The easiest way to kill a child

The fastest way to destroy a child is to let him spend his summer vacation the way he likes. During the summer vacation, how to arrange children\’s summer life has become the topic that every parent is most concerned about. Some parents think that since their children have finally looked forward to the summer vacation, they should let them have a good rest and live how they want to live; while some parents think that even during the summer vacation, children should not be indulged, and they still need to study, and it is necessary When children are in school, they still have to force their children to study. Should children have fun playing during summer vacation? Or \”force\” the child? There is a saying that goes well: \”Every wasted vacation in a child\’s life is a slide leading to a mediocre life.\” If children are allowed to spend their summer vacation in the way they like, no child will want to progress and grow. Because it is children\’s nature to be playful, it feels really comfortable without having to work hard. Most children only indulge themselves during the summer vacation, watching TV, playing with mobile phones, and sleeping in all day… But once they develop the habit of laziness and live a life of not working hard without supervision, it will really be ruined child. The children had fun during the summer vacation, but it was a tragedy when school started. The other children are improving, but your child is regressing. What is a step difference today will be a world of difference tomorrow. If possible, which parent doesn’t want their children to grow up happily and live their lives the way they like? But it is the responsibility of a parent to tell myself that I can’t. I once read an article in which such a short story was written. A mother posted a meaningful picture in her circle of friends: a little bird resting on a branch, and a group of birds flying into the clouds in the distance. The mother also added this sentence: \”Child, I also know that you are tired, but everyone else is flying…\” Loving children is the instinct of parents, but educating children is the responsibility of parents. Therefore, as a parent, even during the summer vacation when you should be resting and relaxing, you must make the right decisions for your children and force them to do so. Believe that when your children grow up, they will be grateful for your severity and persistence. 10 Recommended Classic Family Education Books There are no winter or summer vacations in life, and success requires accumulation over time. Human beings are lazy by nature and seek comfort and avoid pain. The same goes for small children. But learning itself is a process of enduring hardship. Only by enduring hardship can you become a master. In learning, nothing can be achieved overnight. Real success is the result of accumulation over time. I once saw such a holiday schedule on the Internet: This handwritten schedule is titled \”There are no winter and summer vacations in life. It\’s not that success doesn\’t come fast enough, but that you are not cruel enough to yourself.\” Stringent regulations. From getting up at 6:40 a.m. to going to bed at 11:50 a.m., all the time is spent studying. Even on New Year\’s Eve, the first and second days of junior high school, you still have to take time to study. At the end of the work schedule, I also remind myself not to touch my mobile phone. This timetable was not only liked by many parents, but also reprinted by Xinhua News Agency. Many people exclaimed: \”The vacation for a top student is really worth every minute of hard work.\” The reason why a top student is a top student is not that he is smarter than others, but that he uses more skills than others.time to study. In their eyes, there are no winter or summer vacations in life, and learning happens all the time. A top student at Zhejiang University once became famous because of a dense work and rest schedule: the schedule also starts from 6 a.m. every day until 12 p.m., and the learning content for each period of the week is accurate to the exact time. The state of learning can be said to be a race against time. What’s even more ridiculous is that good grades don’t mean anything. The key is to be good at fun, such as flying airplanes, diving, creating fashionable clothing… Whose luck can come out of thin air? no pain no gain. As one teacher said: \”All methods that can really improve children\’s scores are against human nature. Counterattack is never a legendary leap to the top, but a step-by-step step-by-step approach.\” There is no overnight success in the world. Some of the success is just the accumulation of persistence over time. So even if I’m a little tired, even if I can’t have fun during the summer vacation, so what! Summer vacation cannot be wasted, and time cannot be repeated. My child, the harder you work, the luckier you will be. Children without umbrellas should run harder. Learning is never an easy thing, and it is the same all over the world. But learning is always something we cannot refuse. Because reading is still the best way for ordinary people to change their destiny. In the movie \”Storm on the Road to Harvard\”, the heroine Liz said these two sentences: \”I must move forward under any circumstances. The world I come from is different from others.\” \”I have no retreat, I want to be better.\” Work harder and push yourself into another world.\” When you stand on the starting line that is not as good as others, you have no way out and can only run forward with all your strength. The documentary \”Senior Years in High School\” focuses on a group of children who \”have no father to fight for and can only rely on their strength to counterattack.\” The head teacher Wang Jinchun said to the children: \”Please give half of your life to the senior high school students. No one will fail because of working too hard, so I don\’t want your life, just half.\” However, some children still complained that studying was hard. I gave up on the path of studying, thinking that there is an easier path in life than studying. But 10 years later, those who gave up studying regretted it. They said: \”At that time, I thought studying was too hard, but when I really went out, I realized that studying was the easiest way.\” And those who were admitted to college all Thanks to reading for changing my destiny. It is difficult for a poor family to produce a noble son, but the only way out for a poor family is to study. If you don’t read and study hard, you may not be able to turn things around. Yu Minhong once said that the reason why he kept taking the college entrance examination was to escape from the countryside. He said: \”In the countryside, the future can be seen at a glance, and I don\’t want to be a farmer trapped in the same place.\” Children without umbrellas must run hard. Because the two most terrifying words in the world are seriousness and persistence. Serious people change themselves, and persistent people change their destiny. Children, take advantage of the summer vacation to study hard and work hard. You don’t have to give it your all, but you must give it your all. Dear child, please believe in yourself, you can break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly. Summer vacation is not for rest, but for overcoming. As the saying goes: \”If you are not afraid of your classmates being top academics, you are afraid that top academics will spend their holidays.\” For top academics, holidays are not for rest.It is used to overtake. Many people win during the summer vacation, and many people lose during the summer vacation. Therefore, if you want your children to achieve speeding in corners during the summer vacation, you must arrange your children\’s summer study reasonably. So, how to arrange children’s study during summer vacation? How should children learn? 1. Doing summer homework. Many children like to procrastinate when doing homework. They have to wait until the last minute to start writing. This is true in school, but I like to procrastinate even more during the summer vacation. I am used to rushing to catch up on homework until the last few days of the vacation. The quality of such homework is really worrying. Therefore, we must make a summer homework completion plan with our children, so that they can complete their summer homework with quality and quantity every day. 2. How important is it to keep reading every day? Suhomlinsky said: \”A child who does not read is a potential poor student in learning.\” Knowledge is the ladder of human progress, and reading is an important and best way to understand life and acquire knowledge. Summer vacation is a suitable time for reading. Let your children pick up a book and read quietly. 3. Sort out the wrong questions. Engels said: \”No matter where you learn, it is not as fast as learning from the consequences of your own mistakes.\” Children\’s learning is a process of constant mistakes and corrections. If you can learn all the All the wrong questions are gathered together, the reasons for the errors are analyzed, and then solved, the child\’s accuracy can be improved in a targeted manner. Therefore, during the summer vacation, children must carefully sort out their wrong question papers. 4. Review old knowledge. Review plays a connecting role. It is not only related to the learning effect of old knowledge, but also related to the learning effect of new knowledge. If old knowledge is not mastered well, it will affect learning in the new semester. Therefore, we must use the summer vacation to conduct a comprehensive review of old knowledge and study systematically. 5. Preview the new textbook There is an old Chinese saying: \”Everything will be successful if it is prepared, and it will be ruined if it is not prepared.\” This sentence emphasizes that no matter what you do, you must be fully prepared in advance. Cultivating children\’s preview habits and improving their preview abilities is an important way for children to learn to learn. There is a saying that goes well: \”Behind every flower that blooms is watered by hard work and sweat.\” My dear child, take every step steadily and you will never regret your hard work. Dear parents, you must take responsibility for education and never indulge your children. Sometimes if you don’t force your children, you will never know how good they are! Parents, please also note that although children\’s learning is important, they should also pay attention to the balance between work and rest, so that children can live a fulfilling and meaningful holiday life.

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