The father is the one who decides whether your child will have a good time in middle and high school. All fathers have to look at it.

We all know that when a child is growing up, parents’ words and deeds have an important impact on the child’s life! But most people don\’t know that as a child grows, the amount of maternal love required decreases, while the amount of paternal love required increases. The middle school stage is the end of the romantic stage and the beginning of the precise stage of a child\’s growth; it is the transition period from mother\’s love to father\’s love. During this period, maternal love can be appropriately reduced, while paternal love should be appropriately increased. Dads need to give more love to care for their children! There are 20 episodes of \”Qiaohu Mathematics Fairy Tales\” to make your children fall in love with mathematics. The infant stage: maternal love 80%, paternal love 20%; the lower grades of primary school: maternal love 70%, paternal love 30%; primary school and middle school Grade: maternal love 60%, paternal love 40%; senior elementary school: maternal love 50%, paternal love 50%; junior high school level: maternal love 40%, paternal love 60%. According to the \”Comparative Research Report on the Values ​​of High School Students from China, the United States, Japan and South Korea\” released by the China Youth Research Center, this phenomenon is particularly obvious in China: High school students from the four countries believe that their parents have the greatest influence on their outlook on life, ranking their father and mother first. The highest total is China (75.7%), followed by the United States (62.4%), South Korea (49.2%) and Japan (39.8%). What deserves more attention is that Chinese middle school students have the highest proportion of middle school students who rank their father first (39.3%), and are the only country that exceeds their mother (36.4%). A father is a very important person to a child. The child\’s life direction needs his father\’s help to make the correct \”navigation\” and use rational fatherly love to help the child, so that the child can grow up healthily. In the movie \”Happiness Knocks on the Door\”, maternal love gives a sense of satisfaction, and father\’s love gives a sense of direction. There is indeed a kind of language between father and son. They can play together regardless of their age, and they can constantly touch each other\’s bodies… Behaviorists say that the physical contact between father and son during play is a kind of physical contact between father and son. Deep communication. It is because of this deep communication that the boy knows that he will grow into a man like his father. In their father, they can see their future, and they will consciously follow their father as an example. Every boy needs his parents\’ love to grow up, but father\’s love and mother\’s love are completely different. Maternal love is delicate and gentle, and in maternal love, boys can get a sense of satisfaction; while father\’s love is broad and rough, and in father\’s love, boys can find a sense of direction. If a little boy cannot contact his father for a long time, or cannot feel his father\’s love, he will have a strong sense of insecurity and will become disoriented. Boys need their fathers, they need to see their own identity from their fathers, and they need to imitate their father\’s behavior to grow into men. Therefore, for the healthy growth of boys, fathers must not ignore their sons on the grounds of \”busy work\”. Father\’s behavior, words and thoughts influence boys every moment, but not all fathers can successfully assume the role of \”son role model\”. Many fathers often unconsciously convey wrong thoughts and behaviors to their sons. In life, if the fatherHe rarely helps his wife with housework, so when his mother asks the boy to help him with some housework, the boy will naturally refuse. Because this idea has arisen in their minds: Doing housework is women\’s business, and men have the right not to help. The pattern of the father determines how high the child can fly. Children often have a strong admiration for their father and regard their father as a symbol of wisdom and strength. Children will subconsciously imitate their father\’s behavior. After his mind matures, he will strive to reach or surpass his father\’s height. Zeng Jize, the son of Zeng Guofan, is an example. Zeng Jize took his father as a role model and learned from his father in his conduct as a person and as an official. Later he entered the court as an official and showed no less ability than his father in political affairs. Zeng Guofan mishandled foreign affairs – the \”Tianjin Mission Case\”, and his reputation fell to the bottom. Zeng Guofan realized the importance of diplomacy, so he often warned Zeng Jize to open his eyes to the world. Zeng Jize started learning foreign languages ​​and was determined to pick up where his father had fallen. Sure enough, Zeng Jize played an outstanding role in subsequent foreign affairs, defended national interests in territorial disputes in Xinjiang, and became China\’s most famous diplomat at that time. And compared to mothers, fathers generally do not dote on their children. They often point out a direction for their children and let them use their own strength to reach it. Children have more space to develop and develop their ability to be independent. Therefore, the best education a father can give his children is not to take care of everything in detail, but to provide guidance and determination. A good father must set an example for his children in terms of structure and aspirations, which will determine the upper limit of what his children can achieve in the future. The movie \”Dangal, Dad\” has different genders for children and different roles for fathers. As a father of boys, if you are not confident enough to be a role model for boys, you may wish to learn from the following views and methods: Facing adolescent boys, let them feel moral The power of restraint. Everyone says that adolescent boys tend to become \”bad\”. Some psychologists say that whether adolescent boys will become \”bad\” has a lot to do with whether they are with their father. For boys, the father is a powerful symbol, and the child will worship his father. For adolescent boys, the father is like a moral force, restraining his son\’s behavior at all times. As boys enter adolescence, their mother\’s discipline no longer seems to work for them. Sometimes, in order to make their mother see the situation clearly, they often even challenge their mother\’s power. At this time, what the father needs to do most is to stand together with the mother, and the two of them educate their son with the same attitude. For adolescent girls, the father\’s influence is greater than that of the mother. In addition to the father\’s bravery, generosity and other characteristics that adapt to the psychological characteristics of adolescent children, girls can also find the ideal image of the opposite sex from their father and learn how to get along with the opposite sex. An adolescent girl who lacks father\’s love is more likely to seek paternal care from men outside the family. Especially when this care is suddenly lost, it is difficult for the child to face this kind of trauma and blow. In the TV series \”Daddy Comes Home\”, 99% of children\’s success comes from 1% of changes in their fathers. I read the experience shared in an article.: Growing up, my father has always believed in a saying: There are no children who cannot teach well, only fathers who cannot teach them! When I was rebellious and skipping school, he pulled me back from the edge of being a \”bad boy\”. Dad is very busy at work. He goes out early every day and often works overtime until late at night. Especially in the winter, when I woke up to go to school, he had already left. When I was getting ready to go to bed, he crept in. I barely saw my dad a few times a month. At that time, I started to feel dissatisfied with my dad! When I reached adolescence, almost all my friends were against their families and would run away from home if things didn\’t go their way. Of course, I had to keep up with my friends. I didn\’t do my homework, talked back to teachers at school, often asked for leave, and even played truant… Finally one day, I was caught by my father while skipping class and playing in an Internet cafe. He took me home, and didn\’t hit me or scold me. He only treated me He said: \”There are no children who cannot teach well, only fathers who cannot teach! I know the problem lies with me. From today on, I will take you to school every day!\” In this way, my father changed the habit he had been used to for more than ten years. I realized my promise by adjusting my work and rest time, which made me feel the warmth of my father again. Because of my father\’s constant companionship in those years, I was finally admitted to a key university. If you think your child has many bad habits, remember that \”if you want your child to change, you must first change yourself.\” When a child is rebellious, you must first reflect on yourself, whether you have spent enough time with the child, and whether you have really spent time understanding the child. When a child makes a mistake, you should first ask the reason and then solve it. Never scold the child indiscriminately. Learn to save face for the child and be a seemingly confused but sober father! The movie \”Father and Son in a Day\” gives 10 suggestions to fathers of adolescent children. Being a good father is never easy. You will need more responsibility, encouragement, communication, as well as the help and understanding of family, friends, and colleagues. What\’s more important is strengthening the relationship with your children. The following ten suggestions are suitable for families with teenagers at home. 1. Be sure to send them text messages and WeChat messages frequently. The content should be short and focused on them and their lives (How are the test results? How are you and XXX doing? How is the teacher teaching? Is there anything I can help with my homework?) . They may not react much at first, but as long as you keep doing it, they will take it seriously, even though they may not say it. 2. Join social networks (WeChat, Weibo, QQ, etc.) and \”add as friends\” your teenage children. If they don\’t add you as a friend right away, don\’t worry, because this kind of thing usually takes some time. Also, try not to be critical, as social media content can be a little unreliable at times (most kids don\’t control what their other \”friends\” reply to). Remember the most important thing is to build and strengthen your parent-child relationship thousands of miles away. 3. Know their favorite games Most online games these days allow you to play against people from all over the world. If your teenagers like to play online games, you can play with them or even compete with other fathers and sons. 4. Write a briefThe short book \”Life Lessons for a Dear Son (or Daughter)\” writes each week about some of the most important lessons you\’ve learned in life. Don’t forget to write down how you learned these lessons. This will make it more interesting for them to watch and help them get to know you better. After each chapter is written, show it to them. Be sure to make the content personal and appropriate for your child’s reading age. Your children need to learn from your wisdom, and this is a great way to share it with them. 5. Support their activities If your teen has a big event coming up (such as a graduation, a big game, or a graduation party), give him or her the financial support to celebrate in a very special way. Be sure to include a letter explaining how proud you are of him and how important it is to behave appropriately at such a big event. 6. Try to prepare meals carefully for your children. A father started making breakfast for his daughter when she was in the second grade of junior high school, and continued until her senior year of high school. Fried dough sticks, porridge, and steamed buns. At the beginning, his goal was to make his daughter \”full.\” Later, how to make his daughter \”eat well\” became his \”topic\”. Over the past five years, his daughter\’s personality has become more and more like his: optimistic, cheerful, and humorous. She has grown to over 1.7 meters tall, and breakfast plays an important role. 7. Have a pleasant communication time every week. It can be as big as the world situation, the smart era, work confusion, learning bottlenecks, as small as the girl you like, trivial daily life. Set aside an hour every week to break the identity barrier between father and son, like Let\’s have a heart-to-heart conversation like brothers, I believe both of you can benefit a lot from it. 8. Plan the next family trip together. Think about what to do together and include your teenage children in the planning. It feels better to do these things together. 9. Establish a sense of ritual. The form is not important. What is important is to establish a sense of ritual and convey the message you want to express. 10. Make birthdays special. This applies to kids of all ages, although sometimes teenagers act like birthdays are no big deal. But in fact, everyone, even teenagers, likes to have someone celebrate their birthday. It only comes once a year and that day never comes back, so celebrate it.

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