The dangers of overprotective parents on children

Every child is the treasure of their parents from the moment they are born, and every family cares for their growth wholeheartedly. There is no doubt that children need care and care for their growth. As parents, we always want to give the best to our children, and we always think that what we give is not enough. Because the child is young, parents think that they should protect him in all aspects. Children\’s educational cartoon \”Master Chef Xiao Fugui\” full set download [720P high-definition 132 episodes] But everything has a degree. Parents\’ over-protection of their children is not only love but also harmful. In the long run, it is not only detrimental to the healthy physical and mental growth, but also causes heavy losses to the children. burden. It is instinct for parents to protect their children, but as they grow older, they should also be more protective. Children\’s growth should be accompanied by letting go and becoming independent. Every parent should face this issue squarely. Protecting children does not mean controlling them. The way a mother protects her daughter in the science fiction drama \”Black Mirror\” vividly demonstrates the serious consequences of overprotecting children. What this mother did was shocking, and it also triggered people to think about parenting styles and how to deal with parent-child relationships. The little girl Sara in the play was almost lost when she was three years old. This experience made her mother panic. From then on, she was afraid that anything would happen to her daughter, so she began to implement unimaginable ways to protect her daughter. Sara\’s mother used a technology company to implant a chip into her brain using a program called Ark Angel. The purpose was to fully and seamlessly understand her daughter\’s movements and achieve good protection. Every move and even emotion of her daughter, or any information that threatens her growth, violent or dangerous animals, will be known to her mother in advance through the chip. For example, you may encounter children fighting or violent or pornographic scenes that are not suitable for children. The chip program will automatically mosaic it in advance. Even after the grandfather passes away, the mother\’s sad expression will be filtered. Sara cannot see any negative emotions and has no opportunity to be exposed to any bad scenes. She lives in a world created by her mother without any danger or harm. However, her mother\’s extreme protection method brought greater harm to Sara. What is even more frightening is that Sara has entered puberty and her chip has been turned off. She cannot protect herself at all and cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. They don’t understand the serious consequences of drugs, they don’t feel the danger of having relationships with men, and they don’t have the ability to handle various emotions. Because there are no bad scenes or negative emotions in her world, the more this happens, the more curious she becomes. Sara pricked her finger with a pencil to see the blood flowing out. Her mother discovered her self-mutilation and realized the seriousness of the matter, so she took Sara to see a doctor. Through the test, doctors pointed out that Sara\’s ability to judge basic human emotions is extremely limited. She does not know how to express and release emotions, and she does not understand what happens in scenes of conflict between people. When Sara learned that all this was due to her mother\’s overprotection and that she had been living under her mother\’s monitoring and control, she was very angry and hit her mother on the head with a tablet. This kind of impulsive and irrational behavior reflects Sara\’s lack of stress response. Since she has not been exposed to any dangerous scenes or negative emotions, she cannot recognize it.Understanding the concepts of actions and consequences. The mother\’s overprotection became a way to control her children, and she eventually lost the trust of her parents and children. Sara also ran away from home. It is difficult to imagine what her future life will be like. Protection must have boundaries. Every parent will do their best to protect their children. This is instinctive, but not every parent knows how to protect their children correctly. Protection without boundaries is harming children in the name of love. First of all, parents need to guide them. Most parents over-protect their children as a matter of course on the grounds of \”for your own good\”. They take over everything that should be controlled and what should not be controlled without boundaries. This makes children have no sense of responsibility since childhood and do not know how to take responsibility for their own actions. Just like Sara was protected by her mother in a \”sterile\” environment, and she was monitored. Every time she encounters a situation, the mother does her best to avoid the situation by monitoring instead of providing positive guidance. There is a lack of communication and guidance, which ultimately runs counter to her original intention of protecting her daughter. Secondly, believing in children is more conducive to growth than controlling them. In \”Black Mirror\”, the truth of life and growth is packaged in a high-tech shell. In the process of raising children, if you ignore the rules of children\’s growth and are divorced from the reality of life, not only will it fail to protect your children, but it will hinder your growth. Life is not smooth sailing, and you will experience various difficulties and tests on the road to growth. Everything requires a process. When you are exposed to any life skill from a young age, you always start from not being proficient. If you don\’t do it well once, you do it a few more times. If you do it wrong, try again. If your parents give you patient guidance, you will always be able to master it. Many times parents think that their children are slow and not good enough and just do the work for them, forgetting their age and ignoring that growth requires practice and setbacks. Parents create a life without worries about food and clothing, make decisions for their children, and overcome difficulties for them. If they do not experience any setbacks, they will not really grow up. When one day they have to leave their parents to live alone, they will become nothing. Know. When I was a child, I had food to eat and clothes to stretch my hands, but I lacked life skills and the ability to solve problems. When I grow up, I avoid work and do not understand responsibilities, becoming a \”giant baby\” without any life skills or competitiveness. Wu Zhihong once said that love is a very dangerous thing. Many injuries are often caused by love, and the more you love, the easier it is to cause harm. Parents take the lead in raising children and do not allow any hidden dangers that are not conducive to their children to appear, nor do they want to let them out of their sight. This is not protection, nor love, but control and distrust of their children. Every parent\’s love is deep, but going too far is too much. Overprotection is destroying children in the name of love. In the process of raising children, it is better to protect them carefully than to trust them, let them face any challenges they must face on the road of growth, and believe that they can do well. This is the most precious wealth accumulated in life, and it is also the greatest protection that parents can give their children.

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