The shocking scene at the gate of the community really made the child sweat

It is said that the best thing to teach a child is the mother. From birth to before entering elementary school, a person spends the most time with his or her mother. Every detail of the interaction between the mother and her child, from food, clothing, housing and transportation to how she behaves, exerts an influence on her child\’s preferences and behavior. Therefore, as a mother, you must pay more attention to your own internal and external cultivation. As for me, as a post-80s mother of a three-year-old child, I work in the real estate industry. On weekdays, I am used to seeing property owners cynicizing on property management personnel because they are personally dissatisfied with property services, but the scene that happened at the gate of the community this morning really shocked me. As soon as I got to work, I saw a group of people gathered around the gate of the community. Among them was a woman in her thirties and her ten-year-old child arguing with the security guard. This security guard is an old employee of our company. He is 55 years old. He works seriously and responsibly, and he is also very kind. He always greets the owners with a smile when he meets them. To be honest, today was the first time I saw him having a dispute with the owner. I generally heard from the quarrel between the two that it was because there were more people coming in and out of the community in the morning and the security guard was busy registering the decoration workers in the advanced community and did not open the door for the female owner in time (in a closed community). The woman thought she was the owner. There was a reason to get service before the decorators, so the security guard was held responsible. The security guard told her that things should be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Since the workers were decorating for the owners of the community, they had the same rights as the owners in terms of entry and exit. After hearing this, the woman\’s face changed instantly and she started yelling at the security guard: \”I spent more than one million to buy a house from you and paid monthly property fees to support you. Do you want you to treat me as a decorator?… \”The woman\’s attitude was very bad. The conversation between the security guard and the woman changed from a patient explanation at the beginning to an endless quarrel later. At this time, the little boy next to the woman also followed his mother and scolded the security guard: \”You bad guy… don\’t bully my mother… you old guy…\” and he continued He raised his leg to kick someone, and kept chattering. The argument lasted for about six or seven minutes, and then everyone was able to persuade him to stop. After the mother led the child away while cursing, the child continued to turn towards the security guard and raise his hands to hit others, but the mother never stopped the child from the beginning to the end. After watching it, I was shocked and also a little sad. To criticize an otherwise innocent old man in a public place, what this woman did was already wrong, and she even allowed her children to imitate this behavior. From this point of view, the child\’s words and deeds are not the result of one day. As the saying goes, like mother, like son. There is no distinction between high and low in life, but this woman feels that she is superior to the decorators. It is no wonder that the children she raised are also disrespectful and vicious. Saying bad words to others in front of children, or even insulting other people\’s personality, fully reveals their arrogant and domineering nature. The children see everything the mother says and do, and remember it in their hearts. Perhaps, the child\’s original intention was just to protect his mother. When he was young, he didn\’t know whether it was right or wrong to do so. However, under the influence of his mother, he was born with the ability to imitate and would resolutely choose to synchronize with his mother and be consistent with the outside world. Maybe, in childrenIn this world, beating away enemies and scolding bad guys are the best ways to protect your mother. But as a parent, this mother completely indulges her child\’s behavior and lets it go. It seems to her that what the child does is natural. It is said that people are originally good by nature, but what about the evil they develop later in life? This shows how crucial a good family education is to the growth of children. It can be said that \”the upper beam is not straight but the lower beam is crooked\”. Without a reasonable mother, how can we hope that our children will be well-educated? When every child comes into this world, he is a piece of pure white paper. Adults can educate him into an angel that everyone loves, and they can also raise him into a street rat that everyone yells at and beats. The key to raising children is the word \”raise\”. Don\’t think that the truths spoken from your mouth and the knowledge learned from books are education. In fact, the most basic \”education\” comes from the words and deeds in daily life. Especially the words and deeds of parents, good or bad, young children have almost no ability to distinguish right from wrong. As long as their parents teach by words and deeds, children can learn \”fast and well\”. Sometimes, we try so hard and deliberately to teach our children some positive things over and over again, but it doesn\’t work. Instead, a little bad habit that we inadvertently expose will be easily learned by the children. We can draw a scoop by looking at the gourd. In fact, parents are like a gourd. No matter which side we show to our children, the child can draw a scoop. For the sake of our children\’s lives, we must make 100% efforts to show the healthiest side. In front of the children, let them draw a smooth and bright gourd. Only with this half of the gourd with good material can they find a similar other half and become another gourd on the long road of life.

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