The spiritual motivation from deep within ultimately determines what kind of person a child will become.

Long Yingtai said that in life, one decision affects another decision, and one accident is destined to another accident. Therefore, chance is never accidental. One road is bound to lead to the next road, and there is no turning back. All decisions in life are actually \”pawns\” that cannot be turned back. Last week, I had dinner with a former colleague. Four years ago, when the company was still in its preparation period, I joined the company as an ordinary employee. He was a highly paid consultant and trainer from Taiwan. Since it was a cross-industry job, my previous work experience was basically wiped out. Before the company was put into operation, I mainly did some administrative work-organizing information, serving tea and water, receiving customers, etc. At that time, there were only five people in the entire office, four leaders and one employee-me. Everyone else calls me Xiao Yang. One of the leaders is the same age as me and has a younger month than me, but has a higher \”official position\” than me. Therefore, he always calls me \”Xiao Yang, you go…\” \”Xiao Yang, you go…\” …\” After all, I am also an undergraduate student at a dignified medical university. I have worked in a hospital for nearly ten years. Even though I am unhappy, I have never been so \”called around\”. I really want to give up my job. But then I thought about it, you are not professional, you have no special skills, you can\’t even bear such a little grievance, and you still want to change your career? Unless you change to squatting at home. When I think about it, I feel relieved. What is pleasant is that every time the Taiwanese leader, who is handsome and three years younger than me, asks me for help, he will say: \”Sister Yang, can you…?\” Really, it is a miracle to help him (his job) Refreshing, like a spring breeze. We worked together, off and on, for over two years. After the company matured, he returned to Taiwan, and we lost contact after that. This time, when he came to the mainland, another company in the same industry hired him as general manager. He said on WeChat that the company was recruiting people and asked me if I was interested. I smiled and said that I was interested in meeting and chatting, but I was not interested in changing jobs at the moment. In four years, I changed departments and positions, and met a leader whom I admired. He would not change companies just for the sake of salary. I also made an appointment with two former colleagues, and the four of us had dinner together. At about the same age, there are families with children, and they are engaged in the same industry. The meal is in full swing from the time after work until the restaurant closes, just like the Sichuan restaurant we chose. This colleague is a very polite and confident person and the most developed among the four of us. When it comes to children\’s education, he said that he only gives his children basic etiquette and upbringing. What kind of person she can eventually become depends on her innermost expectations of herself. He said that although his mother did not have much education, when he was growing up, her mother always told him that you can become what you want to be! Years later, he turned out to be what he expected – loving, confident and ambitious. Robert Kiyosaki, known as the \”Godfather of Millionaires\” and \”Money Coach\”, said that when people asked him why he became rich, he said it was a combination of \”want\” and \”unwant\” deep in his heart. He first listed what he “didn’t want”. I don’t want to spend my whole life working; I don’t want the things that my parents longed for, such as a stable job.and a house in the suburbs; don’t want to be a wage earner; hate that dad always misses his football games because he is busy with work… The second is \”want\”. He wants to travel around the world freely; he wants to live the way he likes; he wants to freely control his time and life, and he wants money to work for him. This is his spiritual motivation from deep inside. Robert has two fathers, one rich and one poor. Rich dad was not his biological father, but the father of his best friend, who didn\’t even finish eighth grade. However, he is one of the richest men in Hawaii. The secret of his success was that he always described himself as a rich man, even when a serious financial setback left him penniless. He would comfort himself like this: \”The difference between poverty and bankruptcy is: bankruptcy is temporary, but poverty is permanent.\” Poor dad is Robert\’s biological father. He is well-educated, extremely smart, has a doctorate, and was once useless. He completed four years of undergraduate study in two years, and then went on to study at Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University, all receiving full scholarships. However, he struggled with personal financial problems throughout his life. He always said: \”I will never be rich.\” So this sentence became a fact. When Robert was 10 years old, he made a difficult decision: to \”abandon\” his poor (pro) dad\’s ideas and become a person like his rich dad. Finally, I became the person I wanted to be—free time, financial freedom, and spiritual freedom. I have a good friend, a child from a rural area, whose parents are illiterate, but she has received a master\’s degree and is now a doctor in a tertiary hospital. I once asked her, have you ever thought about why you could go to college, get a master\’s degree, and become a doctor? She first smiled and said, I think it is fate. Later, I concluded very seriously: Because when I was very young, I discovered that there were many things around me that I didn’t want. For example: Because my parents were uneducated, despite their hard work and frugality, they were poor for half their lives; because my father was honest and cowardly, he was often bullied by neighbors and even uncles; because of poverty, my grandmother who loved me the most died of stomachache (appendicitis) when I was twelve years old. . At that time, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew that none of this was what I wanted. After I went to school, I read some books, among which Charlotte Bronte\’s \”Jane Eyre\” deeply shocked me. From then on, I determined to become a self-reliant person like Jane Eyre, and It is not like my grandmother and mother, who are subordinate to family and men, without sovereignty and freedom. This kind of idea gave me strong spiritual motivation, which supported me to enter college despite being lacking both material and spiritual resources. And university opened the door to a new world for me. In the shaping of this diverse environment, I gradually became what I am now – what I like. I looked at the slightly raised corners of her mouth. That confidence and calmness came from the accumulation of years, but also from the determination and persistence in her heart. Reminds me of a saying, if an egg is broken from the outside, it is food; if it is broken from the inside, it is life. Life is broken from the outside,It is pressure; breaking from within is growth. What determines what kind of person a child will become is not anyone else’s subjective wishes, but the child’s inner expectations of himself. This is the driving force for a person\’s growth.

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