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The true meaning of family education: from self-change to family change, the path of family education for parents’ growth


Dec 1, 2023 #school age

When I talked about family education with a friend, my friend said: Hey, who can be like you, who can take care of children’s language, mathematics, English and subjects? Even if you can barely cope with it in primary school, you don’t have to rely on school and training in middle and high school. mechanism. It seemed that my friend completely equated family education with school education. Later, when I chatted with several friends one after another, they all seemed to have similar views. A law was promulgated in 2021 – the \”Family Education Promotion Law of the People\’s Republic of China\”, which raised parents\’ educational obligations for their children from the moral level to the legal level. Parents\’ parenting behavior is no longer a \”small matter\” in the family. Once it touches the law The stipulated terms become a national \”important matter\”. Essentials for Family Education: How to Encourage Children’s Progress and Self-Confidence (70 episodes). Article 2 defines family education: “Family education” as mentioned in this Law refers to the provision of education by parents or other guardians to promote the comprehensive and healthy growth of minors. It implements the cultivation, guidance and influence of moral character, physical quality, life skills, cultural accomplishment, behavioral habits and other aspects. Moral character, physical fitness, life skills, cultural accomplishment, behavioral habits… Let\’s put these abstract educational contents aside and first look at the objects of family education. Regardless of ordinary people\’s cognition or our legal regulations, at this point Consistent – educate your children. But let’s think about it, whether it is subject enlightenment based on ordinary people’s cognition or the morality, body, skills, culture, and behavior stipulated by the law, whether it is the first teacher in life or being a parent in compliance with the law, the professional norms proposed for parents The requirements have already risen to the level of profession. However, except for a few parents who consciously learn the job skills of being a parent, most parents probably get started directly because they lack pre-job training. Many people would say that our parents did not learn any family education. At that time, they were busy making a living and did not even take care of us. We grew up as expected and looked good. Times have changed a long time ago, but if your thoughts are still stuck in the past and you don\’t understand the educational environment that children face today, apart from complaining and anxiety, there is really no effective way to save your children from this predicament. As a parent, whether it is formed by the self-development of society or required by the country, by default you must be smart and possess unique skills. Moreover, with the rapid development of science and technology today, the amount of knowledge children receive from birth has already been exponential. Explosive growth has already exceeded your knowledge in many fields. In this case, if you still stick to your father’s thinking, I’m afraid your children will be the first to suffer. Therefore, I want to say that the first priority for family education should be parents. Whoever recognizes early will change early, whoever starts updating his knowledge structure early, whoever practices early, whose children will benefit early. Isn’t this spreading anxiety? No, on the contrary, this is the most convenient, cost-effective and efficient way to solve the dilemma for you and your children. Does that mean we should follow our children to receive another nine or even twelve years of education? Not to mention, if you look at the parents around you who have done a good job in early education for their children, which one of them has not laid off their job early (if accompanying them to study is also consideredIf it is a profession). Three to six years old is a child\’s habit-forming period. During this period, if the child develops the habit of gaining freedom within rules, then this habit will affect the child\’s life. What if you miss this period? Most parents only realize that it is time for their children to study when their children enter elementary school or are about to enter school. This period is not too late. As long as the methods are used properly, children at this period will be very strong in both cognitive and behavioral abilities. Parents If you stay with someone stably for one or two years, you can quit easily. But I am afraid that parents will suddenly make a 180-degree turn. From the previous state of unconditionally meeting any needs of their children and letting their children do whatever they want, they will now have to do this and do that from morning to night. You can imagine how deep inside the children\’s hearts are. Broken, messy and overwhelmed. Children are a mirror of their parents. This saying cannot be truer. It is not only the children who are mentally broken, messy, and overwhelmed, but also the inner portrayal of the parents. Therefore, first of all, we need to have a correct understanding. Good family education must be education in which every member of the family participates. The first and necessary thing is that parents learn how to correctly cultivate, guide and influence their children. We must have the courage and responsibility to find the causes of children\’s problems in the parents themselves, in order to avoid going further down the wrong path. If you understand and accept this point of view, then the gears of your family\’s destiny will have quietly started turning!

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