The importance of picture book reading to young children. Is it necessary to read aloud?

Reading is very important for children\’s growth, so parents hope to cultivate their children\’s reading habits and reading abilities from an early age. At the same time, I hope that children can feel the joy of reading and fall in love with reading. Due to the relatively weak reading ability of children, coupled with the popularity of picture books, simple and easy-to-understand, picture-based characteristics, picture books have become the choice of more parents as reading materials for young babies. Although the content of picture books is relatively simple, reading picture books also requires certain skills and methods, otherwise it will be counterproductive. For example, some parents have such a requirement when their children read picture books: they must read aloud. So is this reading method good or bad for children? This requirement is beneficial to a certain extent. It can help children better understand the storyline, improve reading fluency and expression skills, etc. However, this approach also has certain problems. First of all, if parents force their children to read aloud, they may become bored and disgusted. When children read, they may be more willing to read silently in their minds, so that they can better immerse themselves in the storyline and feel the beauty of the text. If parents force their children to read aloud, it may make them feel uncomfortable and affect their interest and experience in reading. Over time, children may become resistant to reading and become bored with reading. Secondly, children’s reading abilities and reading habits are different. A must-read extracurricular book for primary school students, Nate the Great Detective Nate 26 volumes, a complete set of Nate the great audio + epub + mobi. Some children may be better at reading silently in their minds, while others are better at reading aloud. In addition, some children have limited literacy, many I don’t know the words yet, and I still focus on reading pictures, so reading aloud will be more difficult. If parents blindly force their children to read aloud, it may restrict their children\’s reading methods and habits and affect their ability to learn independently. Then, reading should be a happy thing. If you can let children experience the joy of reading, then they will naturally fall in love with reading. If parents force their children to read according to their own wishes and ignore their children\’s wishes to read, it will make the children feel unhappy and naturally they will not be able to fall in love with reading. Therefore, parents should not force their children to read, but should respect their willingness to read so that they can read happily. In addition, reading aloud is good for children, and reading silently is also good for children. Reading aloud can improve children\’s reading comprehension ability, enhance children\’s memory, and deepen children\’s impression of the content in picture books; while silent reading can improve children\’s reading speed and train children\’s ability to capture effective information. Therefore, if children want to read aloud or silently, it is okay, and it will be helpful to improve their reading ability. Finally, parents should develop a reading plan suitable for their children based on their children\’s personality and reading habits, so that their children can feel happy and gain a sense of accomplishment in reading. For example, parents can discuss the joy of reading with their children and encourage them to freely choose how to read, either reading aloud or silently. In short, when children read picture books, parents require that children read aloud. ThisRequests need to be made on a case-by-case basis. Parents should respect their children\’s reading habits and personality and give them appropriate reading freedom, so that they can have fun reading.

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