The only reason is this! Other people’s children are better than yours

Although there is no harm without comparison, the more you care, the easier it is to compare. Parents carefully nurture their children, certainly hoping that they can shine, so comparison is inevitable. Just don\’t talk about it in front of your children, just compare it silently by yourself. Once compared, confusion arises: We practice the same dance, but why do other people’s children go to competitions and win prizes, while our own children come back empty-handed? It\’s also an exam. Why can other people\’s children do well in the exam, but my own children always get low scores? It\’s also summer vacation. Why can other people\’s children take the initiative to study, but my own children only watch TV and play on the computer? Why are other people\’s children so good, but my own children are not good at anything? The women\’s volleyball team won the championship and returned to the top of the world. The young women\’s volleyball players also attracted much attention. Among them, Hui Ruoqi, who is in charge of good looks, has become the focus of everyone\’s attention. As one of the few veterans in the women\’s volleyball team participating in the Olympics, Hui Ruoqi, who was born in 1991, is actually not old, she is very young. As a young person born in the 1990s, Hui Ruoqi\’s name has been spread in the women\’s volleyball world for a long time. Because of her strength and appearance, she has become a hot topic among the audience. Hui Ruoqi, captain of the women\’s volleyball team, is 1.92 meters tall. You can feel the lethality of the phrase \”legs below the breasts\” through the screen. She has a handsome appearance and fair skin. Coupled with the excellent family conditions, she is a typical white, rich and beautiful girl! Before practicing volleyball, she was a top student in college and ranked first in her class in cultural classes. Look, this is someone else’s child, so outstanding. After the Olympics, a friend of Dingdang’s mother joked that she wanted to raise her child to be the second generation of Hui Ruoqi, and also win a gold medal to win glory and so on. Dingdang’s mother couldn’t hold it back and poured cold water on her friend: Come on, you go home and lie down on the sofa every day, with your phone at your side, and you haven’t gone out to exercise 365 days a year. Do you still have the courage to cultivate your child’s sports skills? It\’s cold water, but it\’s true. Don\’t envy how good other people\’s children are, because behind them, there are parents of the same height. Hui Ruoqi was born in a wealthy family. Her father once worked in the government and is now an executive of a listed company, and her mother is a teacher. It can be seen that this family has a cultural background and an economic foundation. However, this is not a simple wealthy family. After Hui\’s father learned that Hui Ruoqi liked to play volleyball and had talent, he made a major decision with his daughter\’s consent for his daughter\’s development: quit his job in the government and move his family from Dalian to Nanjing. In this way, my daughter can represent Nanjing in the competition, which will undoubtedly be a better opportunity for her volleyball career. Therefore, this northern family stayed in Nanjing for more than ten years without any relatives here. Hui\’s father found a job again and slowly built his own career, and his daughter\’s golf course became smoother and smoother. When you envy other people\’s outstanding children, please ask yourself: Are you willing to give up everything for your child\’s dream and move your family to a place more than 900 kilometers away and to an unfamiliar place? Moreover, at that time, I didn’t know my daughter’s future direction. Are you willing to let your children have three hands on their shoulders for their dreams?Surgery, buried seven nails, once unable to participate in the competition due to heart problems, strong enough to be able to pick up a dislocated bone, covered with scars? If the answer is no, then don\’t ask why other people\’s children are better. The answer is already obvious. As a parent, your courage and height are far from enough! A tenant moved next door to Dingdang’s mother. He was in his early twenties and had just graduated with a master’s degree. She is only a few years younger than Dingdang’s mother, but her resume is amazing: she has obtained a double master’s degree from Xiamen University, passed the judicial examination, obtained a lawyer’s license with high scores, and received an internship at one of the top 50 law firms in the world. Offer, and loves public welfare, and has done a lot of legal aid in the past year. A very outstanding girl, she can play the piano when she is quiet and play basketball when she is active. She donates blood every six months. She would raise some green plants, make some delicious food, hang out in the library, and play with her SLR during her free time. She has an artistic side. Usually, if the lightbulb at home is broken, I will install it myself; if the water pipe is blocked, I will fix it myself. I have a tomboyish side. There is no doubt that such a girl is very lovable. It wasn\’t until one day when I met the girl\’s parents that I realized that excellence can really be \”herited.\” Her parents are ordinary businessmen, and they make a pretty good income from doing business. My mother left a deeper impression on me. When she and her daughter walk together, they are more like sisters than mother and daughter. They both have outstanding temperament and appearance. What\’s even more surprising is that a woman in her early fifties actually has four-pack abs and a waistcoat line, which makes Ding Dong\’s mother very ashamed. I have always thought that there are many fitness mothers abroad, but this is the first time I have met such a woman. The girl said that her mother exercises every morning when she wakes up and must do 80 sit-ups before going to bed. This is a habit. My mother also takes me to do it. Many of my habits come from my parents. Some parents have this philosophy: as long as the child is happy, we do not require him to do well in everything, and comparison is meaningless. There is nothing wrong with this idea. Children\’s happiness is indeed important. However, there must be a prerequisite, that is, your child\’s character is not bad, his grades are not bad, and his family is well-off. Generally speaking, parents will not let their children be \”happy\” if they have bad character, poor grades, and poor family conditions. After all, when he grows up, he needs to be independent and have his own life. Everyone knows the survival of the fittest. How can we survive in this society without struggle? Money cannot measure a person\’s quality, it just affects it to some extent. Real excellence depends on family education and cultivation, and these are all given by parents. There is a saying: People who are prettier than you work harder than you, so what reason do you have not to struggle? Also for parents: Your parents, who are richer than you, take care of their children more carefully than you do. Why don’t you set an example and educate your children well?

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