There are only two safest antipyretics for babies, and every parent must keep them in mind…

Question 1: The flu is more serious during this period, and someone in the family also has a cold. The baby is almost 4 months old and has been sneezing during the day for the past two days. Today, there is more sneezing, and there is water in the nose. The fever reaches 38 degrees around 3 p.m., drink at 5 p.m. After taking Kanggan Granules, the fever reached 39 degrees around 8 o\’clock. I just drank Pediatric Aminophen and Huang Namin Granules. The baby keeps making noises. What should I do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, you can drink acetaminophen directly to reduce fever. If the child is sick, it should be because the child is sick and uncomfortable. Pediatric acetaminophen is a compound preparation and is not recommended for this baby. The acetaminophen contained in children\’s acetaminophen is an emergency antipyretic drug. Children can only use this ingredient, and the other ingredients will have side effects on the child. At present, it is recommended for children with this condition to check blood routine and C-reactive protein, check for influenza, and take medication according to the infection situation. Children’s safety antipyretics: Acetaminophen: Typical drugs include Tylenol, Biliton, Baifuzhi, etc., suitable for babies and adults over 3 months old; Ibuprofen: Typical drugs include Motrin, generally For babies and adults over 6 months old. Question 2: My child is now eight months old and has been feeding with milk powder. Now he has been switching to breastfeeding for about ten days. From the first stage to the second stage, I have added more milk powder in the second stage these days, and there are milk flaps in the stool. What should I do? Dr. Sun Cuiying’s answer: If you have some indigestion, don’t make the milk powder too thick. In addition, you can give your baby some Baby Jianpi Powder. You can find the Zusanli position on your leg and gently massage this acupoint. The baby\’s problem is not serious, as long as slight adjustments are made to the diet, parents should not worry. The third girl in question is three years and eight months old. She had a fever caused by throat inflammation two weeks ago. After that, she started to snore and have a stuffy nose every night when she went to sleep. Occasionally she would wake up and say that her nose was stuffed and uncomfortable. She snored loudly and felt that there was something in her throat and nose. Something seems to be blocking it, what is the problem? Dr. Zhang Yanmei’s answer: Pay attention to adenoid hypertrophy and tonsil hypertrophy. You can go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital to have a look.

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