The whole Internet is criticizing Internet celebrities who beat pregnant women. Why was Saya’s mother detained?

Yesterday, a news broke on the Internet. A pregnant woman in Hangzhou complained online: When she was 32+ weeks pregnant, she and her husband came home from a walk. An off-leash dog suddenly pounced on her. In order to protect himself, the husband pushed the dog away with his feet. At this time, a young woman pushed her pregnant husband and asked why she beat her dog? The detailed process of the \”Internet celebrity beating a pregnant woman\” incident witnessed by eyewitnesses said that \”the Internet celebrity cursed the fetus before being taken away.\” It turned out that the young woman was an Internet celebrity named Saya. After some reasoning, she pointed fingers at the pregnant woman and said: \”You are Pregnant women are amazing, aren\’t they? People like you deserve to have an abortion, go and die!\” Then he started beating the pregnant woman. Why is an Internet celebrity with 3 million fans so poorly educated? In fact, it will be clear if you look at her mother. Throughout the whole process, the internet celebrity’s mother not only did not stop her daughter, but also helped beat and insult the pregnant woman. The police asked them to cooperate with the investigation at the police station. She stopped her daughter Saya, pointed at the police and said that they did not hit anyone. According to reports from community residents online, the mother and the police had been arguing for more than an hour, alarming the entire community. According to eyewitnesses, in order to get the mother and daughter to cooperate with the investigation, dozens of police officers came to the scene! In the end, this shrew mother was kidnapped and taken to the police station for detention because she violently resisted the law. The Internet celebrity was unable to file a case because the pregnant woman’s injuries had not yet been diagnosed. In fact, this is not the first time this mother and daughter have done evil. According to Saya\’s former company boss, when the contract was terminated, the mother and daughter made a fuss in her office and cursed her daughter. Seeing this, I remembered the words of the Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka: The thought of being a parent without having to pass an exam is really terrifying. Every woman can be a mother, but not every woman can be a qualified mother. There is no need to take exams to become a parent, but your low quality and vulgar behavior may result in a lifetime of low education for your children. The American thinker Emerson said: \”What kind of person a child will eventually become depends mainly on the quality of love, companionship and example he receives from his first educator.\” The foreshadowing of a child\’s growth is too deep, and the mother It is the painter who holds the pen with his own hands. Whether he paints his children as good people with good intentions or evil people with ferocious faces, it all depends on the mother\’s movements. Some time ago, the Disney butt touching incident caused heated discussion on the Internet. An 8-year-old boy touched a girl\’s sensitive part, and the girl said something. The boy\’s mother suddenly shouted insults at the girl, and even pushed the girl down, pushed her to the ground and beat her. When the Disney staff came out to adjust, the mother refused to let go and continued to insult the girl: \”You have a delusional disorder! You look like this, and you touch your butt.\” Originally, it was wrong to touch a girl\’s sensitive parts. Apologize to the girl. But what I didn\’t expect was that this mother not only didn\’t think it was her son\’s fault, but even cursed and got into a fight. As a mother, what you have to do is not to stand up for your children after they do something wrong. But when the child makes a mistake, stop the child\’s mistake and educate the child in time, just like taking medicine in time when you are sick. Modern science shows that during childhood, people’s consciousness is extremely simple and their behavioral habits are not fixed.Ding, has a unique psychological attachment to his mother. The mother\’s behavior, thoughts and morals can easily leave a deep imprint on the children\’s minds, gradually forming the initial concepts of good and evil, true and false, good and bad, right and wrong. And how well they lay the foundation during this period will determine what kind of person they become. The saddest maternal love is: behaving rudely and rudely in front of children, covering up children\’s mistakes, creating the illusion that being unreasonable is powerful, and planting the seeds of wrong upbringing in children\’s hearts. A child\’s education reflects the mother\’s cultivation. Every movement and every word of the mother is seen in the eyes of the child and grows in the heart of the child. While watching the variety show \”My Boy\” some time ago, Wu Yi\’s mother said that if Wu Yi wanted to get married in the future, she would not first see what the girl is like, but first see what her mother is like. The guests and hosts at the scene nodded frequently in agreement. A child\’s imitation of his mother is not only a copy of his words and deeds, but also a copy of his ideological upbringing. When Mr. Mo Yan received the Nobel Prize for Literature at the Swedish Academy, he told a story about his mother. At noon during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mo Yan\’s family rarely made dumplings, and each person only had one bowl. While Mo Yan\’s family was eating dumplings, an old man begging came to their door. Mo Yan picked up half a bowl of dried sweet potatoes and sent him away, but he said angrily: \”I am an old man. You eat dumplings, but you let me eat dried sweet potatoes. How did you grow up?\” Mo Yan said angrily: \”We I can\’t eat dumplings more than a few times a year. It\’s only a small bowl for each person, and I can\’t even eat half full! I\’ll give you dried sweet potatoes. If you want it, get out. If you don\’t want it, get out!\” Mother scolded Mo Yan, then picked up her half of the dumplings. The bowl of dumplings was poured into the old man\’s bowl. Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, said: \”A child\’s growth depends on his mother\’s success and failure.\” There is also a famous saying: \”A great success must have a great mother.\” When children were young, their parents were the objects for children to imitate, and Mothers spend the longest time with their children and have the greatest impact on them. It is precisely because of his mother\’s educated behavior that influences Mo Yan all the time, and ultimately makes Mo Yan successful. Mother\’s behavior is the best education. The best education is not in books or money, but in the influence of life. A mother who is like an angel is the embodiment of justice in the eyes of her children, and what remains in her children\’s hearts is the accumulated positive energy, which enables her children to overcome the difficulties of life step by step and accept the injustices and weaknesses of human nature. , thereby achieving the perfect self. CCTV once filmed a documentary \”Mirror\”, in which a child\’s confession is unforgettable: I am a mirror, and my face can reflect how loyal I am to my parents, both in appearance and heart, and how similar I am to them. similar. Makarenko, a famous educationist from the former Soviet Union, once said: \”Mother is the first teacher in a child\’s life. Her every word, every move, every look, and even the invisible spiritual world will have a subtle influence on the child. .\” A child\’s words and deeds are like a mirror, reflecting the mother\’s upbringing. If you want your children to be well, mothers must first set an example. Well-educated mothers often do this: faceWhen a child makes a mistake, he will first choose to reflect on himself, find the problem, and promptly make amends, apologize, or compensate. A well-educated mother will consider the feelings of others and will not let her children do whatever they want, but will stop them in time. Observe order in public places and consider the feelings of others. Be polite and respect others. The great educator Suhomlinsky once said: \”In the garden of the human soul, the simplest, most beautiful and most ordinary flower is human education. Education is like sunshine, bringing people warmth and happiness, winning people over. Recognition and respect.\” Good education is the foundation for a person\’s success. For parents, the best gift for their children is to give them a good education. If a child is a flower, maternal love is the water that irrigates the child\’s growth, and the mother\’s upbringing is like sunshine, guiding the child on the way forward. Mothers know how to introspect, and children will also learn to reflect and find their own problems. If a mother knows how to be considerate of others, her children will inevitably care about other people\’s feelings. If the mother follows the rules, the children will learn to follow the rules. If the mother is polite and respects others, her children will also be kind to others. Mother\’s behavior is much more effective than education, and timely discipline is more conducive to the growth of children than shelter and indulgence. The best education a mother can give her children is: the bottom line is reflected in discipline, and parenting is revealed in behavior.

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