The most terrifying thing in the world is not poverty, but…

An old saying goes: Unjust wealth brings trouble, but family harmony and poverty are enough. A wealthy family will gradually decline if there are constant disputes; a poor family can also develop good Feng Shui if it is peaceful. The rise and fall of a family depends on management. If relatives are not harmonious, blessings will be compromised. Family strife is often more terrifying than poverty. In a harmonious family, harmony is stronger than temper. I have seen such a story. There was a couple who ran a pastry shop. Because their business was so busy, they would lose their temper if anything went wrong. Once, the two had a heated argument. The husband brandished a kitchen knife and shouted excitedly to his wife: \”You have to fight with me about everything. If you do this again, I will be rude to you!\” The wife was not to be outdone. He shouted back: \”Come here if you have the guts. I don\’t want to live anyway!\” Seeing that the two of them were about to take action, someone shouted: \”Everyone, come and take a look. There are a lot of free cakes here. Come quickly.\” Take it!\” The couple became anxious upon hearing this and hurried forward to protect their shop. But the man only said: \”Anyway, one of you wants to kill and the other wants to die, so what\’s the use of keeping these cakes?\” After listening, the couple fell silent. There is an old saying, \”A harmonious family has good fortune and longevity, and a harmonious family is more valuable.\” A prosperous and blessed family often has more harmonious temper than bad temper. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Queque was originally a senior official in the Jin Dynasty. Because of his father\’s involvement, he was dismissed from office and returned to his hometown. His wife never left him, and together they farmed in the countryside and lived a simple life. One day, a minister passed by his house, but he was working in the fields when his wife came to deliver food. The two sat on the floor and ate together, talking and laughing. After the meal was over, after his wife left, Qu Que was still looking around reluctantly. The minister was deeply moved when he saw that the two people lived in poverty but had such a harmonious relationship. Chinese Family Wealth Management Solution Where Does Money Come From? After Xiangshuai downloaded the book back, he said to Duke Wen of Jin: \”What is missing is a husband and wife who respect each other as guests. They must be people with moral character and education. Such people must be able to govern the country well.\” Duke Wen followed the advice and invited Queque back to the court. Later, Queque made many military exploits for the Jin Kingdom and received numerous awards. His family\’s situation became better and better day by day. \”Zhu Xi\’s Family Instructions\” says: \”The family is harmonious, and although the food is not good, there is still joy.\” The best Feng Shui for a home is a harmonious atmosphere. Only when the family is harmonious can the energy flow smoothly, everything can be prosperous, and wealth can last forever. A happy family is more grateful than critical. Screenwriter Wang Hailu once said: \”The most difficult company to run in the world is a family, a difficult relationship, and a husband and wife.\” If there are only accusations and complaints between husband and wife, without warmth and consideration, the relationship will naturally have no foundation at all. A while ago, my cousin came to me with tears and runny nose and told me that my cousin wanted to divorce her. But in my opinion, my cousin’s middle-aged rebellion was the outburst of an honest man who had tolerated it for many years. My cousin has always been strong. She must have what others have in her family. She spends almost all of her cousin\’s salary on dressing up. After the two children were born one after another, her cousin persuaded her to save money, but her cousin sneered at her: \”If you could make more money, how could I still be so picky?\” Her cousin also complained about her on various occasions. An honest but incompetent husband said that he was young and in his prime, and marrying this man was simply blind.Eye. Over time, my cousin\’s reputation for being cowardly and incompetent spread. In fact, my cousin has worked very hard over the years. He has driven a truck, carried mud and sand, and gone out to work. However, he worked hard to make money to support his family, but all he received was belittlement and criticism. As time passed, the two finally got divorced, and the family was torn apart. I read a passage that said: \”Two people who have been together for a long time will encounter good and bad things. They can\’t stand the repeated complaints and the decadent family atmosphere. After soaking in it for a long time, it will be easier to separate.\” Note that the most terrifying thing about a family is, It’s not poverty, it’s internal friction. Being picky about everything will only chill your partner\’s heart; only by being tolerant and considerate of each other can your life be harmonious and happy. Liang Qichao and his wife Li Huixian have been together for more than 30 years, and they have never been shy. While Liang Qichao was on the run in Japan, his wife alone shouldered the burden of the family. He had elderly parents to serve and young children to raise. Liang Qichao was well aware of the difficulties, so he took advantage of his busy schedule to write a letter to his wife to thank her for her contribution to the family. How can I write my homework quickly? All 12 MP4 lessons of efficient homework lessons for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Although they are thousands of miles apart, their hearts are together. The reason why a family is harmonious and happy is that both husband and wife have the wisdom to manage their marriage. Marriage is not a competition, it requires two people to work together in the same boat. Family is not a battlefield, and there is no need to differentiate between the weak and the strong. If you criticize and criticize everything, life will only get worse and worse. Only if you know how to be grateful and considerate can your life flourish. A prosperous family supports more than complains. Someone once asked on Zhihu, what is the source of a family\’s prosperity? Someone answered that if there were less complaints between husband and wife, father and son, and if the family supported each other, life would get better and better. After Cao Dewang got married to his wife Chen Fengying in 1969, he began to grow white fungus and then brought it from Fujian to Jiangxi to sell it to earn the price difference. His capital came from all the dowry sold by his wife. But later, he didn\’t make much money, but the goods were detained, and Cao Dewang owed a huge sum of money. When his wife learned about it, she didn\’t blame him in the slightest. Instead, she cheered him up: \”Money doesn\’t mean anything. It\’s good to be here. The worst is to start all over again.\” Later, when Cao Dewang was running business outside, his wife took over the household chores and took care of him at home. Sick mother. With the support of his wife, he had a stable rear, and this was how Cao Dewang, the future glass king, came about. \”Book of Rites\” says: \”Father and son are loyal, brothers are harmonious, husband and wife are harmonious, and the family is rich.\” Only by supporting each other and understanding each other can the family business prosper. Recipes for delicacies and breads, family recipes, high-definition, full-color PDF. Zeng Guofan, known as \”the most perfect man\”, took the exam seven times before becoming a scholar. Zeng Guofan\’s father never scolded him. When Zeng Guofan went to Beijing to take the exam, he not only failed, but also spent all the money he brought with him. Even so, Zeng Guofan borrowed a hundred taels of silver from his father\’s friends and bought a set of Twenty-Four Histories. One hundred taels of silver was a lot of money at that time, but my great-father said, if you read these books carefully, I will pay off your debt. With his father\’s unconditional support, Zeng Guofan was able to work hard and become a saint. There is a saying that if a husband and wife are united, they can break through metal. In fact, the same is true for family unity. Don’t blame when things happen, be consistent in everythingTake it easy, such a family will make a fortune no matter how poor or difficult it is. Sun Qifeng, a master of Neo-Confucianism, said: \”The rise and fall of a family\’s fortune cannot be controlled by God, but by itself.\” In this mortal world, having a stable and harmonious family is a person\’s most certain happiness.

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