The main reason for insufficient milk secretion after childbirth. How to produce more milk?

Question 1: Doctor, my wife had a caesarean section, and for some reason her milk supply suddenly stopped two months ago. The soup was also replenished. My wife had too much at the beginning, and sometimes the increase would flow out on its own. I have been missing for the past two days. Is it due to deficiency of qi and blood? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: Every pregnant mother is physically weak after giving birth, but this is not the direct cause of low milk supply. However, breast enlargement will indeed lead to less milk. It is recommended to drink more soups such as crucian carp soup, pig\’s trotters soup, and red bean soup. If you want to produce more milk, the most important thing is for your baby to suck more and insist on feeding more, so as to promote milk secretion. Because the baby\’s sucking can not only stimulate the breast ducts, but also prevent milk blockage, the milk will continue to increase with the number and frequency of breastfeeding mothers. Even if you can\’t pump out or not much, you will slowly find that if you persist, you will pump out more milk every time than the last time. Question 2: My baby is now six months old. He doesn’t sleep well, especially during the day and in the middle of the night. He grunts after a short sleep, and sometimes even cries. He ate less during this period. I thought it might be due to poor digestion, so I went to give him a massage. After a period of massage, he stopped crying when he went to sleep, but he still couldn\’t sleep well, especially when he just fell asleep in the first half of the night. It is how it happened? Four months ago, the baby could eat and sleep, and grew very fast. In the past two months, the baby has eaten less, slept poorly, and has not grown much. Is this a calcium deficiency? Vitamin D3 is 400 units and should be taken starting from the second month of life. Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: It may be a sign that the child is insecure. If the stomach is not bloated, it may be that the child is not eating enough. In addition, check the baby\’s diaper to see if it has been peed, or the baby will cry a lot. It is recommended to create a good sleeping environment for the baby. You can also hold the baby\’s little hand while the baby is sleeping, and observe whether the baby has abdominal distension. Question: Why is there red color on my three-month-old baby’s diaper when I change it in the morning? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It is recommended to check whether there is erosion in the anus and vulva. If there is still erosion next time, it is recommended to use a disposable paper cup to urinate and check it.

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