The true meaning of education, every teacher and parent should read it

The child asked: Why should I study? Some people also wonder: What is the use of current education? Yes…why do people study? What is the use of education? You can check out this answer ↓↓↓ It is recommended to watch in a WIFI environment. In this noisy era, it seems that everything has made us impetuous. However, everything can be impetuous, except education! Dong Zhongli\’s speech \”The Meaning of Education\” was thought-provoking. As he said: Education not only imparts knowledge, but also improves personal cultivation and increases our sensitivity to life, thereby allowing us to understand ourselves and continuously improve ourselves. I believe that this is the important value and meaning that education gives us, and it is also the beacon of hope that guides us forward. Whether we are educators or educated people, we must achieve the true purpose of reading as stated by Zhang Zai, an educator in the Northern Song Dynasty: to establish a heart for the world, to establish a destiny for the people, to inherit the unique knowledge for the saints, and to create peace for all generations. . Parents, teachers and children should take a look! Sad, shocking, and worth pondering!

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