The child fell ill repeatedly in kindergarten, and the doctor said it was all the parents’ fault

After children turn 3 years old, they will start kindergarten life. This may also be their first time entering a collective living environment. And because there are more people in contact, cross-infection becomes easier, especially children with low resistance, who have become the most infected. So why do these children always get sick? Is it because the kindergarten environment is poor? In this regard, pediatricians said that it is not a bad thing for children to get sick. This is actually a necessary stage for the development of their immune systems. But if you get sick too frequently, you have to look for the cause in your parents. Why do children get sick when they go to kindergarten? 1. Drinking a bottle of milk before going to bed is a habit developed since childhood, so even if you are three or four years old, you still need to drink a bottle of milk before going to bed at night. This is actually not a big problem, but if you don’t rinse your mouth in time after drinking milk, it will cause bacteria to multiply in the throat, which can easily lead to repeated respiratory infections. 2. Children with poor physical constitution. Some children have allergies and are particularly prone to eczema since childhood, and such children are particularly susceptible to respiratory diseases. In addition, the cough of this type of child is not necessarily due to infection. It may be due to exposure to some allergens, such as eating seafood, encountering pollen, etc. 3. Some children do not want to go to kindergarten. Some children are resistant to kindergarten, which may be due to fear or incompatibility. Under this psychological influence, they will suffer from nausea, vomiting, and even coughing. Of course, this is not because they are really sick, but because of some psychological effects. Even if they go to the hospital for examination, they cannot find many positive signs. 4. Insufficient sleep time For children, sleeping is a very important thing, but they are often reluctant to go to bed because they are naughty and playful. If parents are more indulgent and do not cultivate the habit of going to bed early and getting up early in their children, then they may often play late and go to bed, but they still have to go to kindergarten on time the next day. Over time, the children will suffer from lack of sleep. Get ill. 5. There are problems with diet. Some children are picky eaters. If not corrected in time, they will develop anemia and lack of some vitamins or trace elements. Over time, the children will become sick. In addition, some mothers are worried that their children will not have enough to eat in kindergarten and will coax their children to eat a lot of food after returning home in the evening. As a result, their children will suffer from indigestion and poor sleep quality. Over time, the children will become sick. What should parents do about sick babies? 1. Adjust the diet structure. If there are dietary problems at home and the nutritional structure is unreasonable, it will be more difficult to ensure that you can eat well in kindergarten. If the nutrition cannot keep up, you will naturally get sick. Therefore, if children are picky eaters, mothers should promptly guide them to improve their habits and help them develop the habit of eating vegetables and fruits. 2. Let children drink more water. Drinking more water can promote body fluid circulation and help eliminate toxins and impurities in the body. Therefore, before entering kindergarten, parents should develop the habit of drinking water in their children. What needs to be reminded is that parents also need to teach them to say: \”Teacher, I want to drink water.\” Because there are many children in kindergarten, teachers cannot take care of all children. It is very important for children to take the initiative to make requests. 3. Be sure to go to bed early and develop good sleeping habits for your children every night.Around 8:30, it is necessary to put the children to bed. It is best to go to sleep before 9 o\’clock, so that the children can get up on time to go to kindergarten the next day. In addition, going to bed early also promotes the secretion of growth hormone, helping children grow taller. 4. Pay attention to psychological education. If it is a psychological problem, then parents must find ways to enlighten their children. The first is to make some psychological preparations for the child before going to kindergarten and instill the concepts of kindergarten; the second is to tell the child that there are many children playing with him in the kindergarten, and you can take the child to the kindergarten when you are free; and the last is After your child enters kindergarten, encourage and praise him more, so that your child will be very happy and fall in love with kindergarten.

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