The world recognized as the healthiest work and rest schedule to help children develop habits as early as possible

Ability is important, but so is character. However, health is the secret weapon to defeat all opponents. The following is the healthiest work and rest schedule recognized globally, you deserve it! Get up at 7:00 facing the morning sunshine. A glass of warm water is a must after waking up early to give you the best start to the day. You need a nutritious and nutritious breakfast that will keep you energized throughout the day. BBC documentary Chinese-style teaching/Chinese-style education documentary 720P HD [Chinese and English subtitles] Morning is when the human immune system is at its weakest, so do not do strenuous exercise. Walking to work is a good choice, healthy and comfortable. The human brain is most alert and sharp in the morning, and should be used to do the most difficult things, such as overcoming work problems, outlining complex reports, etc. It’s half past ten in a flash. I get up and walk around, look into the distance, and do some eye exercises to soothe my eyes. I’ve almost finished my work in the morning and it’s time to eat some fruit. The morning is the best time of the day to eat fruit, because the body is best suited to absorb the nutrients in the fruit in the morning, and it can also replenish the blood sugar that the brain urgently needs. You should have a full lunch and add enough protein at noon. Beans are the best choice. Although it is lunch, people who sit in the office for a long time should not eat too greasy. The time after lunch is precious and best used to take a nap. Some people like to go shopping on Taobao or play intense games at noon, which will put the brain in an over-stressed state and cause physical fatigue in the afternoon. Afternoon is the time when people’s minds are most active and is very suitable for doing some creative work. Think about innovation at work. Even small improvements add up to huge results over time. Around four o\’clock, drink a cup of yogurt to replenish the blood sugar lost by the body. We are about to dive into the most intensive work of the day. From four o\’clock to seven o\’clock, the body and brain are at their peak state for the day. At this time, we should do detailed and intensive work. Don’t rush home after doing this. Take 10 minutes to summarize the work of the day: what good ideas have been harvested today, what experiences have been accumulated, what new tools have been learned, what ideas have been verified… If you reflect for 10 minutes every day, you will be successful early! Eat something a little after get off work. Don’t eat too much for dinner, just three times full. Take a short break after dinner before starting to exercise. Walking first, then jogging is a very healthy way to exercise. After exercising, you can watch TV or relax with a book from your reading plan. The best choice is to think about work endlessly during entertainment and leisure, which will create unexpected sparks. The essence of combining work and rest is: when you are leisurely, there is still a string that is concerned about work, and you can grab it as soon as inspiration strikes. It\’s almost time to take a bath to completely soothe your body and wash away the fatigue of the day. At eleven o\’clock, all the organs of the human body begin to rest. Don\’t go against the natural laws of the body, relax and have a good sleep. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day!

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