The most romantic life parents can give their children is to keep reading with them forever!

When I was an innocent and lively girl, my motto was \”Indulgence, unbridled love and freedom\”, and my pursuit of life could not escape the curse of \”shopping, eating and shopping\”. However, as time flies, the girl in the past has now become a mother, and the balance of life has changed. I can\’t help but think: What can I give my children? Reading is something that I have decided to do with my children after much thought. You may say: \”Oh, why don\’t you just read books? What a big deal!\” In fact, criticism or misunderstanding about reading does exist, and I have experienced it in the beginning. When my son was one and a half years old, I carefully selected the first reading book for him and told him, Mommy will do a very interesting thing with you. Under my guidance, my son read for the first time, and the process was very enjoyable. However, my mother-in-law said something like this to me: \”The child is so young, what can he read? Just play now, and when he goes to school, he will have enough books to read!\” Many words accumulated in my heart felt blocked in my chest, Generations are separated by mountains, and I cannot regulate her educational concepts, nor can I belittle her sincere words. All I can do is guide my children as best as possible. After all, reading is a big thing here! Because in my past life, I gradually realized that the gifts I most look forward to receiving in life are two things-compassion and wisdom. The pursuit of wisdom must be achieved through reading. Therefore, reading is by no means literacy as some people understand it. It is an important way for people to pursue wisdom, and it is also the education that people should carry out throughout their lives. The taste of reading becomes deeper and deeper as time goes by. Only those who truly read can understand the wealth gained from reading. Can education really be romantic? Annie, my best friend from college, went abroad for further study after graduation. After returning, she entered a famous key primary school in the city, where she became a Chinese teacher and a head teacher. With some foreign ink in my stomach, I am naturally different from the traditional teacher. I have been fortunate enough to experience this. Once, in order to reward myself, who had been losing weight for a long time, I made an appointment with her to go out for a feast. It happened to be the parent-teacher meeting at the end of the semester. I was bored and slipped into the campus and decided to wait for her at the classroom door. Of course, I also want to see how my bestie looks on the podium. When I looked at the door of the classroom, my dear, the big words on the blackboard attracted me. She changed \”parent-teacher meeting\” to \”conferential meeting\”. Then, I heard her asking parents to share their parenting experiences. The parents exchanged words with each other, and the discussion was lively, but they all agreed on the same topic – how to supervise their children\’s homework, how to improve their children\’s grades, and which interest classes are most useful for their children. At this time, Anne raised this question to the parents: Parents, have you ever thought that education can also be romantic? Education? romantic? I couldn\’t help but fall into deep thought, what exactly is \”romantic upbringing\”? Are you taking your children to dine in a five-star hotel? Are you taking your children to travel abroad for consumption? No, this is not romance. The more material things accumulate, the farther away you will be from true romance. Material things will always be slowly consumed, only spiritual memories can be preserved for a long time. Therefore, parents can leave their children, What guides children is some romance and warmth that can be stored in their hearts. Reading is the most romantic education. Using \”reading\” as a parenting tool, parents and children can follow the words and images to experience the emotions, joys and sorrows, warmth and love. Let upbringing be subtle and secretly guided in this romantic way, and grow together with the child. Children can\’t understand? Don’t care! Reading is a big thing and the most romantic education. However, as a mother, you will definitely have such concerns: What should you do if your child is too young and can’t understand? I want to say to all mothers who have this concern: Don’t care. do not worry. It doesn’t matter if your preschooler doesn’t understand when reading. Because rather than understanding, this stage is more important to convey the love of accompanying children through parent-child reading together. For preschool children, they are in a stage where they are in urgent need of companionship physically and mentally. At this stage, the company and love given by parents are needed to promote the healthy growth of children. Parent-child reading together is not only a process of reading, but also a process of companionship. Parents use reading time to convey their love to their children in words and pictures. Through parent-child reading, we can strengthen the emotional bond with our children and quietly let them know that \”it turns out that I am being watched, it turns out that I am popular, and it turns out that I am safe.\” Only in this way can children develop good self-identity and self-worth. Moreover, it is also helpful to deepen the parent-child relationship, cultivate parent-child feelings, enable children to experience the warmth of father\’s love and mother\’s love, and promote the healthy development of children\’s physical and mental health. Therefore, if you want to read, you must read with pleasure, and you must read with love. How should we better read to children of different ages? Parents and friends may wish to refer to the following suggestions: Reading between 0 and 1 years old is not so much about reading books to children, but letting children listen to and play with books. It is best to choose wordless books for this age group. Because to attract the baby\’s attention, choose bright colors. Of course, if you want to read the text to them, you need to choose rhythmic and rhyming text. At this stage, the child is just passively listening and does not need to pay too much attention to his reaction. Starting from 6 months old, children may be keen on tearing and biting books, which is related to the development of their hands and mouth. When reading, you can choose \”tear-resistant\” books specially designed for children of this age, such as hard-carded books and cloth books. As for reading skills, the main thing is to tell the children the terms \”cover\”, \”title page\”, \”author\”, \”back cover\” and other terms according to the content of each page. During the reading process, point to the words to let the children know what is on the book. The crooked things have meaning, and the books have order. As cognitive abilities increase over the age of 1, children can gradually read more books. They can choose picture books with fewer words and emphasis on details and plots. For some children with relatively strong language skills, they may start to become interested in the plot. Cartoons may be more attractive to children than audio. Therefore, cartoons can be added appropriately to allow children to experience situational correspondence. 2 to 4 years old is a period when children\’s language ability develops by leaps and bounds. It is necessary to gradually move from parent-child reading to independent reading. What needs special attention is that 4 years old is a childThe most important thing is to ignite the child\’s interest in reading and gradually develop their inner abilities starting from the exercise of independent reading. In this process, parents need to make appropriate adjustments based on the specific circumstances of their children. 3 to 6 years old is an important and critical period for establishing children\’s independent reading ability. At this stage, the child\’s language world will develop at an astonishing speed, and words will be connected with the child\’s thinking ability. If children at this stage do not read enough and have no way to think or discuss, they will not be able to achieve in-depth reading and learning. Therefore, parents need to choose reading materials based on their children\’s developmental characteristics in order to fully arouse their children\’s interest, help them learn to read, and conduct in-depth learning through reading. Dear baby, the most romantic thing I can think of is not only watching you grow, but also reading with you. Let reading accompany you throughout your life, which is my romantic expectation for you.

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