The new Chinese Minister of Education made a grand statement and was applauded

\”There is no greenhouse outside the campus, and there will be no children\’s play when you grow up. The outside world will not easily forgive those lawless children!\” Recommended 10 classic family education books Huai Jinpeng | Minister of Education Instead of waiting for children to be beaten on the head by society in the future To break the bleeding, it is better to teach children to respect life, respect their elders, and respect the rules from an early age. Previously, a video of a student and a teacher slapping each other shocked the Internet. Today, 99% of teachers dare not hit students. If a teacher beats a student, even slightly, some unreasonable parents, especially grandparents, will go to the school or the education bureau and demand an apology or compensation from the teacher. The teacher may lose face and be ruined, or may be fired from the teaching position and lose his or her job. After the teacher was \”bitten by a snake\”, he had no choice but to ignore the naughty children. If he couldn\’t afford to offend him, could he not afford to hide them? In school, teachers dare not take care of it. At home, parents are reluctant to take care of it! Someone once asked Li Shuangjiang if he beats his children? Li Shuangjiang said: \”If I don\’t fight, I can\’t bear to do it. Sometimes I really want to fight, but I can\’t, so we persuade and scare. Before I fight, my tears fall first…\” Many parents have this mentality. Occasionally, because of their children\’s naughty behavior, He got angry back and regretted it afterwards. Parents discipline their children, and teachers discipline their students. It has been a matter of course since ancient times. A child who is learning to speak for the first time will say, \”It is the fault of the father if he is not raised well; it is the fault of the teacher if he is not strict in teaching.\” But now, parents are unwilling to teach, teachers are afraid to be strict, and the relationship between father and son and teacher-student is completely distorted. There are \”little emperors\” and \”little princesses\” in every family. They have been surrounded by three generations and six families since they were born. Parents are reluctant to beat or scold their children, and teachers are hesitant and timid when criticizing their children. As a result, many children get angry and angry, and no matter how you try to reason with them, it doesn\’t work. Those problem children become more arrogant and domineering, go their own way and destroy their own future. Li Shuangjiang’s son, Li Tianyi, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on suspicion of gang rape. Professor Qian Wenzhong of Fudan University gave a speech titled \”Education, please stop making concessions to children in the name of love.\” There is a passage in it that I agree with: the main idea of ​​our education is to constantly make concessions to children and give them More happiness and more play time for your children. How can there be such an education in the world? After all, children are not adults, and they must be disciplined and punished. We need to tell our children that they must pay the price for making mistakes. If an atmosphere of concession to children is formed in the whole society, the future children will be very terrible, and our future will be very terrible. The children educated in this way will not be able to bear the burden of China\’s future development… The hit drama \”Ode to Joy\” \”, the sensible and warm-hearted little Andy in the play has countless fans. Little Andy is played by Liu Tao\’s daughter Wang Ziyan. The 7-year-old girl is already very good at taking care of her younger brother. Liu Tao once said proudly that both his children are very sensible. Once on the \”Jin Xing Talk Show\”, Jin Xing asked Liu Tao his education secrets. Liu Tao said: Girls must know the rules from an early age and not be too casual. \”You cannot just accommodate your children. Your children must have someone who can control them.\” So well said! The child must have someone who can control him! However, there are many children now that I, the King of Heaven, cannot control, let alone their parents.Mom, grandparents. In the past, when their children were disobedient, parents would place their hope in the school. They said: \”Just wait until he gets to school, and there will naturally be a teacher to take care of him!\” When the child was handed over to the teacher, he did not forget to remind him repeatedly: \”If he disobeys, you will be beaten!\” When we were young, the children almost They are all afraid of teachers. Children who are not afraid of their parents still have some respect for teachers. People should have a sense of awe. Only when a person has a heart of awe can he consciously restrain himself and not do anything deviant. An old saying goes: \”Anyone who is good at fearing has his mind and body corrected, his words have rules, corrections have been stopped, and he occasionally exceeds the rules and cannot settle down.\” Therefore, there is the story of \”there is a god when you raise your head three feet high\”. Decades have passed, and today’s children are not even afraid of teachers. Not only are they not afraid of teachers, they also insult teachers, make fun of teachers, and even hit teachers like the boy at the beginning of the article. There was a video of two high school boys beating up a teacher and yelling at the camera: \”I am a student, what can you do to me?\” This is the future of China, which is pampered by the whole society and is lawless! In \”Water Margin\”, Song Jiang killed Yan Poxi and wandered along a bumpy road. It was extremely hot at the time, so he rested under a big tree to enjoy the shade. Unknowingly, I fell asleep and was woken up by a naughty boy peeing on me. Song Jiang didn\’t say anything, gave the naughty boy a few coins, and left in a hurry. Another day, Li Kui was pursuing Song Jiang and happened to be enjoying the shade under this big tree. He fell asleep unknowingly and was also woken up by several naughty boys urinating on him. Li Kui woke up and didn\’t know why, but he saw several naked urchins laughing and asking for copper coins. Li Kui was furious: \”You little boy, how dare you come to entertain your Black Whirlwind Grandpa!\” He picked up a wooden ax and hacked all the urchins to death. After reading this story, people often praise Song Jiang\’s magnanimity and strongly condemn Li Kui\’s recklessness and rudeness. But if we analyze it in depth, it is difficult to blame Song Jiang. A child who peed on his own face, instead of criticizing him, actually praised him. Encouraging wrong behavior will only make children who don\’t know right and wrong make more mistakes. It\’s a pity that this time he was unlucky and angered the \”Black Tornado\”. He didn\’t get the copper coins, but lost his life instead! An avoidable tragedy stemmed from Song Jiang\’s indulgence! However, there is no greenhouse outside the campus, and there is no child\’s play when you grow up. The outside world will not easily forgive those lawless children! \”We always want our children to learn sophisticated things, but what we lose is tutoring and family tradition, as well as common sense and bottom line in life. Once at a dinner party, a friend brought his child, and the child climbed on the table and turned the table like a flywheel. What\’s good? When you eat, you just grab it in your own mouth, and adults can\’t stretch out their chopsticks at all. I asked my friend, do you care about the children? He said that modern education should liberate nature, and cannot restrain children with the same old routine. He never thought that a child will eventually become Citizens have to enter society. If they ignore the existence of others and when other people\’s rights are harmed, can their nature guarantee their happiness throughout their lives? If a child is not disciplined by his parents, then he will be punished by society. What price will be paid when repairing? Therefore, good house style can teach us how to be a good person. The inheritance of good house style from generation to generation can enable us to find the unchanging warmth in our hearts and find our own in this rapidly changing era.The true value and order of life. \”If you are reluctant to educate your child, society will educate him severely! There is a student in Shenzhen who likes to study Mathematical Olympiads, but walks slowly and is always late. His classmates nicknamed him \”Ote Slow\”. Later he was His parents sent him to the UK for high school. Once when he returned to China, he told us an experience – he went to work in a Chinese restaurant owned by a Chinese during the holidays. As a result, he was five minutes late for work on the first day and was fired. He did not expect that, The first time he was severely punished for being late, he actually lost his job. What struck him most was the last advice from the Chinese boss: \”Young man, if I don\’t fire you, you won\’t know what\’s going on in the outside world.\” How cruel! \”Under the pampering of Chinese education, asking students to stand is like walking a tightrope. They can get away with being late. But many years later, due to a long-standing habit, it will be a painful realization! Rather than waiting for the child to be punished in the future, The society beats them to death, so it is better to teach children to be respectful, reverent to life, reverent to their elders, and reverent to the rules from an early age. In old China, families had family rules. The rules would be engraved on the ruler. Once the children violated it, the ruler would serve them. The ancients understood that no one should be punished by the ruler. Rules are not perfect, and they must be punished. Without punishment, the rules are in vain. Nowadays, many parents will make \”three chapters\” with their disobedient children, but they cannot stick to it for a few days before the children regret it. The reason is mostly because there are only carrots and no Big stick. Use reasonable punishment to make children develop a sense of awe, so that they will not ignore family rules, national laws, public order and good customs. The famous educator Makarenko said: \”Education without punishment is incomplete education. \”In recent decades, Chinese people have learned the advanced and enlightened democratic education concepts of the West through various channels, paid attention to the protection of children\’s body and mind, and easily thrown away the \”rules\” of traditional Chinese private school education, but they have not learned the Western concept of education. Punishment methods and laws and regulations for problem students have led to education walking on \”one leg\”, which naturally easily becomes deformed. Educating children only with praise and coaxing, and expecting to educate problem students with pure probation is just the wishful thinking of the \”Chicken Soup Masters\” . Education must have a corresponding disciplinary system, which is also a common practice in countries around the world: almost all American schools have solitary rooms, and schools have the right to suspend students who violate disciplines, put them in solitary confinement, return to school on Saturdays for solitary confinement, expel them, or even send them to juvenile punishment schools South Korea has the \”Republic of Korea Education Punishment Act\”, which allows the use of a ruler with a length of no more than 100 cm and a thickness of no more than 1 cm to hit the calves of male and female students. The British \”Education and Inspection Act of 2006\” stipulates that teachers have the right to punish unruly students Legal rights include: writing penalties, weekend confinement, principal\’s punishment, and suspension from school. Corporal punishment includes allowing slaps on the palms, no more than three times on each hand, and caning boys\’ buttocks no more than six times… We certainly do not advocate the reinstatement of the corporal punishment system. However, If we only safeguard children\’s rights without emphasizing their responsibilities, if children can challenge the order at will without any punishment, and parents and teachers can only persuade and do so-called \”ideological work\”, then is this education system effective? ? Education without punishment is a weak education, a fragile education, is a kind of education that scratches the surface and is irresponsible. To drown a child is like killing one\’s son. Children cannot grow up on honey and praise. Appropriate criticism is beneficial but harmless. Children are like saplings. If they are not pruned and pruned in time, they can easily grow into \”crooked-necked trees\”. Parents should not only teach their children strictly by themselves, but also form a united front with teachers, work together and form a joint force. The vast majority of teachers do it for the good of the children, and their criticism is based on \”deep love and deep responsibility.\” As long as the criticism is correct, parents should support the teacher. Many people are grateful to their teachers when they grow up, because the teachers give timely criticism and \”step back from the brink\” to avoid more serious consequences. What’s even more interesting is that many teachers lament that those who are truly grateful to their teachers after graduation are often the students who receive the most criticism. A strict father produces filial sons, but a loving mother often fails. Don’t treat children as rare animals that cannot be touched or touched. The rarer the species, the weaker its vitality. Strong young people make the country strong! The wisdom of young people is the wisdom of the country!

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