The sign that a child is a smart person depends on whether he often says these three things.

Every parent hopes that their children will be smart and have extraordinary intelligence. But children are not necessarily born smart. If you want your children to be smart, nurture is also very important. In fact, it depends on whether the child is smart or not. You can know it from what he says. Smart children have their own ideas. Children with the following three behaviors are very smart. Take a look and see if your children have any? Children often say \”I think\” they have their own ideas. Whenever adults are discussing things, many children will listen carefully. After the adults have finished speaking, they will actively want to express their inner thoughts. Sometimes the words they say are funny and nonsensical, confusing adults and making us laugh, but children are innocent after all and will say whatever they want. Even if the problem cannot be solved well, it shows that the child is really thinking and wants to participate in the parent\’s discussion topic. Children like these who often say \”I think\” are very smart, have the courage to express themselves, are not timid, and have the ability to think independently when encountering problems. When they grow up, they often have their own understanding of right and wrong, good and evil, and their own goals in life. There are certain plans and visions. Behind every \”I think\” of children is their most real feedback on this issue and their true thoughts in their hearts. This type of child is very smart, can think, and knows how to express. Parents must listen carefully and listen to their child\’s inner voice. Always Ask “Why?” Do you have a chatterbox at home who likes to chase you and ask all kinds of weird questions? Even sometimes some nonsensical questions that you don’t even know how to answer can make you panic for a moment? In fact, the reason why children take the trouble to ask \”why\” is because they have reached the \”inquiry period\”. Children are full of unknowns and puzzles about the world, are curious about everything, and have a strong desire to know about unfamiliar things. . Therefore, children who often ask \”why\” are very smart. They are eager to acquire new knowledge. If they don\’t understand something they want to know, they will find the answer on their own and take the initiative to ask, think, and explore by asking questions. This is a sign of intelligence. . Young children\’s perception of the world is gradually explored through questioning again and again. Children who often ask \”why\” not only love life and observe carefully, but are also more motivated to learn, which helps to cultivate children\’s creativity and Imagination, be a person with ideas. For this type of children, parents need to be fully prepared on a daily basis. They can find answers with their children, or they can leave space for their children to imagine, guide them to find answers on their own, and develop their children\’s thinking abilities. We often say, \”Is this okay?\” In life, there are often children who go to other people\’s homes as guests. When they see the snacks on the table, they clamor to take them and eat them without the owner\’s permission. What\’s more, When someone sees something he likes, he secretly puts it in his pocket and takes it home privately. Taking other people\’s things without permission is unacceptable. It will make people think that this child is really rude and unpopular with everyone. Children who often ask adults for their opinions when encountering problems, such as \”Mom, is it okay for me to do this?\” have their own attitude when encountering problems. If they know how to ask, they will be more likely to get advice.Parents like it. Because children who ask their parents’ opinions will first appear to outsiders as being polite, well-educated, and not unreasonable. At the same time, when asking questions, it also shows that the children actually have their own attitudes and ways of dealing with problems. Children can use their brains and have their own ideas, which is a good thing and a sign of their intelligence. In addition, asking parents for their opinions also shows that children respect their parents and want to be affirmed. If you do something right, you want to be praised. On the contrary, you want your parents to give you correct guidance. Parents must remember that children\’s intelligence is not innate, but nurture is also very important. Parents should educate their children subtly in their daily lives and promote their growth. Accompanying your children\’s growth carefully is the happiest and most regretless thing for every parent. Let\’s work hard together!

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