The first few months of fetal development are the golden period for brain development. If you catch the baby\’s IQ, it will be higher than lower.

With the progress of society, the concepts of many parents are slowly changing. They think that children do not pay attention to \”quantity\” but should pay attention to \”high quality\”. Parents are also investing more and more in various aspects of their children, the most important of which is in their children’s education. Many children start learning from the time they are born or even before they are born. For example, there are prenatal education classes, and after birth there are early childhood education classes, interest classes and various training classes. Many mothers pay great attention to prenatal education during pregnancy, such as telling stories, singing, chatting, etc. to their babies, in order to make their babies smarter and better at the starting line after birth. Regarding children\’s education, parents\’ training is one aspect, and the other aspect is the child\’s own IQ. A large part of a child\’s IQ is congenital and has been formed as early as in the mother\’s womb. Therefore, if you want your child to be smart after birth, the nutritional supply during pregnancy must not be less, and it is important to seize the critical period of fetal development. Ultra-complete alpha brainwave music download, essential for how to develop your child’s brain potential. So during which months during pregnancy should you supplement what nutrients you need to make your fetus stronger and smarter? Three months pregnant: Many mothers often experience morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy. They are unable to eat anything and their weight is even lower than before pregnancy. However, this usually stops gradually during the third month of pregnancy. During this period, mothers can start to pay attention to supplementing some nutrients and eat more dried fruit foods, which are rich in protein and various vitamins and can promote the development of the baby\’s brain. Six months of pregnancy: At six months of pregnancy, the child has already developed and formed. If you go for a B-ultrasound, you can already see the general outline of the child, and you can see the child\’s hands and feet. At this time, mothers can eat more meat, especially more fish, because fish contains a lot of protein. Eating more fish can also make children smarter and is good for their intellectual development. Nine months of pregnancy: At this time, due to the difficulty of movement of the pregnant mother, the fetus is about to be born again. Therefore, mothers are a bit lazy and don\’t like to exercise. They like to lie on the bed because their whole body feels very heavy when they move around. Pregnant mothers during this period must not be too lazy. In addition to doing some necessary prenatal check-ups, they should also do some appropriate exercises. For example, you can go for a walk and bask in the sun. This will not only improve your own physical fitness, but also improve the fetus\’s perception. Proper exercise by pregnant mothers can also help speed up the delivery process. Children are parents’ lifelong expectations and their future. Many parents place their unfulfilled wishes and unfulfilled future on their children, hoping that they can help them realize it. Parents often have ardent hopes for their children, hoping that they can surpass their parents and have a new world in their future careers. If you want your child to develop well and have a bright future, it doesn\’t mean that you can just talk about it, nor does it mean that \”everything will be fine\” if you master some necessary knowledge during pregnancy, nor does it mean that everything will be \”relaxed\” after the child is born by working hard. This requires more efforts and dedication from parents. If you seize these three \”golden moments\” for fetal development during pregnancy,period\”, then the help to the baby\’s health and IQ will be greatly improved. However, during pregnancy, in addition to being very sensitive and fragile in the heart, the pregnant mother\’s stomach will also be very \”picky\”. For example, some mothers do not I like to eat eggs, but I think the taste of eggs is weird and always has a fishy smell. Eating eggs during pregnancy is of great benefit to the development of both the mother and the fetus. Then, at this time, the baby daddy will come into play, it is best You should try different ways of cooking for the mother, such as boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, stir-fried cauliflower with eggs, stir-fried tomatoes with eggs, etc. You can try them one by one. My family often changes the taste for pregnant mothers. During pregnancy, If you can eat food with different flavors, the appetite of pregnant mothers will get better and better. How to cultivate children with high IQ? How are they made? The fetus absorbs different nutrients and tries different flavors, which is not only beneficial to the body development, it also plays a certain role in the formation of his later taste. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy. They should eat more egg and milk foods. At the same time, they should avoid tobacco and alcohol as much as possible, as they are high in oil and heat. Try not to touch too much of these foods. Because the fat in these foods is too heavy, eating too much is detrimental to all aspects of the baby’s development. And if you don’t pay attention to a healthy diet, it is likely that the fetus will not be able to absorb nutrients and will become pregnant instead. The mother\’s weight has soared and her figure has rapidly deformed. It will be difficult to lose weight in the future. Therefore, for the sake of herself and her baby, pregnant mothers should eat more healthy foods such as eggs, milk, meat, and fruits, and seize the three critical periods of fetal development to make the baby more healthy. Fetuses are smarter.

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