The dangers of parents spanking their children may cause lifelong regrets

When parents are angry, the easiest thing to do is to spank their children. In our eyes, there is no problem that a spanking cannot solve. If it doesn\’t, just spank them again. But do you know? Children are actually very fragile and should not be hit at will! Yuanyuan\’s mother became frightened when she thought of what happened a few days ago. A few days ago, Yuanyuan\’s mother was so angry that she slapped Yuanyuan on the head several times with a book because Yuanyuan was too lazy to do her homework. Half of her homework was still unfinished at ten o\’clock in the evening. Unexpectedly, Yuanyuan vomited in the middle of the night and said he was dizzy. Yuanyuan\’s parents quickly took their child to the emergency room. After the doctor checked, it was found that Yuanyuan\’s mother had a slight concussion caused by hitting the child on the back of the head. The doctor warned Yuanyuan\’s mother, \”The child\’s head is very valuable and should not be hit casually. If it is serious, it may cause the child\’s death!\” Yuanyuan\’s mother was suddenly frightened. Cold sweat, whenever I think about this now, my heart is beating with fear. When parents are angry, they are not only prone to say things indiscriminately, but they also often act indiscriminately. Just reach out and hit, but did you know that there are three places on the child that parents cannot hit no matter how angry they are, otherwise, it may cause lifelong regrets. 1. The child\’s head. Children are not tall, so it is easiest for parents to hit the head. They are good at hitting with their hands or taking pictures with books. The first place parents look for is the child\’s head, especially the back of the head. Raising their hands will give them a slap, and Loud and smooth. In fact, children\’s heads are very fragile, and problems can easily occur if you are not careful, causing lifelong regrets. Life-threatening danger Sun Zhengjiu, a well-known neurosurgery expert, pointed out that the medulla oblongata is located in the back of the head and is the center in charge of breathing and heartbeat. If the back of the head is hit, it can easily cause shock to the respiratory center, which can cause some complications of respiratory failure and lead to death. Intellectual impairment The brain is covered with dense nerves, which are in charge of different aspects of the child\’s intelligence. For example: the cerebral cortex is divided into 4 parts, namely the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe, which are in charge of the child\’s motor, sensory, visual and auditory parts respectively. In 1874, German scholar Wernick discovered that a patient\’s auditory organs were obviously normal and he could hear sounds, but he could not distinguish language and lost the ability to understand words. Finally, he found that the patient\’s parietal lobe had , the superior temporal gyrus at the intersection of the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe was damaged, that is, there was a problem with the hearing part, which eventually led to his inability to understand, which is \”receptive aphasia.\” If a child is injured on the forehead, he will be unable to speak, his expression is slow and laborious, and his expressive ability is limited; if the child is injured on the top of his head, he will be unable to write, that is, his writing and drawing ability will be deviated, and he will not be able to write beautiful words. If the back of the child\’s head is damaged, the child will not be able to read, that is, he can see the words, but cannot understand the meaning of the words, and his understanding ability is limited; if the child has damage to both sides of the head, he will not be able to understand, and will be unable to distinguish the pronunciation of the words and understand the words. I struggled and couldn’t understand in class. See, this is only a partial function. There are also parts of the brain that are responsible for sleep, movement, and memory. If you hit your child on the head frequently, these corresponding parts may be damaged, thus affecting the child\’s intellectual development. 2. Children should not be slapped in the face. There is an old saying in China: \”Expose others without exposing their shortcomings; hit others without slapping them in the face.\” However,There are some parents who just like to be slapped. Because in their minds, this kind of humiliating spanking can help children firmly remember the shame of being spanked and achieve the effect of \”long memory\”. Moreover, spanking in the face is as convenient and convenient as spanking on the head. As everyone knows, slapping in the face can indeed make many children remember, but it is extremely insulting and hurts the child\’s self-esteem. Especially the red and swollen slap marks make the child embarrassed to go out and embarrassed to see others. For children who are in the period of building self-esteem, It is the greatest insult and destruction, and can easily lead to children with low self-esteem and shameful personality. Besides that, a slap in the face can easily break a child! In TV dramas, there are often scenes where a father slaps his son and makes him deaf. This is really not an exaggeration! An adult\’s hand is big and a slap can hit a child\’s eyes, ears, temples, nose and face. Coupled with the tremendous strength of an adult, it is easy to injure a child\’s vital organs. If the ear is accidentally injured, it can easily cause perforation of the eardrum and affect hearing. Especially for the temple, experts pointed out: \”After the temple is hit, because its inner orbital wall is relatively thin, fractures may occur in the event of shock, and fractures are also detrimental to the development of the optic nerve. Our clinical practice It has been discovered in the past that a slap in the face can cause blindness.\” 3. Do not hit the child\’s back. Do not underestimate the child\’s back area. The child is still growing and developing, and the spinal cord and spine are not fully developed. Parents should hit the child\’s back or spank the child blindly. It is easy to use the wrong force on the buttocks, causing damage to some nerves, thus affecting the child\’s development. Moreover, children\’s bones are relatively small and fragile. Once adults cannot control their strength, they can easily cause injuries such as fractures, or even endanger internal organs and cause internal bleeding. Some parents have questions, \”You can\’t hit this, you can\’t hit that, so where can you hit?\” I think as parents, we must first ask ourselves, why can we only use spanking to educate our children? Why must we rely on beatings to educate him well? If this is really the case, it only means that there is a big problem with your education. Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, once said that the ugliest act of violence in the world is when adults beat children. This is bullying. In fact, if you think about it carefully, the reason why we spank our children is because we don’t know how to educate them, and ultimately we choose the simplest, crudest, most direct and effective way. American child education expert Haim Ginot said: \”Punishment cannot prevent bad behavior, it can only make criminals more careful when committing crimes, cover up crimes more skillfully, and avoid detection more skillfully. Children are When being beaten, on the surface he is afraid and panicked, but he may be afraid of the cane in your hand. He does not reflect on his wrong behavior, and even wants to escape in an extreme way.\” Children who are often beaten will become more and more irritable with the more beatings. I don’t care about the stick education from my parents, and may even develop a rebellious mentality towards the stick education. The more you beat me, the less obedient I will be. Slowly, children will develop hatred for their parents, and the estrangement from their parents will become deeper and deeper. Teacher Yin Jianli wrote in the book \”A Good Mother is Better than a Good Teacher\”: \”When facing a minor, the greatest civilization for adults is to stand from the perspective of a child, try to understand what he is doing, and enjoy it with him.Guide his growth in a willing and accepting way. You must treat him as an equal as a \”person\”, not a \”weak person\” to conquer. When your family, friends, or colleagues make mistakes, what method do you use to help him, inspire him, and guide him? What method should you use to educate your child, instead of hastily solving it by \”beating him up\”!

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