The weather is getting colder and colder, children need to pay attention to keeping warm from the cold

Recently, the weather has been getting colder and colder. Faced with the rolling cold air, I believe many parents have begun to wrap their children into rice dumplings with layers of clothes. Some parents have begun to prepare delicious food for their children, thinking that it is a bit Meat is the only thing that resists freezing… Every parent has a few tricks of his own to keep out the cold, but some of these tricks are wrong and not only fail to help children keep warm, they may also cause harm to the child\’s body. Misunderstanding 1: Wearing too much. In order to protect against the cold, people often wrap themselves tightly in three layers, inside and outside. In fact, just choose clothes of light and warm materials for your children. There is no need to wrap them in layers of clothes to protect them from the cold. Misunderstanding 2: Close doors and windows without ventilation. Carbon dioxide will continue to rise in a room with closed doors and windows. Working or studying for a long time in this environment can easily cause dizziness and other discomforts caused by lack of oxygen. Therefore, no matter how cold it is, you should open the windows on time for ventilation every day, for about 5 minutes each time. Misunderstanding 3: Eat spicy food to keep out the cold. Due to the dryness of autumn and winter, coupled with people\’s lack of outdoor exercise, the body\’s internal heat often rises. If you eat more spicy food, it will not only fail to keep out the cold, but will cause the body to get angry. Misunderstanding 4: Eat high-calorie foods to warm up the body. Some foods are high in calories but cannot warm up the body. For example, fried foods, milk tea and other foods, although generally high in calories, are not very helpful in preventing cold and keeping warm. You can choose warm foods, such as mutton, beef, leeks, shrimp, etc. Misunderstanding 5: Use a heating device immediately if your hands and feet are cold. If your hands and feet are exposed to the outside for a long time in cold weather, if you use a stove or other heating device to warm them immediately, it may cause skin damage. Therefore, if you want to warm your frozen hands and feet after going out, it is best to gently rub them to slowly return them to normal temperature, and then move them to a heater. Misunderstanding 6: When sleeping with the head covered, people will continue to exhale carbon dioxide, so the carbon dioxide will be concentrated in the quilt. In addition, the human body will emit moist heat during sleep, and the air in the quilt will be quite humid and dirty. Sleeping with your head covered for a long time can cause brain hypoxia. Misunderstanding 7: Reduce exercise. Due to the cold weather, many children are reluctant to go out for exercise. In fact, the colder it is, the more exercise should be done. Exercise can not only drive away the cold but also enhance resistance. So, how to adjust the children\’s food, clothing, housing and transportation so that the children can adapt to the cold weather smoothly↓↓↓It\’s cold, how to keep warm correctly? Dressing Rules During the frost season, the temperature difference varies greatly throughout the day, and cold air often invades, causing the temperature to drop sharply. Everyone should pay attention to adding clothes in time to keep warm, strengthen their physical fitness, and prevent the occurrence of colds. Whether to add more clothes or not should be decided according to the weather changes, but it is not advisable to add too many clothes, as long as you don\’t feel cold. As the saying goes: \”If you want to be comfortable, take off and wear frequently.\” Therefore, you should prepare a few more autumn clothes and add or remove them as appropriate. What are some special tips for adding or removing clothes for children? Warm the belly. The belly is the home of the spleen and stomach. Keeping the belly warm means protecting the spleen and stomach. Children often have insufficient spleen and stomach. When cold air directly stimulates the abdomen, the child will suffer from abdominal pain, thus damaging the function of the spleen and stomach and preventing the spleen and stomach from functioning normally and stably. Therefore, \”belly warmth\” is an important part of children\’s health care. At this time, a close-fitting autumn coat is indispensable. Warm Feet The feet are where the yin and yang meridians meet. The skin is rich in nerve endings and is the gateway to the outside world.The most sensitive place. Children are no exception. Only by keeping their hands and feet warm can their bodies adapt to changes in the external climate. Therefore, be sure to instruct your children to put on socks at all times to prevent cold from entering their feet. Back Warming Keeping the back \”properly warm\” can prevent diseases and reduce the occurrence of colds. But don\’t be \”too warm\”, otherwise your back will sweat a lot and you will easily get sick due to a damp and cool back. Parents should always check whether their children\’s backs are sweating and whether the temperature is too high so that they can adjust their clothing. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce autumn frost after the frost, and pay special attention to keeping the lower limbs warm. Do not wear low-collar clothes, and remember to prepare a small scarf. Dietary Rules: After \”Frost Descent\”, it is generally a good time to take supplements. During the Frost Descent season, it is advisable to take supplements at regular intervals. Pay attention to strengthening the spleen and stomach, and tonifying the liver and kidneys. You can eat more foods that strengthen the spleen and nourish yin, such as radish, chestnuts, autumn pears, lilies, etc. Huaishan, milk cabbage, beef, chicken, loach, etc. are all good; \”flowers are eaten in spring and fruits are eaten in autumn.\” Sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams, lotus roots, and water chestnuts are all suitable foods to eat in this season. In addition, the frost season is particularly prone to autumn dryness, which manifests as dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, constipation, and dry skin. Therefore, you should eat more sesame seeds, honey, white fungus, green vegetables, apples, bananas and other nourishing and moisturizing foods, and pay attention to replenishing water. Precautions for newborn care [with a video tutorial on newborn care] The daily life rule \”Huangdi Neijing\” states: \”Go to bed early and get up early, and you will be in harmony with the chicken.\” This means that the weather turns cooler in autumn, so you should go to bed earlier to comply with the yin essence. Collect; and get up earlier to adapt to the growth of Yang Qi. In autumn, it is advisable to go to bed early and get up early to ensure adequate sleep. Pay attention to the balance between work and rest to prevent kidney damage from overwork. The cold weather in late autumn is so intense that you need to prevent colds and colds, and also open doors and windows frequently to keep the indoor air fresh. If conditions permit, some green leaves and flowers can be planted in and around the room to make the environment full of life and purify the air to promote good health. Exercise rules: When exercising outdoors, you need to do enough preparatory activities. Pay special attention to protecting the joints. You must increase the range of motion of each joint after completing the regular preparatory activities. The necessary preparatory activities are the ankle joints. Movement, knee movement and hip movement. This is how to deal with your child’s little problems! If you have a cold: Drink more water than usual. If a child has a cold or fever, he or she will have symptoms such as sweating, shortness of breath, increased water evaporation from the skin, and accelerated metabolism. Drinking more water not only promotes sweating and urination, but also helps regulate body temperature and promotes the rapid excretion of bacteria in the body. When coughing: Drink more hot water. If you encounter symptoms such as coughing and phlegm, the child will feel suffocated and uncomfortable, and it will be difficult to cough up the phlegm. At this time, you need to drink more water, and drink more hot water. Constipation: What should I do if my child is constipated if he drinks a lot of water? Take a few gulps of water and swallow quickly. Remember, do not drink in small sips, as the water flow will be slow and the water will be easily absorbed in the stomach, causing urination. In autumn, cool and hot alternate, and the temperature gradually drops. Pay attention to food, clothing, housing and transportation! On the premise of complying with epidemic prevention and control, enjoying the autumn scenery and exercising more will not only regulate your mood but also keep fit.

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