The rules of a happy family: Mom is in a good mood, Dad stays with you more, and children know how to be grateful

Rewatching the movie \”Rainbow Shines\”, I was deeply moved again. Thomas, a little boy who lost his parents since childhood, was sent to an orphanage to live. There, he was often bullied by his peers. Loneliness, fear, and helplessness constantly tortured his young mind. Life showed its sharp fangs and claws at him. The extremely difficult living environment forged his introverted, shy and submissive character. Until the appearance of a woman completely changed his tragic fate. Her name is Mel, she is lively, cheerful, enthusiastic and kind-hearted. She adopted Thomas and took him home. With her warm and healing smile and sunny and positive attitude towards life, she melted the bitterness in the boy\’s heart and gave him mother-like love. and spiritual comfort. Mel\’s husband, Eric, began to be extremely harsh on the boy. However, under Mel\’s influence, the relationship between father and son broke the ice and became a solid reliance on each other. This couple, holding the paintbrush of love, painted the boy\’s life from a dark background to a charming rainbow. Although it is a movie plot, it is particularly touching. As psychologist Wu Zhihong said: \”Parents are the greatest destiny of a child.\” A child\’s destiny and future can often be seen in his parents and family. Children\’s painting training: Jiang Hong\’s children\’s painting encyclopedia teaching video tutorial 100 lessons Those happy families will not only cultivate a child with good character, but also become the confidence for them to face challenges throughout their lives, which heralds a bright future. What kind of family can be called happy? I think it must contain the following three qualities. The mother is emotionally calm and the family is more stable. Ed Tronic, a professor of psychology at the University of Manchester, once conducted a study called the \”Still Face Experiment\”, and the results are worth pondering. He selected children around 1 year old, interacted with their mothers, and recorded the children\’s reactions and status when the mother\’s facial expressions changed. At first, the mother smiled and communicated cordially with the child. At this time, the child was in a happy mood and very relaxed. However, when the mother stopped smiling and faced the child with a stiff face, he became restless, gradually became irritable, struggled, and even cried. The adults have no words or actions, but they still use their emotions to firmly control the child\’s mental state and reflect it in specific behaviors. Although the short-term negative impact may be eliminated through comfort, long-term exposure of children to the suppressed, ups and downs, and changing emotional states of their parents will have lasting effects and cause negative harm to character development. \”Non-Angry Parents: How to Make Children More Cooperative and Have Happier Families\” writes: \”Children who live in a hostile and angry environment for a long time are more likely to withdraw because they feel fearful and uneasy.\” Parents\’ emotions are related to Like a time bomb hanging in a child\’s ear, there is a danger of exploding at any time, posing a threat to himself. The child will be frightened and unable to establish a basic sense of security. Compared with men, women have greater emotional energy, are more prone to mood swings and outbursts, and have a greater impact on their children. This is a gender difference in the physiological structure of the brain. To some extent, it is caused by the mother\’s living environment. The hit drama \”Come on!\” In \”Mom\”, mother Su Qing (WuYue (played by Yue) quarreled with her husband and got angry with her son, because as a working mother, she was exhausted from her busy family and career. Mother Zhou Nannan (played by Zhang Yuqi) quarreled with her teacher because she was filled with anxiety and uneasiness for fear of delaying her child\’s growth. These are all very similar to mothers in real life. They have no head and six arms, but they have to deal with nine or eighty-one difficulties. However, now that we have become a mother, we all need to understand that the fuse that ignites our emotional flames comes from pressure from all sides, but in the end, the child who is burned by emotions is the child who needs protection the most. Children should not be a recycling bin for emotional garbage, nor should they be a punching bag for adults. They need an emotionally calm mother to lay their inner sense of security and build trust in the world. Parenting is about nurturing oneself. Taking the course of emotional management and learning to adjust psychologically by diverting attention, changing the perception of events, etc. is the consciousness of every mother, and it is also the cornerstone of a happy family. Dad is not absent, and the family is more harmonious. Not long ago, a father was \”sealed\” on his sofa, and the person who did this \”cruel\” was none other than his wife. Let him look at the child for a while, but he actually fell asleep soundly and left the child aside. How could he \”forgive\” him easily? So, the wife took a needle and thread and sewed her husband firmly on the sofa. This news may seem interesting at first glance, but it reflects the routine practice of many fathers: taking care of their children is very perfunctory, or even directly acting as the shopkeeper. The father\’s absence from the child\’s growth is not only a bias in the division of family responsibilities, which will cause conflicts between husband and wife, but also has a deeper impact on the child\’s cognition and hinders their lifelong growth. A study from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom shows that if the father takes good care of the family when the child is an infant, the child\’s crime rate will be the lowest when he is 16 years old, and the child\’s mental state will be healthier. In addition, DAVID POPNOE, professor of anthropology at the University of New Jersey, also pointed out in the book \”The Fatherless Era\” that if both parents are white or black, or poor or rich, the crime rate of their children is far lower than that of children without fathers. The harm of a father\’s absence from the growth of his children is far beyond imagination. The development of a child requires a variety of nutrients and energy. The mother provides love and security, while the father is more like a helmsman, leading the direction of the child\’s life. If the father is often present in the family, the child will grow up more smoothly. Gold medal dad Wu Chun has been praised by netizens for his view of family. With his good looks, top-notch figure, soft-spoken voice, and caring about his family, he can be regarded as a benchmark for fathers. When taking his daughter to participate in the program, he will skillfully change clothes, prepare food, observe her needs, and be careful and professional; when facing his daughter\’s failure in games, he will patiently comfort and speak softly; when his daughter misbehaves, he will be slightly rude. Sternly ask her to correct herself. Nurturing, encouraging, and teaching, Wu Zun used his father\’s responsibility to accompany his children every step of their growth and give them the deepest fatherly love. This dedication of love has brought up a daughter who is upright, brave, cheerful, sunny, self-respecting and confident, and has also taken care of a wife who is as gentle as water and has a temperament like orchid. The family relationship is very harmonious, not to mention very special.Always love. In life, many fathers may neglect their family responsibilities due to their busy work schedule. However, as long as they are determined to do it, they will definitely find a suitable method. Just like the father in the picture, he takes his son to make skewers after get off work. While having a good meal, he helps his son check his homework. This kind of quiet father-son time seems ordinary, but it is precious. Father\’s company is not limited to time and form. It can be a leisurely chat after a meal, a grand graduation ceremony, daily outdoor sports, or even a game of PK… Father\’s presence will make a difference. Using men\’s unique strength and way of thinking to lead their children to open the door to the world will also lift the burden on their wives\’ shoulders and ease their inner anxiety. Obama once said: \”I will not be the president for the rest of my life, but I will be a good father for the rest of my life.\” The title of father means a lifetime of responsibility and happiness, rather than a nominal code name. Those who know how to leave time to their families Men have gained happy families and healthy children. Children who know how to be grateful are the greatest blessing for the family. I have seen too many greedy \”giant babies\” children who chewed up their parents until they were bloody and bloody. I still remember the shocking \”Gnawing the Elderly Bar\” in Baidu Tieba, where a group of children gathered to discuss how to chew the elderly in fancy ways. \”My parents\’ money is my money, and they use my money for food and clothing.\” \”You have to put pressure on me to force them to make progress.\” \”Forcing my parents to give money, and beating them if they don\’t give; I just give them to my parents.\” I just pooped it in the basin, and they helped me pour it out every day.\” These children were like monsters with their mouths wide open, poking at the weak points of their parents who could not bear it, and trying their best to squeeze them. His arrogant behavior with distorted views and confusion of black and white is jaw-dropping. What is the greatest sorrow for a family? Probably because the parents worked so hard to raise a parasite that only knows how to gnaw blood and bones. Such children lack correct values ​​and have incomplete basic emotional development. Not only are they unable to gain a foothold in society, they will also bring down the entire family. And those children who are kind, sunny, and positive are the greatest blessing for a family. In the program \”Youth Talk\”, the scene where the girl Xu Luo confessed to her father was very impressive. As a security guard, the father feels deeply humbled and ashamed. Every time he picks up his daughter, he always changes out of his security uniform early, for fear that his daughter will be \”disliked\” by her classmates and affect her schooling. However, the well-behaved daughter never looked down on herself, let alone her father. She stood on the high platform and announced in a high-pitched voice: \”Dad, next time you come to pick me up, you must wear a security uniform. That\’s how you look most handsome in my heart!\” With a woman like this, what more could a husband ask for. Children who know how to respect and love their parents, are grateful for their every contribution, and understand and consider their difficulties. Children who have warmth and emotion in their hearts are the greatest pride of their parents. To raise a child like Xu Luo requires parents to have more restraint and wisdom. As parents, we should not lose our direction or boundaries in our love for our children, but we should love in a measured and bottom-line manner, show weakness appropriately, and be willing to train our children reasonably. In this way, children will continue to progress and grow through observation, experience, and training, and learn to be grateful,Dedication and responsibility. The book \”Early Education and Genius\” writes: \”Family should be a palace of love, joy and laughter.\” A happy family will nourish everyone\’s life, especially for children, and it will become a lifelong treasure. Confidence and spiritual wealth. From now on, work hard to improve and cultivate yourself: Mom tries her best to be emotionally stable, raise children wisely, and be disciplined in dealing with things; Dad shoulders family responsibilities, does not evade, does not shrink back, and gets started immediately when there is work. Husband and wife work together to build a castle of love, giving their children a radiant childhood and a light that shines throughout their lives. Finally, I hope all parents can grow in practice and live up to their encounter with their children in this life.

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