There are 3 signs that boys and girls have stopped growing. If they are all correct, the height has basically been determined.

The vast majority of students have just reached puberty in the upper grades of primary school to junior high school, and have undergone certain changes both physically and mentally. With the advent of puberty, students are about to enter the fastest stage of physical development. Gradually, the development of various organs of the body becomes more obvious, and the gender differences between men and women gradually become apparent. Because everyone\’s physical fitness and living conditions are different, their development will also be different. Perhaps the most obvious thing is that they are obviously people of the same age group but different sizes. 01 There are differences in pubertal development. The development time may be faster or slower. I don’t know if you have noticed that when you walk outside the classroom, you will see differences in the height and weight of the students in the class. Some students may be taller than the teacher, while some students are only around 140cm tall. Nowadays, there is definitely no problem with the nutrition of students, and parents also attach great importance to these aspects of daily food and drink. For students, they naturally hope that they can grow taller, and even shorter students may develop inferiority complex. But because everyone\’s actual situation is different, students should not put too much pressure on themselves. As long as you ensure a healthy diet and exercise more, there is no problem if you want to grow taller. Some students may develop earlier and grow faster, but will stop growing at a certain stage. So, today we will talk about 3 manifestations of \”stopping development\” of students\’ bodies in adolescence! 02 If the three manifestations of \”stopping growth\” in adolescent students are all consistent with the basic height stereotype in the puberty stage, because different people have different development cycles, the age at which their height naturally increases is also different. Dear parents, can you observe whether your adolescent children have these symptoms now? After puberty has basically completed the voice change, the gender characteristics of boys and girls will become more obvious, taking their voices as an example. Originally, everyone\’s voice may be relatively childish, but with the arrival of puberty, boys will become stronger and girls will become shriller. If it is found that the child has completed the voice change, it means that puberty is basically over. After that, it will be difficult to grow taller. The shape has basically been finalized or the growth rate is about 1-3cm a year. Height growth is slow. Many parents are particularly concerned about their children\’s height, and may deliberately record the monthly height growth trend. These data can also fully reflect that their children have indeed begun to grow taller. But if parents find that their child\’s height growth rate has slowed down or has not changed much, it means that the child has \”stopped growing\” and the child\’s height will gradually be fixed at this value. Eat less food. The body needs nutrients to support it during growth. During this period, a large amount of food is needed to provide nutrients, and the child\’s food intake will naturally increase a lot. But if the body is almost developed, it will naturally eat a lot less. Parents can also estimate it based on the usual food intake. If the child\’s food intake becomes less, basically the body will be almost developed. 03 Which can adolescent students pass?What are some ways to increase height? Adolescence can be said to be the best period for height growth. If you can grasp it properly, it is very easy to achieve a certain increase in height. How to grow taller? A professor from Peking Union Medical College Hospital teaches your child to grow 10cm in one movement to ensure adequate nutrition: During the development process of the body, students need the help of nutrients. Students can ensure that they can consume a certain amount of calcium, protein, vitamins, etc. in their diet tomorrow. etc., to provide material conditions for bone development. Proper exercise: In addition to working hard on eating, students can also engage in a certain amount of exercise, such as running, skipping, basketball, high jump, etc. These exercises can also stimulate physical development. Adequate sleep time: We all know that the body is quietly developing during sleep. Students can maintain 8-10 hours of sleep every day to minimize irregular work and rest. There are many reasons that affect a person\’s size. In addition to certain congenital influences, more are due to acquired development. Therefore, if children want to grow taller, they still need to ensure that they have good living habits. After puberty, everyone basically has the concept of beauty and ugliness, and more and more people begin to pay attention to their appearance. Some students who are short may have low self-esteem because of their height. Here I would like to reply to the students in one sentence: Except for the pain caused by physical illness, all other factors that make people feel sad are caused by their own thoughts. Therefore, students should not put themselves in anxiety prematurely. The most important thing right now is to study. Don\’t let too many bad emotions affect your academic performance. As long as we become better, our future development prospects are still very optimistic.

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