The Hidden Chicken Baby Method for Educating Children

Some parents chatted on WeChat and asked me: Teacher Mei, looking at you so calmly, have you never had sex with your children? Hehe, I want to say that even old fans probably don’t understand me completely. I am also a very strong person at heart, how could I not be a chicken? For example, I don’t even think about whether my two children Qian Xiaoya and Qian Xiaoneng will be admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University. Two days ago I said to Qian Xiaoneng: Son, if you want to be admitted to Lanxiang University of Science and Technology, which is 9.6 million kilometers away from Tsinghua University, I will buy you a Lanxiang brand excavator. Isn\’t this a naked chicken baby? Good family traditions and good family training stories make good children a 100-day plan for parent-child interaction pdf. Besides, how can I be so calm? My family has no mines, not much money, and I am a student. I know that learning is the fastest way to change my destiny. . I also think that the generation of children can consolidate our hard-won so-called class. Even if it cannot be consolidated, I still want them to live a better life, be happier, relax and feel more at ease. This is my original wish. But why have I been so calm these past few years? I talk to you about all kinds of experiences like an education expert all day long. After many painful experiences during the 25,000-mile Long March, I discovered some regular things in education, and slowly put them into practice. The \”Chicken Baby\” has become the \”Three Basic Principles of Peaceful Coexistence\”. If there is no chicken, less chicken, and scientific chicken, the baby will be better, see more of his potential, his internal drive will continue to glow, and he will know himself little by little. . What is Jiwa Education? That is, parents hope that their children can keep learning and working hard like chicken blood. In fact, we only need to look at ourselves to see clearly that not many adults can do this, let alone children. Therefore, pure chicken baby education is wrong from the source. In the past two years, many big public accounts have forwarded my articles. One time I read the comments at the back, and a parent said: This mother is nothing special. Isn’t she just a recessive chicken baby? ! Hehe, there are really new concepts of chicken babies emerging one after another. This is the first time I have heard the term \”hidden chicken babies\”. Well, today I will briefly talk about how I have become a hidden chicken baby over the years. First, don’t follow the trend or blindly follow the trend. When it comes to education, I have rarely been influenced by external situations and various so-called cow mothers and tiger fathers. I trust my own judgment. This is what I am most proud of. Although I sometimes make mistakes in my judgment, it is relatively rare and I can forgive myself. Because I make any judgment with reference to the external situation and all aspects of the child\’s situation – observe the child carefully and look at the qualifications of my own child. Tell a little story. I remember that when Qian Xiaoya was dormant in my belly, my country\’s first local parenting book came out, called \”Harvard Girl Liu Yiting\”. Parents from all walks of life rushed to tell each other about it and circulated it. It was a spectacular scene. I also read it carefully, and when I handed it back to my colleagues, I said: Forget it, even if you raise your children 100% according to this book, there will be no second Liu Yiting. My colleague touched Qian Xiaoya in my belly and said: Baby, you were born in this belly. Over the years, I have followed various chicken baby public accounts, gone crazy shopping, joined various learning groups of chicken baby bloggers, and asked so-called parenting experts for help with chicken baby pictures.Related knowledge, such as hoarding massive amounts of electronic learning materials for children, frequently asking parenting experts about various specific educational issues, asking for practical information on various methods, and imitating parents who have successfully \”landed\” in various ways… I am extremely obsessed with stupid things like this. Do it less, because I know I have a brain in my head. By the way, I did a stupid thing. I read in the book \”A Good Mother is Better than a Good Teacher\” that someone taught her baby how to read and recognize a lot of words, so I tried it on Qian Xiaoneng with great fanfare, and the result was a disastrous failure! I wrote in detail in the chapter \”Awakening Children\’s Inner Drive\” for reading. So what is needed to support not following the trend or blindly following the trend? Stay focused! Where does concentration come from? strong heart! How can we become mentally strong? High cognition and good understanding. Second, I like to think about children and summarize the rules of parenting. Not much to say about this. Seeing through patterns mainly depends on intuition, which cannot be taught and is not easy to learn. Third, there is no plan and no rules. I will never be like some master parents who create personalized, systematic and rigorous training plans for their children, and I have super strong execution capabilities. I know I\’m a coward and I\’m not the material at all. I can only do it myself. However, I still have an invisible and intangible main line, which is a bit like prose, the form is scattered but the spirit is not separated. Where is God? Focus on two things: focus on character and focus on learning. What about shape? Various extracurricular classes also greet their children one by one. If it is an extracurricular class for talents such as singing, musical instruments, dance, chess, piano, calligraphy, go, music theory, etc., you can sign up for classes one by one, and wait and see. During the process, you observe the children to see how they are learning, and usually talk, praise and encourage them. If you want to learn, keep learning; if you don’t want to learn, basically give up. If it is a subject, be very cautious. After I have an in-depth understanding of the child\’s learning status and whether the child has the willingness and ability to learn, I will then screen and listen carefully. Enrolling in subject-based extracurricular classes basically follows the following principles: 1. If the child is willing, I think it’s good. 2. Learn and see at the same time, advance and retreat at the same time. 3. Strive to walk quickly in small steps, find ways to persist, help children overcome laziness, and persist to a necessary stage. Anyway, I usually stick to it pretty well, spend less money and be more efficient. There were bumps and bumps along the way, practicing, summarizing, and adjusting. Anyway, he\’s pretty stupid. The key is that he doesn\’t know what it means to be smart, and he can\’t learn it even if he knows it. Fourth, be subtle and set an example by setting an example. That\’s not what I said. Let me tell you a little story. After Qian Xiaoya graduated from elementary school, I took my two children to travel around the Three Gorges area. On the train, I was half-lying on my back reading a book, Qian Xiaoya was reading quietly, and Qian Xiaoneng came to me from time to time to ask various simple or weird questions. Afterwards, an old man with a fair face and a kind face who had been sitting quietly on the edge of the aisle said to me: You are a good mother, who is subtle and gentle to your children. Later we chatted and found out that all six of his children were admitted to college, and each one of them was outstanding. Well, I am good at influencing children through subtle ways in my daily communication with them. In the words of my best friend, I seem to be doing nothing all day long. In fact, there are too many things to say. I set an example for my children by setting an example every day.Fifth, care very much about your children’s feelings. Care about the children\’s feelings, study them carefully, watch their behavior and words with a cold eye, and then tailor the treatment to the situation. This is something I am very good at and always come across as serious, focused and empathetic. I think this is probably an advantage. Every day people ask me how to cultivate internal drive. I will give you five words: Under the premise of understanding the children’s feelings, do anything and everything! Inaction means that one\’s own existence is like the air a child breathes in every day, dispensable. To be promising means to strive to make good soil, and then provide some wind and water at the right time. Take the example of reading. In the process of helping children choose books, we never pay attention to what experts say, but first find out the children\’s preferences and feelings about books. While respecting children\’s personal preferences, we consciously guide them to expand the breadth and depth of their reading and help them jump out of their comfort zones. Sixth, Jiwa never loses touch with reality and pays attention to concrete analysis of specific problems. Over the years, I have rarely copied my experience in educating Qian Xiaoya to Qian Xiaoneng. why? The two children have completely different personalities, preferences, self-discipline and many other aspects. Failure to analyze specific issues in detail will simply not work. Many things must be overturned and started all over again. You can see it in the past two years. How many articles have I written to share my experiences with chicken babies? Even when I write, I mainly write about Qian Xiaoneng and rarely about Qian Xiaoya. In a word, Qian Xiaoya\’s self-motivation and self-control are not common to most children. No matter how much I write, it won\’t inspire you much! As for Qian Xiaoneng, he is sensitive yet stubborn, well-thought-out yet lazy. The educational dilemma I encountered is also the dilemma encountered by many parents of ordinary children. It is universal and most parents can be somewhat enlightened after reading it. Okay, that\’s it. It is just a few dry principles and outlines of my parenting principles. If I were to write down the details, it would be a messy book that would make everyone vomit. To put it bluntly, the root cause of promoting the development of things is internal factors, but external factors can also have a strong driving effect if done well. I hope this article can have some good effect on those of us with external factors.

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