the sun frequently to prevent the breeding of mites or bacteria. Text|Dingdang Mama

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