The son\’s recurring asthma for more than seven years has made his family heartbroken. The culprit is actually his grandfather!

Xinyu is a staff member of a health institution in Yunnan Province. Shortly after her son was born, he developed bronchial asthma. For seven years, the family grieved over their son\’s recurring asthma attacks. Much later, Xinyu learned that her son\’s illness was related to second-hand smoke inhalation. For the health of more children, this mother worked hard in the subsequent tobacco control work, just not wanting other children to suffer the same pain. She also used her children\’s stories countless times to warn others. this is a true story. On the winter night of the year when the child became seriously ill, my lovely son Xiaoran was born. The joy brought by the little life made that winter warm. Xiaoran is healthy and beautiful, can eat and sleep, and loves to laugh. My wife and I are excited and full of expectations. We are still learning how to be good parents and love our baby carefully. When Xiaoran was one year and two months old, he suffered from a \”cold\”. What I didn\’t expect was that a common disease would cause my son to cough frequently, wheeze severely, and even have blue lips. We hurriedly sent the child to the hospital, and he got better after being rescued. The doctor diagnosed the child with childhood asthma. Just like that, the nightmare began. In the next seven years, Xiaoran\’s asthma attacks almost once a month. Coughing, repeated wheezing, and difficulty breathing have become commonplace for the child, and the hospital infusion bottle has become his playmate. I basically can\’t go to work normally… The whole family is worried about this. Ran\’s father and I would feel our hearts tightening as soon as we received a call from the old man: Is the child sick again? And as long as the child doesn\’t get sick for a period of time, the whole family will be happy as if they are celebrating a holiday. The cause of the disease was never clear. The child\’s asthma attack was very serious. After he was sent to the hospital, the doctor issued a critical illness notice. My heart was pounding, and my father Ran, a surgeon, also shed tears. Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease with recurring attacks. Patients will have symptoms such as wheezing, suffocation, and coughing. In severe cases, they may suffocate or even die. In order to cure the child\’s disease and alleviate the child\’s pain, we asked almost all respiratory experts in provincial hospitals, but the answers were almost unanimous: there are many substances that can induce asthma, and it is generally difficult to target specific patients. Determine which one it is. Since the child will gasp when running or jumping a little, we have never dared to let him have too much exercise. Sometimes we can only watch other children play from the sidelines. As a result, children lose a lot of fun in their childhood. For this reason, Xiaoran\’s physical fitness has never been high, and her character has gradually become self-isolated and inferior. Since entering elementary school, Xiaoran has gradually become stronger, her asthma attacks have gradually decreased, and my heart has gradually dropped. But I never understood why Xiaoran suffered from such dangerous childhood asthma. The culprit turned out to be second-hand smoke. One day many years later, I happened to see several latest research papers. A large amount of evidence strongly proved that the main cause and allergen of bronchial asthma in children is second-hand smoke! I suddenly thought of Xiaoran\’s situation and couldn\’t help but be stunned. When the child was young, we lived with the elderly. The child\’s grandfather smoked, Xiaoran\’s uncle also smoked, and Ran\’s father sometimes smoked too.Smoke a few. There is always the smell of cigarette smoke in the house, but after staying there for a long time, I can\’t even feel it anymore. It turns out that the lingering smoke is actually the culprit of children\’s asthma. Later, the child went to elementary school and the family moved into a new house, leaving the environment full of second-hand smoke. This was consistent with the gradual decrease in the frequency of Xiaoran\’s asthma attacks. That day, I turned off my phone. I stayed silently in the office until late at night, feeling really mixed feelings in my heart. For the sake of your children, quit smoking! For the sake of the children, control smoking! That night, I made up my mind: I would find a way to tell this information to every family member of an asthmatic child in the world. Dad Ran and I talked about this matter for a long time, and the atmosphere was very solemn. Later, I also told this information to Xiaoran\’s grandfather. After thinking for a long time, the old man said: I won\’t smoke anymore. Grandpa Xiaoran failed to quit smoking several times before, but this time, he really never touched a cigarette again. Shortly thereafter, my department took on tobacco harm control work, and I became the head of this effort. In recent years, my colleagues and I have been working on tobacco control in Yunnan, the largest tobacco production, sales and consumption area in China. The work is very difficult, but my team and I have been persevering because we have a sincere care for the healthy growth of the children and the responsibility to create a healthy and safe living environment for the children! The harm of second-hand smoke is far more serious than you think. Through various efforts, more and more people have realized the harm of smoking to the body, but there is still a lack of understanding of second-hand smoke. Experiments have confirmed that the same amount of second-hand smoke is more toxic than first-hand smoke! In proportion to their body weight, children breathe more air than adults and thus inhale more harmful smoke. According to the assessment of the World Health Organization, the main harms of second-hand smoke to children include causing childhood asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, tracheitis, pneumonia and ear inflammation. Consider these staggering numbers: Secondhand smoke increases asthma attacks and symptoms in 200,000 to 1 million children in the United States. There are approximately 1,900 to 2,700 cases of sudden infant death syndrome every year, which is believed to be related to second-hand smoke pollution. You love your grandkids so much, but you never thought of quitting smoking? Doudehui once conducted two simple and random surveys, and the results showed that more than half of the voters were raised by their grandparents or grandparents. And among the nearly 6,000 readers who participated in the vote, nearly 40% of them are smokers! As you can imagine, the elders\’ love for the younger ones is like \”holding it in your mouth for fear of melting, holding it in the palm of your hand for fear of falling\”. However, have you ever thought that quitting smoking is the greatest protection for your babies? England saw 6,802 fewer children admitted to hospital in the first three years after smoke-free laws were introduced. In Hong Kong, hospitalizations for lower respiratory tract infections in children decreased by 13 657 in the 6 years following the implementation of smoke-free laws. These exact studies and clear figures have truly proven the dangers of second-hand smoke and the gratifying results of smoking cessation and control! One more thing to emphasize: Don’t think that as long as you don’t smoke in front of your children, it will be enough. Even after the smoke dissipates, residual substances remain in the house and on clothes.There is also the possibility of continuing to cause harm. Children are like flowers and the apple of your eye. You can\’t love them even if you say you love them, but you are willing to torture them/them in such a smoky and misty way? You might as well forward this article to an old friend who still smokes, and remind the elders in the family. Smokers, you just need to make up your mind to quit smoking and take action!

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