The ten most heartbreaking words for children

The ten words that most hurt children\’s hearts remind parents to be merciful and stop using words to hurt their children\’s hearts. At the same time, tell parents what they should say to their children, and how parents should view and motivate their children from a positive perspective. \”Idiot, useless thing.\” Tell the child: You are not stupid. If you don\’t want your child to become an \”idiot\”, appreciate your child in normal times and give your thumbs up. A simple word can change a child\’s life. \”Shut up! Why are you disobedient?\” Don\’t just ask your children to obey you. Give your children the power to argue, cultivate independent children, and learn to talk to your children. When children talk back to their parents, silence will be more shocking. \”It won\’t work if I say no.\” Don\’t act like \”because I\’m your dad\”. Fear does not mean conviction. Respect your child\’s choice, learn to discuss with your child, and listen to your child\’s suggestions. \”I don\’t care about you anymore, just do whatever you want.\” Don\’t say anything without strength, don\’t impose parents\’ wishes on their children, and stop giving empty lectures. Respect is the best way. When criticizing a child, be careful not to hurt the child, tolerate the child\’s \”not doing his job properly\”, and do not force the child to do something he doesn\’t like temporarily. \”If you get 100 points on the test, I will buy it for you\”… Material rewards stimulate children to learn poorly. Let them know that learning is their own business and don\’t take their children\’s scores too seriously. \”You are really good at doing such a thing!\” You should only be a \”staff officer\”, not a \”commander\”. \”Puppy love\” is not a scourge, and you cannot be labeled a \”thief\”. Accept the child\’s shortcomings and think about why the child does what he does. , don’t be afraid of children quarreling. \”You made a mistake again, you are so stupid!\” Allow children to make \”mistakes\”. After failure, children need more affirmation. What kind of message are you sending to children? Saving a person\’s soul is more effective than punishing the body. Educating children is neglect. Instead of blocking. Tell your child to do one thing well every day. \”You don\’t have much potential at first glance. You will just pick up rags in the future!\” Set the balance of expectations and never say to your children: You can\’t do it. To be a confident parent, your child needs appreciation and desires to be affirmed. Give your child a chance to exercise and get rid of the shadow of inferiority in your child\’s heart. \”We are all the same children, why are you not as good as others!\” Children should not be educated in the same way, but should be taught in accordance with their aptitude. Children are not a blank sheet of paper and cannot be scribbled on at will. Don\’t let children suffer from \”learned helplessness\”. Tell your children: Success does not lie in the size of the role. The key to making children excellent is to let them learn to compete with themselves and grow at their own speed. \”I only know how to play, but I lose my energy when I mention learning.\” Explore your child\’s favorite education method, let the child focus on learning, let the child learn in a relaxed environment, and let the child play video games appropriately. , children should not be deprived of their right to play, and play can bring out their self-confidence. 5 pieces of advice for parents: Growth is more important than success – children who can afford to lose are the most successful. Parents nowadays have a strange phenomenon. They do everything for their children and think that their children\’s task is to study. I organized a summer camp, and a very young child stared at boiled eggs in a daze. I said, \”Don\’t you like to eat?\” \”You do!\” \”Then youWhy don\’t you eat it? \”This egg looks different from our eggs!\” \”What do your eggs look like?\” \”Our eggs are white and soft, but this egg is too hard to bite!\” \”When I asked later, I found out that this child had never seen his family boiling and peeling eggs since he was a child. He always cut them into four pieces and put them in front of him to eat. So don\’t always preset the results, but pay attention to the growth process and follow the path of growth. The children who follow a good path and can afford to lose are the most successful children! Experience is more important than ranking – over-indulgence causes children to be incompetent. It is said that children nowadays have poor mental endurance and cannot withstand setbacks. This is because parents do not accept them. Opportunities to temper and endure failures and setbacks. \”If you give birth to a boy, you are afraid of being a bad learner, and if you give birth to a girl, you are afraid of being harmed.\” But unexpected harm may happen every day, and excessive protection will bring about the child\’s incompetence. You can tolerate your children and let them Home becomes the child\’s last haven; you can understand him, let him find warmth and security, and show him the way instead of giving him a wall when hesitation and no way out. Giving is more important than giving – give your child love for you Opportunities to only show love to children will make them have no sense of responsibility and will only ask for blindly. A laid-off female worker knew that her children liked to eat shrimps, so she gritted her teeth and bought them from the market. She saw that the children ate with gusto, but she was reluctant to move her chopsticks when she saw that the children had finished eating. Mom couldn’t help but want to take a bite of the rice, “Don’t move! \”The 13-year-old child said, \”That\’s mine.\” Excessive pampering and unlimited indulgence have fostered the child\’s selfishness, making the child only have himself and no one else in his heart. Dialogue is more important than confrontation – don\’t \”compete\” with your child. Adolescent children love to follow Parents \”fight\”, and parents in their forties and fifties also like to \”compete\” with their children. Each side takes sides and imposes their opinions on the other. They only want to change others, not themselves. For example, when it comes to puppy love, many parents simply , brutally obstructed, and forcibly suppressed. Adolescent children are in a period when their sense of adulthood is rapidly increasing, but their psychology is immature. They hope to be respected by adults, but lack basic trust in their parents, so they have a strong rebellious psychology and spiritual problems. The door is only open to peers. At this time, he especially needs spiritual care and understanding. Inspiration is more important than criticism – appreciating the child, telling him \”you can do it\” and blindly expressing dissatisfaction and seeking perfection from the child will bring negative consequences to the child. Information can make children timid, depressed, and even world-weary. When I was a child, I had two major hobbies. One was painting. When I was 5 years old, I drew a big rooster. My mother said: \”That\’s great! I have told you before that the rooster you drew is more beautiful than the one I raised! \”So, I loved painting even more. I drew blackboard newspapers from the first grade to the third year of high school. I went to the countryside to work in the countryside to run newspapers for farmers, and later I started the \”China Youth Newspaper.\” Secondly, I loved dancing. When I was in fifth grade, I came to the Beijing Dance School. I was the only one who was recruiting young actors. As a result, an unfortunate thing happened: when I stood up straight with my hands behind my back and my feet in my shorts and vest, a teacher walked by me, glanced at me and said, \”Humph, my legs are all broken.\” Not straight but still dancing! \”From then on, I remembered those words whenever I danced, and then I didn\’t dare to dance anymore, and then I stopped dancing at all. So I told my parents that children who grow up in an environment where \”you can\’t do it\” will slowly learn to \”You can notIf he internalizes it as \”I can\’t do it\”, he really can\’t do it. \”If you say you can do it, you can do it. If you say you can\’t do it, you can\’t do it!\” \”In fact, for children, it doesn\’t matter whether they have talent or not, what matters is whether they have interest and confidence. Don\’t look down on others, cheer for your children boldly, I believe your children will create miracles!

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