The father\’s words made his son commit suicide on the spot: Never talk to your children like this again

Recently, a heart-stopping animated picture like this was circulated on Weibo: It is said that this incident happened in Thailand. The son is addicted to computer games all day long and has nothing to do. The father hates that iron cannot be transformed into steel. In a fit of anger, he handed his son a loaded gun and said angrily: If you have the guts, don\’t live! Unexpectedly, as soon as his father turned around, his son pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head. When the father came to his senses, his son had no vital signs. The regretful father fell to the ground and howled loudly, crying bitterly. The mother beside her was already paralyzed with fear, but she was afraid that her husband would lose his mind and commit suicide due to guilt, so she immediately got up and snatched the pistol. We have no way of knowing what this young man experienced during his lifetime. He may have deeply blamed himself for his depravity, or he may have wanted to change his ways and start over. But it is undeniable that his father\’s last words became the last straw for him. Some people may say that this child\’s endurance is too poor. How could he commit suicide just because of his father\’s angry words? There is a question on Zhihu: What is it like to be scolded by your parents so much that you want to commit suicide? This question actually had 228 answers and 1,118 people followed it. Do you still remember the boy Xiaosi who committed suicide after the college entrance examination in Sichuan some time ago? He wrote in his suicide note: Either burn my body or throw it away. Don’t take it back, it will make you upset. Does he have any deep grudge against his parents? In fact, no, he just couldn\’t stand the verbal violence from his parents anymore. Even if he scored 98 points in the exam, he would be scolded; he went to a key high school and ranked 73rd in the school in the monthly exam, but his mother said he was only 73rd, and he almost cried; if he said he understood everything he learned, his father would say Don\’t be arrogant and complacent. If you say you haven\’t learned anything yet, your father will say what you learned this semester… This kind of thing is a common occurrence for him, and his parents will even beat him at every turn. He said that he couldn\’t feel the love of his parents for him, and felt that his life was meaningless, so he decided to die. Writer Cao Zhi once mentioned a piece of news in \”The Tragedy of a Family that Never Speaks Well\”: a 16-year-old girl in her prime committed suicide by taking poison because she was often scolded by her parents. Before she died, she was scolded twice more for dressing too slowly and taking too long to wash her hair. After being scolded, she said she had a stomachache and wanted to go back to her room to rest. Her parents didn\’t pay attention. It was after twelve o\’clock that they discovered that she had stopped breathing. Afterwards, the belated parents recalled that their daughter had complained to them many times that her younger brother was much happier than she was. Both her parents loved her younger brother, and every time she lost her temper, it was directed at her as her sister. Furthermore, the daughter had used their phone to search for \”euthanasia\” and even purchased a knife online. This 16-year-old girl contemplates suicide over and over again every day. It is hard to imagine the pain and suffering she has experienced. The girl\’s mother finally cried until she almost fainted, wailing: \”Daughter, please come back quickly, I will never scold you again!\” However, her daughter never heard her apology again. The power of verbal violence is so great. It is like a huge stone, which makes the child unable to breathe. He can only close his eyes and listen to the scolding and insults one after another. It will be difficult to get rid of it throughout his life.Some even choose to commit suicide to end this torture. The Shenyang Municipal Institute of Psychology once conducted a psychological investigation on six teenagers detained in the Shenyang Juvenile Detention Center and found that, without exception, they had suffered intensive and brutal verbal violence attacks. Their parents often scold them and compare them with the people around them. Once they are inferior to others, they will be insulted. Psychologists have summarized several words that hurt them the most: ·Waste·Just know how to eat·Shameful·Stupid as hell ·I would rather never have given birth to you. I believe that many parents blurt out these words just because they are angry and anxious. However, these insulting words are like a sharp dagger that penetrates into the hearts of the children and becomes their murder weapon and the severing knife that severs their relationship with their parents. In the past, there was a colleague in Rui Ma’s workplace, Sister He, who was polite and courteous to others. We all thought she had a good personality. Until one day, when my work unit organized an outing and I saw Sister He’s attitude towards her son Xiaogang, the impression she left on me of being gentle and elegant was completely shattered. Xiaogang took a lot of skewers and pancakes from the barbecue place. He stumbled and threw the food out of his hand and fell to the ground. Seeing this scene, Sister He shouted sharply at Xiaogang: \”It\’s really useless! You can\’t even hold this thing, what else can you do?\” Xiaogang picked up the skewers, and Sister He said \”pop\” He was knocked to the ground again with a loud sound, and he shouted loudly: \”Are you a pig? You are so dirty and you still eat it, you are really embarrassing me!\” Later, Xiaogang and his colleague\’s child got into an argument over a roasted chicken wing. My colleague\’s child cried because he couldn\’t get it because he was younger. The colleague who came over after hearing the sound comforted the child softly, but Sister He started her abuse again: \”Robbing, grabbing, grabbing! With the same virtue as your father, he can\’t control what he eats when he sees it, why don\’t you go rob the bank!\” Words become prophecies. Although Xiaogang did not rob a bank when he grew up, he became a gangster on the roadside and was imprisoned in a detention center for robbing pedestrians\’ wallets. Sister He, who has white hair, goes to visit her son, but returns without success every time. The people at the detention center told her that she was the last person Xiaogang wanted to see. British philosopher Locke said: \”Everyone comes into this world like a blank sheet of paper. Then, the environment in which he lives begins to color him. What his environment is like, what he will become. People.\” Children are not like adults. They have no three views, no concept of right and wrong. They are in the growing stage. At this time, every word and every behavior of their parents is very representative and educational, and it is very likely that they will grow up in their children. plays a major influence in life. Maybe you just want to criticize your child. If you call him a pig-brained child, you don\’t really mean that he is a pig-brained child, but he may really think that he is a pig-brained child for the rest of his life. If you say that he is better than him as a human being, he may He really thinks that a person is better than himself; if you ask him to die, he may really die. Teacher Xiao Gu, a special lecturer at the Parents’ Must-Read Lecture, said: “Verbal violence is really scary. It is not like violence, which will cause immediate harm, but verbal violence is like a knife, pulling hard on people’s hearts. One, this wound, some people will never recover in their lifetime.\” Especially children, they come into this world alone, their parents are themEverything he relies on is the person they are closest to and most trusted. Just imagine how desperate and lonely children feel when they are scolded by the person they depend on most. I believe that there is no parent who does not love their children, but their love is deep and their responsibility is deep. Before scolding him, please think about it. Every hurtful word we blurt out will be like a nail driven into the child\’s heart and will never be erased. If you can, please stop this kind of verbal violence. Stop leaving your best side to strangers and your worst temper and attitude to your own children, otherwise you will definitely be the one who regrets it.

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