There are so many reasons for children to hate their mothers, and I cried again when I saw it at the end

\”I don\’t like you anymore!\” \”I hate you!\” From the \”little rice bucket\” in the past to the \”little rice dregs\” now. When eating, I pick and choose and stir in the bowl with a spoon for a long time, but I don\’t take another bite; sometimes I just take two bites and run away to play with toys. Seeing him like this, I felt anxious and worried. Occasionally, if someone failed to control himself, the small universe would explode. A few days ago, he managed to piss me off again. With rice in his mouth, he ran to play again. My repeated reminders fell on deaf ears. In desperation, I yelled at him: \”Xiaochuan, you are not allowed to eat today! Stand aside!\” He was frightened by my serious tone and cried out with a \”Wow\”: \”I don\’t like you anymore. ! I hate you!\” Although, as the child grows up, he becomes more and more independent and less \”easy to lead\”, and conflicts and wars often break out between us. However, at this moment, I was still extremely shocked. This was the first time he clearly expressed his dissatisfaction and even \”hate\” towards me. Suddenly, a belly of grievance welled up in my heart. Why would the child I cared for with so much love and attention say such a thing? Thinking that I have been working day and night for him, serving him like an old lady every day, and now all I have to say is this, my heart suddenly feels cold. This reminds me of the little rabbit in the picture book \”I Hate Mom\”. He also \”hates\” his mother, and he talks about his mother\’s crimes very clearly. Sometimes I think my mother is so annoying! Crime 1: Sleeping in and not making breakfast. Well, she just likes to sleep in! On Sunday morning, I slept, slept, and couldn\’t wake up, even if I slept, I couldn\’t wake up! Count 2: If you don’t let me watch cartoons, you know I’m watching a TV series, and I’m not allowed to watch cartoons. Count three: She loves to be angry and gets angry when she says she is angry… Count four: She loves to urge me to hurry up, hurry up, so she knows how to urge me to hurry up, hurry up, but she herself is slow. Count 5: Poor memory, unpunctuality, always late to pick me up from kindergarten. I also forgot to wash my clothes. The socks I wore today are the same ones I wore yesterday. And, and, and, and… It turns out that the child is really observing and judging seriously, and Xiao Jiujiu is very clear in his heart. They can clearly see our occasional laziness, anxiety, \”only the state officials are allowed to set fires and the people are not allowed to light lamps\”, etc. They will also be dissatisfied, unhappy, and sad, and then blurt out, \”Mom, I hate you!\” But fortunately, the reason why he hates his mother most is not for anything else, but… he can\’t marry me, just to wait until I grow up. When I get older, there is no way to marry me. No matter how big I grow, no matter how big, no matter how big, even if I grow bigger than a high-rise building, there is no way to marry me. But I just want to marry my mother… Seeing this, do you feel warm in your heart like me? Children are like this, no matter how much \”hate\” they have, they will not lose any less love for their mother. We are his world. Therefore, although the little rabbit talks angry words – I hate itHate mom! I don’t want a mother like this anymore, I want to leave alone! Go far away, goodbye mother! He slammed the door with great force and woke up his mother who was sleeping in. When Mother Rabbit was wondering what happened, the door creaked and slowly opened. The little rabbit is back. He was a little coy at first, lying that he forgot to pick up the ball. \”Hey, what\’s wrong? Did you forget something?\” \”Well, I forgot to take the ball. I want to take it away.\” \”By the way, mom…\” \”What?\” \”Mom, are you happy to see me again?\” ?\” \”Of course I\’m happy!\” After receiving her mother\’s affirmative answer, the little rabbit jumped into her arms and completely forgot about what she just \”hated\” her mother about. Another \”forgetful\” child. If one day your child blurts out \”Mom, I hate you\”, don\’t feel too guilty. Because every mom can’t be perfect. Don\’t be too sad. Because even if he says this, it will not diminish his love for us at all. Many times, children say such harsh words or engage in destructive behaviors because they are just eager to be noticed and attract our attention. At this time, as long as we give him a little response and affirmation, a warm hug, and let him believe in our love, he will unconditionally accept our imperfections and forget all the unpleasantness and tears in the next second. , flew into our arms. And if you can communicate with him calmly at this time, guide him to express his thoughts in a positive way, and slowly learn to express his emotions reasonably and no longer say \”harsh words\”. In the final analysis, children hate their mothers because they love their mothers most. Compared to us, they handle the \”love-hate relationship\” so cutely!

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