The greatest foresight of smart parents is this

The famous investor Charlie Munger has a habit: no matter how busy he is, he always takes time to sit down and have dinner with his family. At the dinner table, he will vividly tell some moral stories, share various interesting things in life, and enhance the relationship with his family. As Munger himself said at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting: \”Chinese Geography for Children Complete 253 Episodes MP3\” \”I am a practitioner of Confucian thought in the United States, and we all attach great importance to family. People.\” For a visionary, no greater investment is better than investing in a family. Invest in happiness with sincerity There is a famous \”Grant Study\” at Harvard University. The experiment lasted 76 years and followed the lives of 268 people. Finally, it was found that the most critical factor in a happy life is not wealth or fame, but a partner. In a person\’s life, the quality of marriage hides the quality of life in the rest of his life. When actor Tony Leung Ka-fai dated Jiang Jianian, he was still a completely poor boy. One year, Jiang Jianian celebrated her birthday, and Liang Jiahui gritted his teeth and decided to invite her to drink high-end coffee. When checking out, the clerk told him that there was a 50% discount on coffee. Liang Jiahui happily ran to tell Jiang Jianian that he could treat her to drinks more often in the future, and he also recommended this restaurant to his colleagues. As a result, his colleague came back and complained: \”It\’s too expensive, and there is no discount at all.\” Liang Jiahui ran to ask what was going on, and the waiter told him: \”Your girlfriend has made an agreement with us. Whenever you bring her to consume, she will be 50% off the bill, and she will make up the rest.\” From then on, Liang Jiahui got the nickname \”Liang 50% off\”. He was very moved and secretly vowed to never let Jiang Jianian down in his life. In the 30 years since his marriage, Tony Leung has become more and more popular, winning four Academy Awards for Best Actor. Jiang Jianian suffered from a disease after giving birth to two daughters. Because she took a large amount of hormone drugs, her figure was severely out of shape, and she was described by the Hong Kong media as a \”bloated aunt with a haggard face.\” But Liang Jiahui said: \”No matter how beautiful a woman is in my eyes, she is not as attractive as my wife.\” Every time he goes out, he holds his wife tightly. On every tenth wedding anniversary, he would hold a wedding for his wife. Because of this deep affection for each other, the two of them were able to stay together until old age in this complicated world. On the road of life, the only person who can truly accompany you through the second half of the journey is your partner. If you bear the hardships of life with him, he will go through the hardships of life with you. If you can understand his difficulties, he will also know whether you are hot or cold. Feelings are like a circle, and all efforts will flow endlessly to each other. Treat your pillow person well and have a sincere and unchanging heart, and what you will get in exchange will be a lifetime of happiness. Using companionship to invest in education writer Rao Shirley said that companionship is the best education for children, and education is just different forms of companionship. In 1912, Liang Qichao built two buildings in Tianjin and named them \”Ice Drinking Room\” to collect the world\’s best books. Here, he will gather children together to talk about Chinese and Western culture, political history, and encourage children to dabble in more knowledge in different subjects and broaden their horizons. Under Liang Qichao\’s words and deeds, and nourished by many books, his nine children were all outstanding and handsome. If a seed is not nourished by sunlight, rain and dew, we cannot expect it to grow into a ginseng.Big tree. The same goes for children\’s growth. Without care and guidance, it is difficult to stand out. In the 1980s, the youngest son of Edward, a dentist, was fascinated by the artistic effects of movies and said he wanted to make movies. Edward, the father, did not take the child\’s words as a joke. Instead, he bought a handheld camera, took time out from his busy work, and made a film with his son. At the age of 10, the child became interested in programming. At that time, the Internet had just emerged, and Edward didn\’t know much about it, but he still played along. In Edward\’s educational philosophy, accompanying children to grow is the most important thing. Later, the child was admitted to Harvard University and founded the famous social network Facebook. This kid is Mark Zuckerberg. A child is like a blank piece of paper. What is written on the paper depends on the parents. Those days of getting along with each other carefully carved out the future of the children. Every child has the potential to become a talent. It is the different daily companionship of parents that gives children a different life. In the \”Hundred Family Surnames\” of investing in family traditions with rules, the surname \”Qian\” ranks second. Since the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the Qian family has been known as \”a prestigious family for thousands of years and the first family in Zhejiang and Zhejiang.\” And this all comes from the \”Qian Family Instructions\” created by Qian Liu. At that time, the Qian family had made remarkable achievements in governing Wu and Yue. Emperor Xizong of the Tang Dynasty granted Qian Liu a \”gold book and iron coupon\”, which could save him from death nine times and his descendants three times. Others would be overjoyed to receive a gold medal to avoid death, but he was so worried that he could not sleep. Because since the Han Dynasty, families who have received iron certificates have often become arrogant and arrogant, and eventually ended up ruined. In order to avoid such a situation, Qian Liu believed that \”in order to create a beautiful family, good rules must be established\”, so he created the \”Qian Family Instructions\” to set guidelines for self-cultivation, family management, study, and conduct in the world. Every child must recite \”Qian\’s Family Instructions\” since childhood, and it is precisely because of this that the Qian family in Wuyue was able to produce talents in large numbers. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty admired his family\’s ability to educate his children, so he gave him a plaque – Qingfen Shishou. When people are in this world, they should conduct themselves according to laws. If a person loses his sense of proportion, he will fall into trouble; if a family loses its rules, it will fall into decline. As writer Liu Yong said: \”If you are reluctant to set rules for your children, someone will teach them a lesson.\” In order to let his children learn independence and respect, he set various rules at home. For example, restricting the children to strictly follow the schedule, such as not having wild and vulgar words and deeds… Later, when Liu Xuan was admitted to Harvard University, he understood his father\’s good intentions: For the past twenty-one years, I have hated you. but twenty-one years later, I sincerely thank you. If the rules are not established and the family tradition is not correct, no matter how prosperous the family is, it will collapse. Cai Yuanpei wrote in \”Chinese Cultivation\” that family is the first school in life. A good family tradition is better than thousands of prestigious schools. There is an ancient saying when investing in fortune based on character: \”Morality is passed down to a family for more than ten generations.\” The foundation of a long-lasting family often lies in good character. Fan Zhongyan in the Song Dynasty once personally wrote the \”Book of Teaching to Children\”, hoping that future generations would be kind to others. Once, Fan Zhongyan asked his second son Fan Chunren to transport wheat. On the way, Fan Chunren met Shi Manqing, an acquaintance, and learned that he had lost a relative and had no money to transport his coffin back home, so he sent all the wheat in the boat to his hometown.Gave it to him. Fan Chunren returned home and did not dare to mention the matter. Fan Zhongyan asked him about his experiences on the road, and Fan Chunren replied: \”I met Shi Manqing. He had no money to transport his coffin back to his hometown due to the death of his family.\” Fan Zhongyan immediately said, \”Why don\’t you give him all the wheat on the boat?\” Fan Chunren replied. : \”I have already given it to him.\” Fan Zhongyan was very happy after hearing this. Because Fan Zhongyan required his family members to cultivate their moral integrity and do good deeds, the Fan family prospered for eight hundred years from the Song Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. The glory of a family is indispensable for the nourishment of moral character. The family motto left by Ieoh Ming Pei\’s great-uncle Pei Runsheng has been remembered by generations of the Pei family: \”It is better to pass down the legacy to the descendants than to pass down the virtues to the descendants.\” The Pei family made a fortune in business, but it was never just for profit, but for Virtue has moderation. They donated money to build the Pingmen Bridge in what is now Suzhou, created the first public kindergarten in Suzhou, and established Bei\’s charity village to do good deeds… People at the time praised their benevolence and righteousness. When I.M. Pei\’s father, Pei Zuyi, held an important position in the financial industry, none of the Pei family\’s brothers and nephews who were engaged in the same industry worked in the bank he was in charge of. Others considered him to be upright and selfless. Because of their insistence on self-denial and morality, the Bei family still continues the glory of their ancestors. Being talented is not as good as being virtuous, and having money is not as good as having good character. A tall building begins with a foundation. Only by taking character as the foundation can a family become more and more prosperous. ▽Someone once said to Yang Jiang, you and your wife, one is a scholar and the other is a writer, which can be described as a great achievement. Yang Jiang replied calmly, \”Being a writer is not a big achievement. My greatest achievement is that I have a good family.\” In life, we always look to the outside world, want to earn a lot of money, and strive to get ahead, but in fact, the career that deserves our most attention is the home behind us. Like it and share it with your friends.

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