The stories of happy families are all similar, they are all willing to throw away these three things

Moore said: \”A man travels all over the world to find what he needs, returns home, and finds it.\” After working hard outside, when he returns home, his body has support and his soul can rest. It can be said that I have struggled for half my life just to run the warm little world of my home. Home is extremely precious to everyone, so we must protect it well. In the brand new year of 2021, these three things must not be at home. Living an Arrogant and Extravagant Life Sima Guang\’s \”Exercise Thrift and Promote Health\” said: \”It is easy to move from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to move from luxury to frugality.\” In an era of highly developed materials, squandering is the most common bad habit. Some people: Selfish parents cannot raise grateful children! Buy expensive clothes, buy high-end food, and never look at the price when buying daily necessities; money is not spent on practical things, but just for enjoyment. Please remember: the money wasted today will be repaid with the luck of the family in the future. A friend complained to me that his husband was too ignorant. Her husband is a big spender. He can easily spend thousands on just a small piece of clothing for his children. Went out to have a meal with friends, ate and drank, and spent thousands. The friend said with a sad face: If he does this, sooner or later the family will not be able to survive. In fact, her husband\’s income is not high, his monthly salary is only a few thousand yuan, and he still has to pay off a mortgage of 3,000 yuan. Moreover, because of his lavish spending, the family already owed hundreds of thousands. Friends advised him to be frugal more than once, but he said: \”Life is short, so you should enjoy yourself in time; as a human being, you should pursue enjoyment.\” It was as if he was just a person and had never had family pressure. Whether you are a father, a mother, a son or a daughter, as long as you are a member of the family, you should consider the family. Money is the material foundation of a family, and wasting money carelessly is tantamount to cutting off the lifeblood of the family. Zeng Guofan said: \”Children from aristocratic families have the same food, clothing and daily life as poor people, so they can become great people. If they are tainted with the aura of wealth, it is difficult to hope for success.\” Extravagance and waste will only lead to losses, and frugality is the long-term solution for a family. . A house that accumulates good deeds will be blessed and blessed. \”Zhu Xi\’s Family Instructions\” says: \”Every porridge and meal should be remembered as hard-earned; half a thread and half a thread should be remembered that material resources are difficult.\” Every money saved is a blessing for the family. The doting thinker Rousseau said: \”Do you know how to make your child a miserable person? That is to be obedient to him.\” Doting is the sweetest poison for children. Children who are overprotected are arrogant, fragile, and cannot bear any setbacks. Once you withstand the storm of reality, you will be completely defeated and decadent. Parents who are far-sighted are willing to let their children suffer more. Last year, Huo Qigang posted several pictures on Weibo. In the picture, he, Guo Jingjing, and his son are wearing short-sleeved shirts, rolled up trouser legs, and are covered in mud. It turns out that Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing took their son to experience farming and let him know that food is hard to come by. He said that this is to allow children to truly understand the meaning of \”everything on the plate is hard work.\” Many netizens left messages: \”Experiencing farm life is the best for children. Practice it and give your baby the best education.\” Others said: \”He allows us to distinguish between nobles and rich people.\” Rich people only know how to spend money and are poor at heart; The nobles were not only rich, but also spiritually enriched. Feng Menglong said in \”Words to Warn the World\”: \”Only when you endure hardships can you become a master.\”The best way to treat a child is to let him endure hardships and guide him to become a master. If a child has parents to rely on and a family fortune to rely on, he will not think about progress and be greedy for pleasure. At the least, he will not be diligent in all aspects of his body and will lose food. No matter how serious it is, eating, drinking, whoring, gambling, and low moral character. Parents pamper their children, but they will not pamper their children in life. One day, children will have to face the wind and rain of reality. Children who grow up in a greenhouse will face the stormy sea. , vulnerable. The ancients said: \”It is easy to go from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to go from luxury to frugality.\” \”Once pampered children fall into poverty, few can endure hardships. In order to still live a hedonistic life, they will resort to other ways to get money, and eventually become evil sinners, ruining their lives. But those who have been hardworking since childhood, No matter how great the setbacks we face, they are nothing more than a gentle breeze blowing over the hills. Disharmony between husband and wife The Book of Rites says: \”Father\’s sincerity, brothers\’ harmony, husband and wife\’s harmony, and the prosperity of the family.\” \”Harmony between husband and wife is the best feng shui for a family. If husband and wife are not in harmony, the family business cannot prosper. When faced with daily necessities, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and quarrels. If you are unwilling to accommodate and quarrel all day long, the family will not be peaceful. Day. The most important thing for couples to get along with each other is to understand each other, be patient and give in, and the weather will be sunny. In the entertainment industry, Wu Jing and Xie Nan are recognized as model couples in the entertainment industry. In the \”Happy Trio\” program, Wu Jing acted coquettishly to Xie Nan , the level of affection made the audience envious. However, when facing the fireworks in the kitchen, they still quarreled. The root of the quarrel was nothing more than trivial matters: \”Is the intestine cooked?\” Why did the blood pour in? \”This won\’t work, that won\’t work either, it\’s too troublesome!\” Xie Nan walked out of the kitchen, so aggrieved that he wanted to cry: \”I don\’t know how to accommodate his emotions.\” After a while, she cheered up, returned to the kitchen, and asked, \”Is there anything I can do for you?\” \”Wu Jing also surrendered: \”Stop nagging, and I will also review myself, okay? \”You give in, I give in, and a storm ends amicably. A marriage expert once said: \”Even in the best marriage, there will be 200 thoughts of divorce and 50 impulses to strangle each other in a lifetime. \”A happy family is created by understanding and tolerating each other in conflicts again and again. When husband and wife quarrel, the public is justified, and the mother-in-law is justified. There is no need to distinguish between right and wrong. Harmony is a thousand times more important than right and wrong. . Home is not a place of reasoning, it is about warmth, understanding and tolerance. \”The Book of Changes\” has a saying: \”When two people are of the same mind, their sharpness can break through metal.\” \”Husband and wife are the deepest spiritual practice, and home is the best place for spiritual practice. Home is not a house, but a soul habitat created by family affection and warmth. Two people should be affectionate, and the more they are affectionate, the stronger the affection will be. Don\’t be unreasonable, because the more you talk about reason, the more divided they will be. Starting a heart of gratitude and cherishing fate will bring infinite joy to yourself and your family. Three thousand youths, in a blink of an eye, the warmth of home will never change. In 2021, I hope you and I have a home to return to and love to love. Yes, keep a piece of pure land in your home.

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