The kids are so quiet, they must be acting like monsters

Last week, my friend Xiaolin severely beat her daughter several times. As a friend, I criticized her behavior harshly. But after listening to her reasons, I couldn’t laugh or cry: just a few minutes after she went to the balcony to dry the clothes, her daughter painted both arms red with her newly bought \”Yang Shulin\” lipstick, and wiped out her thousands of yuan of face cream. He painted it on the doll\’s face and proudly showed off his masterpiece to her. Xiaolin was so distressed that she almost fainted. I burst out laughing very unkindly, because this kind of thing has really happened in my family… As soon as I entered the baby\’s house, it was as deep as the sea, and from then on \”evil winds were everywhere\”. If I hadn\’t given birth to a child myself, I really don\’t know what happened. What is a \”little goblin\” who acts as a monster! What does it mean to eat, drink, have sex, sleep, be clingy and annoying? Why don\’t you leave his side for just one second? Or, if you dare to leave for 1 minute, try it! When you are so tired that you just collapsed on the sofa and want to pretend to be stupid for a while, suddenly, you find that the surroundings are so quiet, there is no sound at all… A thunder explodes in your head – it\’s broken! You pushed open the bathroom door—and saw your phone for the last time! Third Prince Nezha, please use your magical powers. This is not the East China Sea. I’m afraid you won’t cause trouble! Why don\’t we just take a bubble bath together? Isn\’t your situation a little… big? Well, the kitchen has also started its new mission of flour skating rink! Come and say goodbye to your newly laundered white sheets! Have you ever thought that the refrigerator partition drawer can be used as a climbing ladder? Didn\’t you say that loving tidying up is a virtue… Very good, Mommy and Daddy accepted this heavy love with their crushed molars! Turning around suddenly, OMG, there is a monkey squatting on the tree… Sometimes things that are commonplace in the eyes of parents, children can play with new angles and new tricks, which is eye-opening and makes people laugh and cry. It’s really uncreative and unchildlike! If you don’t act like a monster, you are nothing more than a child! Who doesn’t have a little baby who loves to draw? Every child is born a little painter. This artistic creation activity that integrates intellectual and non-intellectual factors can not only exercise children’s hand muscles and hand-eye coordination, but also It can help them express their emotions and release their emotions very well. Of course, it is also a job that tests the patience of parents… Children never choose paper for painting. Let\’s put it this way, if you just let him find a small piece of paper, he can draw you to want to cry! They never choose paints when painting, and the chocolate, jam, bean paste, and soy sauce at home must be tightly locked and tightened. If they are not careful, they can turn the whole house into shit… Of course, they don\’t care about the occasion or posture. , don’t care if you get beaten. They won\’t let go of anything that can be stained with paint… and they won\’t care about the state of their surroundings. Anyway, as long as they are in their own state, it will be easy to pick up and paint at their fingertips! When inspiration comes suddenly, they dare to destroy themselves, believe it or not? When children are 1-2 years old, they start dotting and scratching with pens, and when they are 3-5 years old, they enter the sensitive period of graffiti. Without even noticing, the walls, furniture, sheets, and floors are all \”little masterpieces\” left behind by their flash of inspiration. \”. Those winding lines are like little earthworms crawling into the mother\’s grasp.Crazy heart! However, this is also an important period for cultivating children\’s artistic thinking, creativity and hands-on abilities. Sun Li once posted a scene of her son and daughter using paintbrushes to draw large and special paintings on the wall. She said: \”When I tried to stop them in the past, Mr. Deng would stop me and say not to affect their creation, \’The wallpaper can be changed, but the inspiration will be gone if it is wiped out.\’ It was right when you think about it, so our family is now There are a lot more limited edition graffiti furniture.” Yes! The sheets can be washed again, the furniture can be replaced, and the walls can be painted again, but children only grow up once. There are only things that cannot be seen, and there is no place that cannot be reached. Children after the age of 3 begin to have self-awareness. At the same time, their strong exploration psychology prompts them to want to see, touch, and try everything. If parents If they don\’t agree, they will show strong stubbornness and \”will never give up until they do it\”! Hey, the moment when parents don\’t see it is the perfect moment for them to release their true selves! The left floor comes again and again, the national second-level mason, easy job! We are also professional in doing new waterproofing on walls! I often squat at the second bridge opening of the overpass by the river to get work! Green and environmentally friendly floor coating, every penny is worth the work! I won’t leave until I get paid for my work! Small scissors, click, click, cut whatever I say, just, cut, whatever! Come on, come on, Mao Zedong has a complete set, wholesale for only ten yuan! Baby, your little hands have directly pierced the heart of your parents… Even the pets at home are not immune to the disaster. They are being persecuted all the time. They dare to be angry but cannot speak! Children are really full of great strength and spare no effort in exploring the world. Through exploration, they test their own ideas, experience the joy of learning, and perceive their relationship with the surrounding environment. All these are the driving force for children\’s growth. Archimedes once said: \”Give me a fulcrum, and I can move the earth.\” For a child, if you give him a scene where his mother is not at home, he can play to the point where adults doubt life. How powerful is a child\’s imagination? They all admire that their early childhood is the period of richest imagination, and rich imagination often comes from children\’s layered, continuous, earth-shattering, and weeping associations. Whether it\’s sights, sounds, or feelings, let\’s put it this way, if you give a child a little inspiration, he can make people \”fly into the sky\” with anger. \”Attention passengers going to outer space, please line up to enter the cabin from here.\” Exploring the secrets of ancient tombs, you have to start practicing this job from now on, Bazaar! Yes, I am the bubble superman who drives trypophobic moms crazy! Bubble Superman? Is it cool to have a trash can Superman? snort! As I play, sometimes I feel that my life is full of confusion. Maybe, I am a fish, a fish that swims freely every day… Mom, I promise you – this is the most difficult chocolate we have ever eaten! Psychologists believe that a rich imagination can enable children to break out of the narrow living space and understand the broader world, which is the basis and guarantee for the development of creativity. However, in reality, when parents see the behaviors or things created by their children through their imagination, it is always easy to sneer at them, or even stop their children on the grounds that it is unsafe. Once upon a time, a womanMy son excitedly handed me a notebook that was cut into a mess. I suddenly got angry and scolded my daughter angrily: Do you know how much my mother spent on this notebook? It was cut to pieces! My daughter\’s tears fell down and she walked away silently. After my anger subsided, I opened the notebook and was surprised: my 6-year-old daughter gradually hollowed out the inner core of the notebook and drew corresponding pictures, creating a three-dimensional and amazing rainforest world! I was so ashamed that I apologized to my daughter at that time. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. What is more important than a child\’s imagination is respect and trust for the child. There’s nothing more to say, the second-child family has more joy! What is the most fun toy in the world? Of course, his brother and sister! Good sisters, we just want to become beautiful together! Mom, you may not believe it, but we just crossed over from Egypt! Why are you crying? Look at you, you can\’t even play! To be honest, the roof of the car is a bit… difficult to climb. \”Who used paint to paint my brother like this?\” \”He himself…well…maybe it was me…\” Sisters work together and are as powerful as gold! Don\’t be too long-winded, my mother said that a living person cannot be choked to death by urinating! Facing this novel and mysterious world, children are natural telescopes, magnifying glasses, explorers, and artists. From another perspective, there are no naughty children in the world. Children are just doing things suitable for their age, exploring, picking, and harvesting surprises from the unknown world little by little. If they were given another playmate, well, they would be full of crazy ideas every minute, which would make people mad every minute. Those monsters that children make are part of the pain and joy of growing up. Sometimes a child has obviously gotten into a big disaster and is so angry that his stomach hurts and his liver hurts. He is just about to have an attack, but when he takes a look at the cute little expressions and eyes after making a mistake, it is really It makes you unable to take action. Mommy, you may not believe it, but it was the flour that made the move first. Looking at your aggrieved and innocent little expressions, oh, isn’t it okay that these are all the work of the two bitches next door? Keep riding the wind, keep breaking the waves, why are you still sitting on the bow of the boat and feeling unhappy? You two, yes, I’m talking about you two, just stand still, what are you enjoying? ! Oh, come here, give me a hug… Sometimes when I get angry, I really want to hit the naughty kid twice, but it\’s really… not that easy to do! American child cognitive psychologist Wendi Ostoloff said: Curiosity is innate in every child, but unfortunately it is often stifled later in life. Many children who were naughty, smart, and fond of studying when they were young have become dull, shy, lazy, and uninterested in many things when they grow up. Perhaps, their curiosity and enthusiasm have long since disappeared amid the perfunctory, suppressive and censure of their parents. Children whose hands are tied by their parents will never have a future. So, sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to let them have a little “wildness” when it’s safe and doesn’t get in the way of others. Because it is a small and big happiness that is exclusive to childhood, memories and children.

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