The highest state of being a mother: the child doesn’t want you but only wants the father!

Recently, actress Sun Qian\’s husband joked on Weibo that he was a \”disgraced father.\” It turned out that their family went to the Louvre for eight hours, and the 30-pound baby stayed in her mother\’s arms the whole time. Dad posted on Weibo: \”Someone asked me why you didn\’t hug me for 8 hours. It\’s unfair. At least 30 times. I asked the baby, Mommy is so tired, is it okay for Dad to hug me? The little fat boy hugged me tightly with both hands without hesitation. Mom\’s neck, and then said, no, I want the mother to hold the baby. I wanted to be tough and hold the baby by force, but the result was that the baby\’s crying made the entire Louvre think I was a child abductor!!!\” The sentence with the most likes in the comments It\’s: \”Haha, family status is obvious!\” The person who said this has definitely never been married personally! Come on, how many families are there where the mother hugs the baby until her hands are shaking while the father tries to take over the baby and refuses to do so? The father spreads his hands and has a very good reason: \”It\’s not that I don\’t want to hold him, it\’s that the child doesn\’t want me to hold him.\” Tell me, What\’s the point of this family status? It all brings tears of bitterness. How many families send their children to kindergarten in the morning, and the child screams: \”I don\’t want daddy, I want mommy to send it to me.\” When I pick him up after school, he wants his mother to take a bath, and he wants his mother to teach him picture books to put him to sleep. I want my mother. The father, who had fallen out of favor, expressed a little regret and then slumped on the sofa and lived the life of a great man. The mother, who is overly pampered by her own child, is left alone to spend her ardent life with her child. If we had to rank the status of the family based on \”who the child is marrying\”, mothers would be willing to stay at the bottom. God, let me be a \”disgraced mother\”! Speaking of mothers who have fallen out of favor, Anita Yuen is one of them. Her son really only wants his father and not his mother. She once revealed that her son Mo Tong once asked for a different mother because of too strict discipline. In their family, there was only Father\’s Day but no Mother\’s Day. She and her husband were treated very differently. Once, the couple attended an event and called their son on the spot. When the son heard his mother\’s voice, it was very plain and he just responded with \”um um oh oh oh\”. But the call was transferred to his father. As soon as his son heard his father\’s voice, his tone immediately jumped to a high pitch of excitement: \”Dad, dad, where are you? When will you come home?\” The father and son were engrossed in the conversation, with Anita Yuen standing by. Helplessly, he spread his hands and said, \”My family is like this.\” The reason for the \”favored dad + disfavored mom\” is said to be because the mother always likes to play bad, set rules for her children, discipline and restrain them, while the father is always YES DAD. Everything goes well, and the child is very close to his father. Although Anita Yuen comforts herself: \”When the children grow up, they will understand my painstaking efforts as a mother.\” But why should the mother be a bad person and the father is only responsible for being a good person? Children belong to everyone, and the responsibilities of childcare naturally need to be shared together. Of course, compared to a father who completely hands off, Julian Cheung is still very remarkable in spending time with his children. However, my mother really fell out of favor because of her black-faced control. If I think about it carefully, it is really not safe. There is also a certain art to the \”falling out of favor\” that mothers look forward to. You must meet the following conditions to have an attitude: 1. When working, the child does not want you but only the father. Second, when enjoying, the child will miss you first and then his dad. Such \”falling out of favor\” makes the life of a mother fun and meaningful! Ai Fukuhara posted her happiness on Weibo and posted two picturesA photo of my daughter sleeping soundly, with the text: \”Daddy came back from soccer practice, finished her meal, took her to take a bath, fed grandma, coaxed her to go to bed, and fell asleep instantly. No wonder the baby kept calling daddy during the day, in the previous life Lovers are indeed different.\” Whenever her husband Jiang Hongjie comes home from work, the first thing he does is take over the care of his daughter from his wife. What do you do every day after putting your daughter to sleep? Take the time to either have late-night snacks with your wife or go on a romantic date. You will be like someone else’s husband! So much so that Ai Fukuhara was so happy that she publicly shouted to her husband: \”I am so happy to be able to marry you.\” We were also convinced by this operation and prayed one after another to make me \”fall out of favor\” and become a mother like Ai Fukuhara. Well, just keep calling daddy daddy, are you afraid that I will get jealous? nonexistent! I\’m so happy! I once saw a funny and touching foreign video on the Internet. Dad went to work, and his two-year-old son chased after him to say goodbye. The little baby shouted loudly: \”Goodbye, daddy, I love you, daddy.\” The dad responded, \”Baby, I love you too,\” and gave his son a big hug. After the father got in the car and started, his son followed behind and shouted: \”Dad, I love you, dad, be careful.\” The father reluctantly got out of the car, gave his son a big hug and kiss again, and told his son: \”Baby, I love you.\” I love you more, go back and take care of mommy.\” The car drove out slowly, and the little baby followed and shouted about eight hundred times: \”Daddy, I love you,\” \”Daddy, goodbye,\” and \”Daddy, be careful.\” The father also responded eight hundred times: \”Baby, I love you more.\” The father and son talked like this until their voices echoed. After the car drove away, the father pressed the horn again to respond to his son\’s love. The mother’s laughter can still be heard in the video. How could you not laugh? The two men who love each other the most in their lives love each other so much, and the important thing is that they dote on their mother so much that the father who goes out to work even specifically asks his two-year-old son to take good care of his mother. How happy a mother must be to be cared about by two men like this! When a woman becomes a mother, she probably goes through three realms: The first realm: climbing a tall building alone, with no end in sight for raising a baby. The second realm: I will never regret it as my clothes get wider, and I won’t be afraid of being haggard for my baby. The third realm: Looking back suddenly, damn, my family obviously has a big pig\’s hooves. A woman managed to maintain a breath of fairy spirit from the chaos of \”widow-style raising a baby\”, and then realized that no matter how messy her life was, she had to involve her baby\’s father to play together in order to perform a symphony of pots and pans. After years of practice, I finally realized that the highest state of being a mother should be – the child doesn\’t want you, only the father! dad! dad! Worried that the big pig\’s hooves can\’t take care of the children? Don\’t worry, it\’s his biological child. Don\’t worry that he won\’t be able to take good care of it, let alone talk about nonsense like \”the child doesn\’t want me.\” Educationalists say: \”A good mother always has only one eye, one hand, a mouth with a switch, and two ears that never close.\” So, close the worried eye and hide the Want a helping hand. Don\’t be nagging and nagging, just say sweet words. The most important thing is to listen patiently to the hearts of father and son anytime and anywhere. Relax, everything is OK! Compared with the unreliable concepts that may result from a careless father raising a child,Ronald Rona, an expert on interpersonal relationships, analyzed 36 surveys conducted in 18 countries around the world and found long ago that father\’s love plays a greater role in a child\’s personality development than mother\’s love. Fatherly love! Compare! maternal love! The effect is greater! There is a secret to the fact that your child does not want you but only wants his father. My son has a female classmate, Lele, who is sent to kindergarten every day by his father. He kisses her several times before entering the classroom. I specifically went to Lele\’s mother to ask for advice: \”Dad, doesn\’t he have to go to work? Why does he send his children to kindergarten?\” My mother said, \”You go to work after sending your children off.\” Looking at me in surprise, Lele\’s mother smiled and said, \” My dear, I have to go to work too. We all have to go to work, so why can’t Dad send it to me? And Lele specified that only Dad will send it to him.” Their family has a clear division of labor. Dad is busy and Mom usually takes care of the child, but Dad has conditions that he must abide by. : I send my daughter to kindergarten every day; I can go there if I have to work overtime in the evening, but I have to take full care of my daughter when I get home during my free time; Saturday is a fixed day for father-daughter gatherings, and mother has a day off; Sunday is a fixed day for family gatherings. Lele\’s mother continued to tell me the key points. If you want your children to stick with their father, there are two important points: First, teach your children to talk sweetly. Say \”I love you, Dad\” several times. Dad\’s heart is definitely softer than Mom\’s, and it melts instantly. The second is to give more children to their fathers. It is best to get along alone. The friendship of enjoying the fun and excitement together can better arouse the father\’s feelings of protecting the child, and can also cultivate the child\’s sense of admiration and intimacy towards the father. As for the mother, give more hugs and kisses to the father and children, and properly put the family status first! The famous writer Zhou Guoping once told an interesting story about his daughter Chiu Jiu when she was four years old: \”When Chiu Jiu was four years old, I joked with her: \’Dad loves you a little less than mom.\’ She denied it. I said: \’Dad loves you a little less than mom.\’ A little more\’. She denied it again. I said: \’Dad loves you just as much as mom.\’ She still denied it. Then she said something: \’Everyone has their own love.\’\” Dad is like a mountain, mother is like water , is a unique love in the hearts of children. But clinging to daddy is definitely the most effective way to improve the relationship between husband and wife and parent-child relationship! After experiencing disasters on the road of raising children, parents can upgrade and fight monsters together to obtain the truth at their fingertips. If one day every child likes to say: \”Where is my dad?\” The life of a mother will be called perfect!

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