The signs of a child\’s low emotional intelligence can actually be seen at a glance. How many of your children have won?

Taking advantage of the summer vacation, a friend I hadn\’t seen for many years came to my house with her daughter. Because they hadn\’t seen each other for so long, the two mothers sat together and chatted, completely forgetting the existence of their children until they heard a cry coming from the living room. We hurried over and saw my daughter sitting on the ground crying every day, muttering: \”This is my toy, please give it back to me…\” When my friend\’s daughter Xiaomi saw this, she snatched the toy and was very angry. He loudly said to my daughter: \”Whatever I like is mine!\” Seeing this scene, the two of us tried to break up the fight: \”Xiaomi is still young, can we give her the toy?\” \”Mom, I\’ll give it to you when I get home. Buy one, and we will give it back to Tiantian…\” Before she could finish her words, her friend\’s daughter interrupted her with tears: \”I don\’t, I want this, I want to take it home!\” Upon seeing this, my friend smiled awkwardly at me. He laughed, not knowing what to do for a moment. Seeing Xiaomi\’s resolute attitude, the daughter reluctantly looked at the toy and said, \”Then, I\’ll give it to you…\” Although the daughter was a little unhappy, in order to stop the dispute, the daughter made concessions. Afterwards, her friends kept praising her for being sensible and having high emotional intelligence, and believed that she would be successful when she grew up. It is undeniable that under my education, Tiantian is indeed more sensible and emotionally intelligent than other children of the same age. Goleman, a Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University, once said: \”IQ only accounts for 20% of a person\’s success, but EQ accounts for as much as 80%.\” So I attach great importance to the cultivation of children\’s EQ, but many people Parents think that cultivating their children\’s IQ is more important, and often ignore the cultivation of their children\’s emotional intelligence. The educational effect of 103 kinds of children\’s games: American student games and quality training manual to cultivate children\’s cooperation, self-esteem, communication, and emotional intelligence PDF. But in fact, children with high emotional intelligence are more likely to be recognized by people around them and more likely to succeed. On the contrary, they lack Children with emotional intelligence are more likely to suffer disadvantages and become unpopular in society. Have you ever noticed three signs of low emotional intelligence in children? Emotional intelligence is something \”invisible and intangible\”, but it will follow the child like a shadow. Therefore, parents should pay special attention. If a child has these unusual behaviors in life, it means that you may be raising a child with low emotional intelligence. ① Self-centered and disrespectful to others. If a child is always self-centered and does not know how to respect others, such a child will not be popular wherever he goes. One time I was taking the bus home and saw an old man walking up with his granddaughter. So I stood up and offered my seat to the old man, but as soon as I stood up, the old man\’s granddaughter sat on it without hesitation, and the next scene happened: the old man was shaky and unsteady, and his granddaughter sat on the seat. I feel at ease and just focus on playing by myself. I don\’t care whether my grandpa has a hard time standing because he is old! Many children are spoiled by their parents and elders at home. They have always been little emperors and princesses. They feel that they are the center of the world and only care about their own feelings. If things go on like this, children will become more willful and will easily encounter various problems in interpersonal communication when they grow up., and even affect future development. ② Irritable and prone to losing temper. Many parents think that it is normal for children to be willful and lose their temper. However, if the child\’s temper gets worse and worse, it is not something you can control. I saw a piece of news before about a mother who originally took the subway to Wuhan Tianhe Airport, but accidentally got off at the wrong station. Lao Liang reveals: How do China’s four major classics improve emotional intelligence training methods? It was just a small mistake at first, but the daughter next to me lost her temper. She put her hands into her jacket pockets and kicked her mother hard, back and forth about 20 times. He loses his temper at every turn, punches, kicks, and speaks harshly to his mother. This child\’s behavior is a typical manifestation of low emotional intelligence, and he will definitely not be able to accomplish anything great when he grows up. ③ Love to poke other children or other people’s sore spots. Children with low emotional intelligence also show that they do not care about other people’s feelings and like to poke other people’s sore spots. In the TV series \”Tiger Mom and Cat Dad\”, there is a scene where the little girl Sissi meets a grandfather who collects scraps in the community. But she said to this grandfather: \”If I don\’t study hard, I will sell junk like you.\” Another time, her parents took Sissi to the farm to play, and one of the children was very enthusiastic about picking cucumbers for her to eat. He \”disliked\” her being dirty and stuffed wet wipes into her mouth and told her to \”disinfect\” her. These childish-sounding words and low-EQ operations are like an invisible knife, invisibly cutting apart other people\’s daily lives, hurting others, and even destroying one\’s own life. Such children, no matter how high their IQ is, will be crushed by their \”low emotional intelligence\”. Most of the children with low EQ have such parents. According to child psychology experts, a child’s “emotional intelligence” is inseparable from his family and parents. The best place for children to \”inherit\” emotional intelligence is the family, and the best teachers are parents. If you are a sensible parent, your child\’s emotional intelligence will not be too low. On the contrary, if the parents have high mood swings and are sensitive and prone to explosion, then the child\’s emotional intelligence will also be affected. There is a topic on the Zhihu hot list: How much impact will parents with low emotional intelligence have on their offspring? Following this topic, I discovered that parents all over the world have low emotional intelligence, and they really all have their own styles! Netizen @嶝林阳 complained: TA: “I’ve been very tired recently.” My mother: “You’re so young and your health is so bad, how can this be okay!” TA: “I’m just tired…” My mother: “You’re old What should I do? Find someone to get married as soon as possible, otherwise no one will care about you when you get old!\” TA: …and there will also be this dialogue: TA: \”Dad, I want to watch TV\” Dad: \”Have you finished your homework? No Check it out!” TA: You can see it, why can’t I? Dad: Don’t talk nonsense, I’m your dad! Many parents subconsciously believe that their children are relatives anyway, and no matter what we say or do to them, they will eventually understand that it is for his own good. But many parents don\’t know that this way of speaking can also make their children think that you are ridiculing, scorning, or belittling them. On the contrary, it will damage his self-confidence, reduce the trust between him and you, and even cultivate extreme attitudes in children.character. The netizen above also said that he never denied that his parents loved him, but his parents unintentionally verbally attacked him day after day. It left a huge invisible hole in his heart, invisibly destroying the relationship between them. The most important thing in emotional intelligence is talking and listening. The language atmosphere of a family will have a profound impact on children. If you are always complaining, losing your temper with your child, and your husband and wife often quarrel, whether intentionally or unintentionally, these will affect your child\’s emotional intelligence. Children are the mirror of their parents, and they will be reflected in their parents’ behavior and thinking throughout their lives. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Cloud Bread Cartoon Complete Video 1080P Ultra HD 156 Episodes 37GB We will always inadvertently see ourselves in our children, so we parents must also set an example and create a good language environment for our children. Parents who cultivate children with high emotional intelligence should do this. Some parents always feel that their children are young and not sensible yet. Even if their emotional intelligence is not high now, it will gradually become higher when they grow up. But this idea is wrong. If parents allow their children to grow wildly when they are young, it will be difficult to improve their emotional intelligence through other methods when they grow up, and it may even cause defects in the child\’s character. So, from now on, let’s improve your children’s emotional intelligence together. ① Teach children to speak well. The most important manifestation of high emotional intelligence is to know how to speak well. The prerequisite for letting children speak well is to teach them to listen and not to interrupt others when they are speaking. At the same time, we need to establish a warm and loving language environment for our children, accept their emotions, use more body language to communicate with them, and let them feel the charm of language. We can also look for opportunities to chat with our children, chat more with them, and exercise their language expression skills, so that their emotional intelligence will naturally improve. ② Cultivate children’s problem-solving abilities. No child’s growth can be smooth. There are always countless problems that need to be solved. It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish. When a problem arises, parents should not immediately help their children solve it. They should learn to defend and observe and cultivate their children\’s ability to solve problems on their own. Solving problems is a process of repeated thinking. Parents can slowly guide their children to think in a way that their children can accept, and find the best way to solve problems through the actual operation process. When a child learns to solve problems independently, the child\’s emotional intelligence will also improve because he learns to respect others and how to live in harmony with society. ③ Cultivate children\’s ability to control their emotions. Psychologist Goleman believes that children\’s good emotions are often equated to high emotional intelligence, which is the key to raising children with high emotional intelligence. If your child has poor control skills, the smallest thing can make him lose his temper and make it difficult to control himself. At this time, parents should give themselves and their children a space and time to calm down, keep both parties away from the source of stimulation, teach their children the correct way to express themselves after calming down, and give him the best advice on how to deal with it. In this way, children can reduce the frequency of losing temper and gradually improve their emotional intelligence. Therefore, as long as parents educate patiently and guide carefully, their children\’s emotional intelligence will become higher and higher. Life is a long lesson. Parents’ words and deeds are the most vivid and profound influence on their children.Content that resonates most deeply. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Piglet and Elephant Picture Book Elephant and Piggie, 25 volumes in total PDF + reading package + video + audio. As a parent, please give your child more patience and gentleness, so that he can slowly improve his emotional intelligence and know how to get along with others. method to exude your own personality charm. Finally, I hope that we can all cultivate children with high emotional intelligence, and that our children can have a bright future!

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