The doctor’s words frightened the parents! How does a child develop precocious puberty?

Which of today’s children, no matter boys or girls, doesn’t have several specialties and hobbies? And dance types such as ethnic, ballet, Latin, jazz, and hip-hop are very popular among parents and children. But recently, Latin dance has collided with precocious puberty. It turns out that an article titled \”Regret!\” A 7-year-old girl from Hangzhou has breast growth that can’t be suppressed even with medicine! The doctor asked: Should I dance Latin dance? \”The hot article broke the Internet. This article said: There is a 9-year-old girl in Zhejiang who has had breast development for two years. Her bust is close to that of a girl and she is taller than children of the same age. The bone age report confirms that she has precocious puberty. Her parents kept taking her to seek medical treatment but could not find the cause, and even taking medicine could not suppress her condition. Later, the doctor learned that this little girl had learned Latin dance for four years. Through outpatient cases, he also found that there was a certain relationship between Latin dance and precocious puberty. Experts say: There is no scientific basis! After reading this article, parents whose children are learning Latin dance or are planning to send their children to dance lessons, how can they sit still? Thinking of the passionate dance movements of Latin dance, such as shaking the head, swinging, twisting the body, extending the arms, twisting the hips, it does seem a bit too \”sexy\”. The most important thing is that most Latin dances require men and women to match. Is this the reason for inducing \”precocious puberty\”? \”I was so scared that I quickly dropped out of my daughter\’s Latin dance class…\” \”My brother\’s daughter also learned Latin at a very young age. She got her period in the fourth grade of elementary school, and she didn\’t grow taller! I didn\’t expect that she could also dance Latin… There are so many children enrolling in this kind of class now!\” \”You need to be cautious when doing things inappropriate for your age and pay attention to your diet. I am skeptical that Latin dance will cause premature physical puberty, but the age is too young and Latin dance has a psychological impact. I agree.\” In fact, even parents of children who are learning other dance types are struggling. Since Latin dance may cause precocious puberty, other dance types seem to be at risk. In fact, parents don’t need to panic. Regarding this topic, many experts have come out to refute the rumors: there is no scientific basis for Latin dance to cause precocious puberty! Associate Professor Wu Xi, Department of Endocrinology, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, pointed out: \”Currently, there is no scientific research in the academic community that proves that Latin dance dancing and precocious puberty are directly related. It cannot be proved through one-sided inquiries or individual cases that Latin dancing causes precocious puberty. At present, Medical science has not found that the \’switch\’ of sexual development can be activated through vision, hearing or smell, and there is no clear causal relationship between the two.\” Xu Lingmin, chief physician of pediatrics at Qingpu Branch, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, also believes: It is very It\’s hard to say how much precocious puberty is related to dancing. \”Whether or not to dance Latin dance\” is only part of the doctor\’s consultation, because he discovered a possible correlation in clinical practice. This is also the process of doctors accumulating clinical experience and medical development and progress. But it does not mean that children must not dance Latin. The doctor in the article also said that there is currently \”no scientific research proof in the academic world.\” \”So, parents don\’t have to worry. Dancing looks good, and it can also exercise the body, train the body, and improve children\’s self-confidence and communication skills. In the process of practicing dance, children also learn to communicate with their peers and express their best. On the one hand, therefore, let children receive dance training from formal institutions at an appropriate age.There is no problem in practicing. Not only Latin dance, but other dances suitable for children can also be learned. Various misunderstandings about \”precocious puberty\” ① Off-season fruits and vegetables, such as ripening bananas, strawberries, etc. are often mistakenly regarded as one of the factors leading to precocious puberty. In fact, the \”phytohormones\” contained in off-season fruits and vegetables, such as ripening strawberries and bananas, only have hormonal effects on plants and have no effect on humans. ② The estrogen-like \”soy isoflavones\” in soy products such as tofu and soy milk are often considered to be the cause of precocious puberty. In fact, the content of isoflavones in soybeans is very low, and it is only a hormone-like hormone, which is different from real human estrogen. ③ Bovine colostrum-related industries measured the content of 50 hormones in bovine colostrum in 2009. The results showed that there was no statistical difference between the hormones in bovine colostrum and ordinary milk. On the contrary, the content of similar hormones in human milk was higher than that in bovine colostrum. Milk is higher than ordinary milk. ④ eels and fast-growing chickens. We often hear typical claims that food causes precocious puberty, including eels and aquatic products fed with birth control pills, and fast-growing chickens that have been injected with hormones. Regarding the issue of feeding eels contraceptive pills or hormones, People\’s Daily Online once dedicated a \”Confirmation\” column to refute the rumors. The conclusion is that it is impossible to feed eels contraceptive pills or hormones, otherwise the eels will die quickly. The fast-growing chickens that are blacklisted by many people are actually the result of improved breeding and scientific breeding. The problem chickens exposed by CCTV are often caused by the misuse of antibiotics rather than hormone problems. ⑤ Royal jelly testing found that trace amounts of sex hormones do exist in royal jelly, but its content is too low to have an impact on human physiology. What exactly causes precocious puberty? Since there is no scientific basis for \”Latin dance causes precocious puberty\”, then, what is the cause of precocious puberty in the 9-year-old girl in the news? We don’t know, but in daily life, there are too many reasons for premature puberty and accelerated puberty. \”Precocious puberty\” is mainly divided into two categories: one is called \”true precocious puberty\” (central precocious puberty), and the other is called \”pseudo-precocious puberty\” (peripheral precocious puberty). \”True precocious puberty\” is a problem with the development of the baby\’s own \”pituitary gland\”, such as brain tumors, hydrocephalus, etc., and has nothing to do with the outside world. The causes of \”pseudoprecocious puberty\” are more complicated. In addition to certain diseases of the baby itself (such as abnormal ovarian development in female babies), many external factors may also cause: 1. Overnutrition. Due to the rapid improvement of the overall family economic level, , the diet is extremely nutritious, and some children also like to drink drinks as water and eat junk food as meals, which has accelerated the growth and development of children, leading to an increase in early sexual development and sexual maturity. 2. Environmental pollution The rapid economic development has also brought about a lot of environmental pollution, causing food to contain a large amount of pesticide pollution or hormone pollution. These pollution residues can easily lead to premature puberty in children after being passed through the skin or eaten directly. 3. Foods containing hormones. Nowadays, many people grow vegetables and raise poultry, and often use hormone-containing fertilizers or feeds. This causes vegetables and meat to contain a large amount of hormones. After some sex hormones indirectly enter the human body, they can cause precocious puberty in children. 4. Blindly taking supplements. In order to let their children win at the starting line, many parents likeChildren are given health supplements that increase their appetite, improve their intelligence and strengthen their brains. Little do they know that these supplements often contain hormone ingredients. Long-term use in children will cause hormone levels in the blood to rise, leading to precocious puberty. 5. Accidental consumption of birth control pills and use of cosmetics. If parents place birth control pills and cosmetics randomly, children may eat birth control pills like candy and use cosmetics like their mothers. As a result, certain hormones in the body will be too high and they will start to develop very early. . 6. The highly developed modern media of sexual information makes it easy for children to be exposed to a large amount of sexual information through television, newspapers and the Internet. Too much exposure will stimulate children\’s psychology prematurely, and ultimately cause them to develop precocious puberty in advance. Four major harms of precocious puberty to children: 1. Short adult height. Precocious puberty will cause children\’s bones to develop too fast and the growth cycle will be significantly shortened. Because there is not enough time to develop, the children\’s height in adulthood will be lower than average. ② Premature sexual intercourse. Due to the early sexual and psychological development of children, coupled with their young biological age, shallow social experience, and poor self-control ability, it is easy for children to have early sexual intercourse, thereby causing the risk of pregnancy and disease transmission, and making them more likely to have abortions, Social issues such as sexual crime and suicide. ③Children with repressive personality and precocious puberty will be different from children of the same age in body shape and appearance, which can easily lead to children\’s low self-esteem, fear and insecurity, and affect their mental health. ④ Tumors in some children are caused by intracranial tumor compression leading to precocious puberty. If not treated in time, the patient\’s life will be endangered. How to detect precocious puberty in children In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and better nutrition, many children\’s physical and mental development is also earlier than before. Previously, there was news on the Internet that a national epidemiological survey showed that children\’s sexual development begins earlier than the original age of 11 to 12 years old, reaching an average of 9.7 years for girls and 11.3 years for boys. This makes mothers very panic. Some mothers even worry about precocious puberty when they see that their children have a slight tendency to develop, so they rush to the hospital with their children. So, how can we distinguish whether a child is well-nourished and well-developed, or whether a child is suffering from precocious puberty? In fact, the characteristics of precocious puberty are quite obvious, and both boys and girls may suffer from precocious puberty. The development of secondary sex characteristics appears in boys before the age of 9: ① Accelerated height growth ② High voice and Adam\’s apple ③ Coloration and enlargement of areola ④ Hard nodules and swelling and pain in nipples ⑤ Enlargement and coloration of testicles and scrotum ⑥ Appearance of armpits, upper lip, and vulva Girls with long, thin, light-colored hair will develop breasts and other secondary sexual characteristics before the age of 8, and menstruation will begin before the age of 10: ① Accelerated height growth and pelvic development ② Areola and breast enlargement, swelling, and coloration ③ Under breast Hard knots, swelling and pain ④ Coloration of the labia majora and armpits and the appearance of long hair with light pigment ⑤ Increased vaginal secretions, a little secretion on underwear, vaginal itching, etc. ⑥ Increased subcutaneous fat If the mother is particularly worried, she can take her child to the hospital Conduct more specialized examinations and judgments, such as: ★Rating the child\’s gonad development to see to what extent the gonads have developed. ★Can do bone age test. ★If necessary, some girls also need a B-ultrasound examination of the pelvis. Even if it is precocious puberty, parents should not be too anxious and take their children to the hospital to check their sex hormone levels, such asIf a child is diagnosed with precocious puberty, he must receive treatment as soon as possible to avoid further impact on the child. 3 Details on Preventing Precocious Puberty In daily life, parents can start with the following details to prevent precocious puberty in their children: ① Properly control diet, avoid overnutrition, give children a nutritionally balanced and reasonable diet, and avoid giving children vegetables and meat containing hormones. In particular, avoid foods rich in fat and eat less sweets, but ensure your protein intake and eat more fruits and vegetables. Do not blindly give children health supplements that increase appetite, improve intelligence and strengthen the brain. These supplements often contain hormone ingredients. Long-term use by children will cause hormone levels in the blood to rise, leading to precocious puberty. ②Pack your own medicine box and cosmetics and keep the medicines and cosmetics at home properly to prevent children from accidentally taking or using them. Do not let children come into contact with cosmetics containing sex hormones. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also not use supplements and skin care products containing sex hormones. ③Prevent children from being exposed to sexual information prematurely. Avoid children being exposed to behavioral scenes that are beyond their sexual and psychological age. Do not let children sleep in the same bed as parents of the opposite sex, and separate beds as early as possible. At the same time, parents should also pay close attention to their children\’s growth and development. They can find out whether there are any abnormalities in their children\’s sexual development by bathing their children.

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