The child\’s confrontation is disdain or inability

When I was the same age as my child, I left home to go to school after 3 months. That was the beginning of my leaving home. In the following days, except for winter and summer vacations, I could basically only stay at home briefly. My mother wiped tears at home every day during the first week when I stopped living at home. I felt so stupid at the time, there was nothing to cry about. Now that I have reached the age that my mother was at that time, if my son stays in a boarding house, he will start to leave home in 3 months. I haven\’t realized how the days passed so quickly. I went downstairs for a walk with my father, walked through the small garden, and saw groups of children. I remembered that he fell in that position when he was 4 or 5 years old. When he lay down, he used his small arms to support his body. But his forehead was still bruised by the pebbles, and he bled a lot. I panicked and covered the wound with my hands, as if the wound didn\’t exist if I couldn\’t see it. As I was thinking about the complete English version of the animated version of The Adventures of Marco Polo [English and Chinese subtitles], which introduces Eastern culture, my eyes quietly blurred. Following the flow of life, I have come here and now. I can\’t bear to part with it either, although I can\’t say what it is that I can\’t bear to part with. Nice way for you Dad bought me a cup of coffee. When he took it home, I saw small drops of water rising on the side of the cup. ——Is it cold? ——Yes, on such a hot day, I specially asked to add more ice cubes. ——I never drink coffee cold. ——It’s over 30 degrees, do you drink hot coffee? Yes, I drink hot coffee all the time, even on hot days. When a person treats you well and considers you, it may not be what you expect, but that is the way others treat you well. You can\’t deny other people\’s kindness towards you because of this. If you want this kindness to be just right, you can enhance mutual expression and understanding. We are good to our children, considerate of our children, and often do what we think is best, but maybe that is not what our children want. Children are simple and direct, but they often fail to empathize with our feelings. They may even get angry, which makes us feel very disappointed and makes us feel that they are ungrateful. It\’s not his fault, his ability has not been able to reach a more rounded and rational expression. This is not our fault, our hearts dancing with love for him are sincere. Let our kindness to our children be just right. We should also enhance communication with each other and pay attention to his needs instead of just emphasizing our own efforts. Don\’t disturb other people\’s happiness. I have a client whose child is autistic. In my eyes, the companionship and support she and her father gave to their children can really be described as great. Lots and lots of love, to influence that lonely star, they lived a plain and happy life. Whenever I feel anxious, I think of them. Where does anxiety come from? It comes from comparing what you don’t have with what others have. It comes from comparing what you don’t have with what you have. It comes from treating imaginary fears as hard facts. What is happiness? Happiness is not about how much you have, but how much you can feel. Cherish and feel your happiness. Don\’t disturb other people\’s happiness.

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