The popular Quan Hongchan dreams of opening a big supermarket? Parents\’ correct outlook on life is the blessing of their children\’s life

Quan Hongchan\’s jump in the Olympics not only broke the championship record, but also brought about earth-shaking changes in the life of this \”poor boy\”. From Tokyo, to the world, and then to her hometown of Maihe Village, Zhanjiang City, she is really famous. The once silent village suddenly became lively. Internet celebrities squatted at the door of her house with guns and cannons, and their cameras were focused on her family, live broadcasting 24 hours a day. Relatives who had disappeared for a long time, or who could not be reached with eight poles, also came to recognize their relatives and establish relationships. The safety education content of the first lesson of the school year, Lebi Yoyo’s complete collection of popular science knowledge, 52 episodes in total, is not enough. Quan Hongchan likes to eat spicy strips, so netizens and caring people across the country delivered dozens of boxes to her hometown. Quan Hongchan said that her biggest wish was to open a canteen, and sure enough, a company gave her a shop. A company also provided Quan Hongchan and his family with a finely decorated residence worth more than one million yuan. One company directly took 200,000 yuan in cash and wanted to give it to her father. She just wanted a group photo. Faced with the sudden fame and fortune, what Quan Hongchan\’s father did was beyond everyone\’s expectations. He declined all donations, neither the house nor the money. Quan Hongchan\’s father said something that moved me particularly: \”I cannot consume my daughter\’s honor.\” Although his daughter became famous and became an Olympic champion, he still maintained the simplicity of a farmer. He planted a field of oranges. When it was time to fertilize, he would go to the field to fertilize. When it was time to weed, he would go to the field to weed without much interference from the outside world. He could obviously live a superior life with the daughter of an Olympic champion, but he had to rely on his own labor. A reporter asked him what plans he had for his daughter\’s future. He expressed the common sentiment of fathers all over the world, hoping that their daughters would not miss out on their homework due to training, study hard, and get into college. Quan Hongchan\’s father\’s approach reminds me of a saying: \”The most expensive educational resource is not the school district housing, but the three views of the parents.\” The three views of the parents determine the fate of their children. Only when parents have a correct outlook on life can their children have a straight path and be blessed in their future lives. I am reminded of a story told by writer Li Yueliang. Li Yueliang has a classmate named D, whose parents both work in public institutions and are obsessed with power. The content of the family chat after dinner is either about how to get promoted, or about who has been promoted in the unit. Ever since he was in elementary school, his parents have asked D to be a class leader and enjoy the pleasure of being a leader. Under the influence of his parents, \”Being a leader is the winner in life\” became a value engraved in his bones. But the biggest trick of fate is that D is not suitable to be a leader. He lacks leadership skills and his eloquence is not good. But D has been a top student since he was a child and has a strong learning ability. Overall, he is more suitable for academics. However, under the influence of his parents, he still took the career examination after graduating from graduate school, and then worked at the grassroots level for eight years, but still did not get a chance to be promoted. Because he could not handle interpersonal relationships well and had no hope of promotion, he felt that his life was a failure. The year before last, a colleague who entered the company at the same time as him and was two years younger than him was promoted. This incident had a huge impact on him and made him suffer from depression., I am still taking medication for treatment. D’s wife said that since they got married, she never knew how he looked when he was happy. Now, except for the Spring Festival, he will go home to visit his parents once every year, and he will not go to his parents\’ home the rest of the time. Because his parents are always concerned about why he hasn\’t been promoted yet. What’s even more frightening is that to this day, D’s parents still can’t understand why their son suffers from depression, why he doesn’t want to go home, and why he hasn’t been promoted yet? Li Yueliang said with emotion: \”The native family basically creates a person\’s three views, and the three views will directly determine a person\’s happiness.\” There is a metaphor I particularly like: \”Parents are the originals, and the children are the copies. When something goes wrong with the copy, When the time comes, the root cause should be found from the original, and this root is the three views of the parents.\” The three views of the native family determine the child\’s understanding of the world, his view of life, and his measurement of value. Recommended classic book: The main content of the Education of Love pdf + audio parenting writer Jenny Arim said: \”It is not terrible for children to have shortcomings. What is terrible is that parents, who are the leaders of their children\’s lives, lack correct concepts and methods of parenting. \”Parents are a mirror to their children. What you are like is what your children are like.\” I have seen such a story. There is a father who regularly gives 1,200 yuan to his daughter who is studying in college outside the country every month as living expenses. Once, before his father sent money to his daughter, he called his daughter and asked her if 1,200 yuan a month was enough. The daughter told her father that it was enough. The father felt relieved and told his daughter: \”Buy whatever you want and don\’t treat yourself badly.\” As a result, the daughter was silent for a long time. The father felt very strange and asked her what was wrong. The daughter hesitated for a moment and said, \”Dad, there is something I don\’t know whether to say or not.\” The father said, \”If you have anything, just tell dad, and dad will help you analyze and make suggestions.\” The daughter said, \”My classmates and I Like me, my family also gives me 1,200 yuan a month, but her quality of life is higher than mine. She eats snacks every day, goes to McDonald\’s once a week, and sometimes goes to Pizza Hut.\” My father calculated in his mind, if In this case, 1,200 yuan is simply not enough. The father asked his daughter if her classmate was working part-time, and told her not to do part-time work so as not to affect her studies. As a result, the daughter told her father that her classmate was not working a part-time job, but was in a relationship. The classmate did not like the boy, but just liked the boy to pay for her. Moreover, her classmates also laughed at her and said she was stupid. She was obviously very beautiful and could attract many boys without asking for money from her family at all. After listening to his daughter\’s story, the father immediately gave his daughter 1,500 yuan without saying a word. On the way home, my father thought about it. When he got home, he felt uneasy and wrote an email to his daughter: \”Dear daughter, starting from this month, I will give you 1,500 yuan for living expenses every month, and the extra 300 yuan will be given to you.\” , you can buy snacks, go to McDonald\’s, Pizza Hut… Remember, at any time, you have to use your own money to pay, this is a quality life. If you start to fall in love, be sure to tell me, I will contact you every month I\’ll give you another 200 yuan, as love funds. Please remember to bring your wallet with you on every date. Dad is also a man and understands men best. Men love women who are independent, self-loving and dignified. \”It was this email that completely changed my daughter\’s values ​​and made her independent, self-loving and dignified. Suhomlinsky once said: \”Only when parents correct their own concepts and cultivate children can they stand out. among the crowd. \”What kind of person a child will become, to a certain extent, first depends on the parents. Parents with good conduct can make their children become better versions of themselves on the road of growth. There is a saying that goes well: \”Human life , not a sequel to Parents, not a prequel to Children. \”The best education starts with three views and becomes a habit. A 7-year-old boy hit a child on his bicycle and ran away because he was afraid. After his father learned about it, he asked him to write a handwritten letter of apology. And posted it in the community to look for the child who was hit. He also promised that if the child is injured, he is willing to take the child to the hospital for examination and bear all responsibilities. A father who is responsible and does not evade responsibility will definitely teach a responsible and responsible father. A child at heart. A little boy took away four comic books from Xinhua Bookstore. In the early morning of the next day, before the bookstore opened, his parents wrote a letter of apology and the entire book payment of 40 yuan, and stuffed it through the crack in the door. Bookstore. The note read: \”Hello, because I am not good at educating my son, my son took four comic books from your store. The door of your store is not open. I should have brought my son to apologize in person. If the door is not open, I will put the money inside for you. sorry. \”Parents with clean character and good character will definitely raise children with good character in the future. A mother took her two children shopping, and the child picked up a sum of money on the roadside. There was no one else around at the time. They were completely You can keep the money as your own. But the mother did not do that. Instead, she told the child that the owner of the lost money must be very anxious. She took the child and called the police together and handed the money to the police. Such a kind person A considerate mother will make her children grow up to be considerate and kind-hearted people. Whatever causes parents plant in their children will bear fruit. Just like Quan Hongchan, because her family has a correct outlook on life, She has known how to work hard since she was a child, and she is also a grateful child. After winning the Olympics, she once said frankly that she worked so hard because she wanted to win more bonuses and send them home to her mother for medical treatment. The truest feelings of parents are hidden in children. Character; If parents have the right outlook on life, their children will be no worse than others. ▽ Soong Ching Ling once said: “A child’s personality and talents are ultimately most influenced by family and parents. School plays an important role in the development of a young person, but it is family that leaves an indelible mark on a person. \”In the end, education is all about parents. Zhou Hong Appreciation Education Case Video Original Series 6VCD+mp3 What three views you sow in your children will determine who your children will become.

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