The correct way to change newborn diapers

When to change the baby\’s diaper and when to change the baby\’s diaper is appropriate, there are 5 time periods that you can focus on: 1. Before each feeding, the baby will not feel comfortable feeding if the diaper is wet; 2. 15-30 minutes after each feeding In minutes, the baby may pee; 3. Check whether the baby\’s diaper is dry before going to bed, otherwise the baby will not sleep well; 4. After the baby wakes up, he usually urinates immediately; 5. Observe the baby\’s expression, and when the baby is playing, If you suddenly become quiet, or if you feel dazed or squeaking hard, it\’s usually a sign of defecation. How to use cloth diapers: Stack the rectangular diapers into 3 to 4 layers, place one end flat from the baby\’s hips to the waist, and pull the other end up from between the legs to the lower abdomen. Baby boys should press their penis downward to prevent urine from seeping into the navel; CCTV recommends over 500 excellent documentaries with high scores. The child will become addicted to self-discipline after watching the Pattern Explosion. Fold the square diaper into a triangle and place it under the rectangular diaper on the baby\’s waist. , the two ends of the triangle are covered on the rectangular diaper, and the tip is pulled up and fixed between the legs. It is strictly forbidden to tie the knot on the waist and back, otherwise it will easily cause skin trauma. The specific steps are to first untie the contaminated diaper, gently lift the newborn\’s buttocks with one hand, and remove the wet diaper with the other hand. If it\’s a boy, you should put a few more layers of diapers in front of the perineum; if it\’s a girl, you can put a few more layers of diapers under the buttocks to increase the moisture absorption of special parts. After changing the newborn\’s diaper, carefully check whether the diaper at the base of the thigh is exposed, whether the tightness is appropriate, and make reasonable adjustments. Before changing the newborn\’s diaper, lay a large diaper pad on the newborn\’s lower body to prevent the newborn from suddenly peeing or defecating during the diaper change and soiling the sheets. After each diaper change, wrap the newborn tightly with a wrap or a small towel. No ties are needed on the outside. Use the baby\’s own weight to press the wrap tightly. Several points should be paid attention to when changing diapers: 1. Changing diapers should be done before feeding to prevent the child\’s body position from changing too much and causing vomiting. 2. Newborns urinate frequently, and the frequency of urination can reach 20 or 30 times a day. Diapers must be changed frequently. Also be fast. 3. Do not wrap the diaper too tightly, it should be wide enough to accommodate two or three fingers, so that the newborn\’s thighs can move freely. But don\’t make it too loose so that the diaper falls off easily. 4. Do not cover the belly button with the diaper. The back of the diaper should reach the waist of the newborn, and the front should be 2 to 3 centimeters below the navel. This can reduce the chance of excessive skin being contaminated with urine and feces, and also keep the navel clean. 5. Do not use talcum powder to smear the buttocks of newborns, because after the newborn wets, the talcum powder rubbed on the buttocks can easily block the sweat glands and cause eczema on the newborn\’s buttocks. In addition, special attention should be paid to never use plastic cloth, oil cloth or rubber cloth to wrap diapers, because these materials are not breathable and can easily make the buttocks moist and hot, and the skin can easily become red, causing red buttocks in babies. How to clean and disinfect diapers Cleaning diapers is a very important issue. Diapers used every day must be washed carefully. Newborns use a lot of diapers every day. It is best if they are washed one by one. It is also okay to wash them in a concentrated manner, but generally they are washed 3-4 times a day. If it is urine, you can soak it in water and then clean it.Wash; if it is stool, clean the stool first, wash it with ordinary soap and then rinse it with water. When washing diapers, do not use washing powder, medicated soap, soap that is too alkaline, and do not use bleaching washing powder. This will irritate the newborn\’s skin and cause rashes. Pay attention to disinfection after washing diapers. First, wash the diapers, scald them in boiling water, and then dry them in the sun. When there is no sunlight, use the drying method or use an electric iron to dry. Diapers should be clean and soft after each wash. Finally, fold the washed diapers flatly, place them in a fixed place, pay attention to dust-proof and moisture-proof, and leave them for the next use.

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