The more loving the parents are, the better the children will be! aweason

A child\’s personality and behavior can reflect the atmosphere of a family and even the degree of love of his parents. Children raised by loving parents are full of happiness. On the contrary, children raised by parents who are often noisy and emotionally discordant will not be happy, and may also have many character deficiencies. So, what kind of parents are loving? How can parents create a loving and harmonious family atmosphere for their children? A good father can do these things for his mother: • Show affection in front of his children • Often help his mother with housework • Read picture books with his children • Take his mother and children out to play • Praise his mother \”you are so beautiful\” in front of his children A good mother Do these things for your father • Often praise your father for his hard work and bravery • Teach your children to cook dinner for your father together • Take your children to greet your father at the door when he comes home from a business trip • Tell your children bedtime stories together • Say to your father in front of your children, “Thank you for your hard work” \”The above-mentioned few little things cannot represent the love between husband and wife, but the little things in life can reflect the care and respect that father has for mother and mother for father. What impact does parental love have on children? △Parents are loving, and the child’s gentle personality is deeply influenced by the parents’ “show of affection”. The child has grown up with warm love and has a sunny and gentle personality. According to a family survey in the United States, children with loving parents and harmonious families will also be approachable in appearance, polite in speaking and dealing with others; on the contrary, children who grow up in families full of resentment, anger, and even violent behavior , the personality will be very irritable, and the probability of breaking the law and committing crimes is relatively high. △Loving parents, children with higher emotional intelligence. After many people have children, there is no communication or condolences between husband and wife, and even the time and space to be alone together is getting less and less. A cold relationship between parents can leave psychological trauma on children, and psychological problems can easily lead to emotional deficiencies, lack of self-confidence, poor cognitive abilities, and high levels of mental stress. Husband and wife often have good communication and solve problems in life together, which plays a great role in maintaining family harmony and avoiding many unnecessary conflicts. △Loving parents makes children feel safe. According to the research of psychologist Maslow, when people have enough food and clothing, the biggest desire in their hearts is love and belonging. They are like food for the soul. If they are not available, it will make people feel sad. Feeling empty, depressed, and insecure. The close relationship between parents is the greatest spiritual comfort for children, and can help lost and helpless children regain a sense of belonging. This feeling is something that no desire can surpass. △Loving parents make children braver Loving parents can help children who are bruised and bruised to regain a new lease of life, can help children who have lost themselves find their way home, and can make children who have been knocked to the ground full of strength and become more courageous with every setback! Because the child knows that no matter when, where or under what circumstances, there will always be a pair of parents who love him and silently support him. This kind of support makes children braver and bolder to pursue their goals in life. A lovely child, half from his father and half from his mother, is the fruit of love between a couple. To love a child, you must first love the person who gave birth to the child for you. The mother should respect and worship the father, give more face and less nagging; the father should respect the mother.Mom should be more caring and compassionate, give more praises and less complaints.

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