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The four most common traps to fall into when taking care of newborns, novices should not fall into these traps!

As soon as she entered the bedroom door, she saw her best friend half-snuggling on the bedside, staring at her baby who was just about twenty days old with a smile on her face. Seeing me coming in, I was about to get up. I quickly walked in to her in three steps and said, \”Which of us is following whom? Why are you being so polite? Besides, you are weak now, so just lean on the bed first.\” \”Seeing me like this, she didn\’t say much and just asked me to take a look at her big work – of course the little guy on the bed who was moving his hands and feet happily. I have to say that this little guy is really good-looking and has all the advantages of his parents. His eyes are as big as his mother\’s and his skin is fair like his father\’s. He is also quite tall. Friends said he weighed eight pounds and six taels when he was born. He is a veritable fat boy! It really bothered my friend a lot when he was giving birth to him. When he said this, his friend even patted the little guy on the arm lovingly, as if he was angry, but when he looked at him, he didn\’t care at all. Just playing for my own entertainment. Because he is too small, his current range of activities is limited to dancing. However, although the frame is not big, the little guy does it in a delicious way. After completing the alternation of hands and feet, he starts to hold his little hand in his mouth. After a while, he uses his little hand to scratch his face a few times. Whenever this time, my friend Always pull the little guy\’s hands away from his face, and then tell him that before he pulls on his face, he needs to put on boxing gloves for the baby! \”Boxing gloves, what boxing gloves?\” I asked with a smile. \”This is it.\” After saying this, my friend found a pair of small gloves worn by children from the box beside him. I looked at it and said, \”Wow, no, you prepared this for your baby too. It seems like you, a novice who takes care of your baby, have also fallen into the trap! As soon as I said this, my friend listened. She was stunned for a while and asked, \”Am I not crazy?\” Did I fall into a trap? Where did all this go? Looking at her confused questions, I happily told the whole story. It turned out that I had to do it two days ago. The little baby was buying gifts, and the old aunt who was a pediatrician saw it, so she enthusiastically told me some methods and misunderstandings about taking care of newborns, and asked me to see if my friends need to use them. I call those misunderstandings \”Trap\”, this friend who thinks he has a high IQ will basically not fall into the trap. Because I just listened casually, I just heard the four most common traps, but I didn\’t expect that my friend would actually fall into it. I fell into a trap. After hearing what I said, my friend immediately became interested and quickly asked me to explain in detail, so I started to teach you what I was learning now: The first big trap: don’t swing the baby when you hold it. Be used to your children. Many novice parents, especially fathers, like to shake their children gently or switch their arms horizontally and vertically when holding their children. Some elders have come over and said that this will help your children to be spoiled. If they don’t shake their children in the future, the baby will The child is crying, so it is best to hold the child steadily, so that the adults are not tired, and the children are not noisy. In fact, it is not what the elders say. Appropriate slight shaking of the child and exchange of hugs horizontally and vertically are not only not spoiling the child, but Helping children develop their sensory integration abilities is absolutely beneficial to their intellectual development. The second biggest trap: hugging them when they cry. Many new parents, first-time fathersMy mother, needless to say, is so happy and caring. She really takes good care of her children. She hugs the baby whenever it cries. It seems that this hug is a good idea. In fact, there are many reasons for babies to cry. In addition to physical discomfort, such symptoms may occur when urinating or being hungry. If these factors are eliminated and the baby is still crying, don’t rush to hold him. Novice parents can put their hands on the baby. Put your baby on his belly, hold his little arms, and talk to him gently. Most of them will stop crying, and they don’t need to always use hugs to solve the problem. The third biggest trap: boxing gloves come into battle. This is the trap my friend fell into, and new parents don’t have to fall into this trap. If you knew that your child\’s future dexterity is related to this link, I believe you would not wear boxing gloves for your child. Because at this moment, children are moving their hands and feet or biting their little hands with their mouths, which is a way to stimulate the development of tactile ability. Wearing gloves will weaken the tactile stimulation, so it is better not to wear boxing gloves for your baby, and cut them regularly. Just a fingernail. The fourth biggest trap: As soon as the child falls asleep, all the grass and trees become soldiers. I don\’t know whether it is because they are afraid of shocking the child or for other reasons. As soon as the child falls asleep, all the adults in the family automatically lower their voices by an octave when walking or talking, for fear that the child will wake up. In fact, this is really not necessary. Although newborns are small, their adaptability is not low. As long as it is not a special noise, ordinary sounds at home will not affect the child, so don\’t be nervous like a soldier. After Doudehui finished talking about these four traps, he looked at my friend. He was still waiting to hear the whole story. Unfortunately, I only knew these four. My friend said that she would only fall into two of these four traps. Suddenly I really know how to take good care of my children. But she felt that I knew too little, so I simply introduced my aunt to her so that she could know more about taking care of babies! Not to mention taking care of the baby now, she is really doing a good job. If you happen to be a novice, don’t fall into too many traps, at least don’t fall for the four above.

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