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The daughter said in front of her mother-in-law: Mom, don’t you dislike grandma? Instantly petrified…

Sometimes, children are used to trick parents. This mother never expected that she would be defeated by her daughter\’s \”childish talk\”. Xin’s Mom’s Embarrassing Thing Dingdang’s friend Xin’s mom recently encountered a particularly “painful” thing. She was really cheated by her own daughter. The thing is Jiang Zi\’s: \”workaholic\” Xin\’s mother and her mother-in-law have always lived separately, but every summer, her mother-in-law will live in her home to help take care of her three-year-old daughter Xinxin. This year is no exception. My mother-in-law has been living here for almost two months. A few days ago, Xin\’s mother and her mother-in-law had some small disputes. Every time Xin Ma washes clothes, she washes outerwear and underwear separately to prevent clothes from transmitting bacteria to each other. But the mother-in-law didn\’t understand Xin\’s mother\’s behavior. In her eyes, it was a wasteful behavior. It could be done by just putting it in the washing machine together, so why did it need to be washed twice? It wastes water and electricity. So, my mother-in-law took the opportunity and decisively threw all the clothes and socks into the washing machine and stirred them up. When Xin\’s mother found out, she argued with her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law was so angry that she said: Do you dislike me? Xin’s mother replied: Mom! How is it possible, how could I dislike you! The mother-in-law said no more, turned away angrily and went about doing other things. At this time, \”Cheng Yaojin\” appeared! Three-year-old Xinxin appeared out of nowhere and said, \”Mom, didn\’t you say you don\’t like grandma?\” The scene instantly became extremely cold! The mother-in-law slammed the door and went out without saying a word, leaving Xin\’s mother petrified in the air. Looking at Xinxin who looked innocent next to her, she actually laughed out loud in anger. When Dingdang’s mother heard this, she felt extremely embarrassed. What should I do? There was some misunderstanding between the two of them, but now it\’s over. Even if Xin\’s mother jumped into the Yellow River, it wouldn\’t be able to wash it away. But – Xin\’s mother, did you really say that you don\’t like your mother-in-law? Xin\’s mother was also very aggrieved. She remembered that she took Xinxin for a walk a few months ago and met a friend in the community. During the chat, she complained about her mother-in-law and joked about her mother-in-law. She herself didn\’t expect that her daughter would actually hear it. At this point, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law cannot be eased by a few sentences of explanation. This is all a hole dug by Xin\’s mother, and she can only improve her image in her mother-in-law\’s mind through her future actions. Dingdang\’s mother is also helpless! Don\’t say \”bad things\” about others in front of your children. Having said this, Dingdang\’s mother remembered a similar incident. Dingdang’s mother has a good friend who has a good job and a high income. He is well-rounded and well-liked by the elders, but he is not good-looking and has never been married. One day, she met a neighbor\’s child, who was also a \”professional motherfucker\” and blurted out to her friend: \”My mother said you are too ugly and no one wants you!\” This really shocked her friend. , although it was the truth, but it still made my friend sad for several days when it was told nakedly from others. Now that I think about it, \”Tongyanwuji\” is really scary. One of his inadvertent comments might become the cause of future disputes. However, a parent full of positive energy will not complain or speak ill of others in front of his children. Parents who have been tricked by their children must have dug the trick themselves early.No one else, this is cause and effect. Children have low emotional intelligence and do not have the ability to distinguish between good and bad words. They only know how to imitate. If a child is foul-mouthed and rude, he will definitely find the reason in his parents. How can parents be good role models for their children? In daily life, it is important to be a role model for your children. Parents exude the light of friendship and sincerity, and their children must be as lovable as the little sun. As for how to set an example for your children, in addition to not saying bad things in front of your children, you should also try your best to do the following: 1. Respect your significant other. I have to mention Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong. Dingdang’s mother tried very hard to avoid this topic, but when it comes to respecting the other half, this is indeed a negative lesson. In a parent-child program on a certain satellite TV, Wang Baoqiang\’s daughter bossed her father around, speaking in a commanding tone. At a young age, she didn\’t know how to respect her father, because her mother had the same attitude in front of her husband. In the relationship between husband and wife, both parties are equal, and the people the children come into contact with the most every day are their parents. Mutual respect between parents is very beneficial to the growth of children. Remember, never say bad things about your significant other in front of your children, give more praise and hugs, and less abuse and slander. 2. Learn how to quarrel. In daily life, disputes between husband and wife are unavoidable. It is better to learn how to argue without having a negative impact on the children, and to educate the children appropriately. When a dispute occurs, tell your children that there will be friction in life, and there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions and ideas bravely, but in a kind and correct way. Repairing a relationship after a dispute is also important. Both parties sincerely apologize to tell the child that the relationship between mom and dad is still so good. It is important for the child to see his parents\’ apology, which is very important for his future growth. 3. Learn to control your emotions. As a parent, it is very important to learn to treat everything in life rationally, control your emotions, don\’t let anger, negativity and other emotions lead you by the nose, learn to understand and tolerate, because everyone is imperfect, Treat life with wisdom and kindness. You must know that the way parents solve things will affect their children. If there is negative energy every day, then the child will inevitably imitate his parents and become a carefree and depressed person.

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