There is white discharge from the urethral opening of the baby\’s private parts. Parents should not ignore it…

Question 1: My baby girl is less than three years old and there is white discharge in her private parts. What is going on? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It should not be present under normal circumstances. It is considered to be inflammation. You can wash your baby\’s private parts with warm water every day and apply erythromycin ointment. Do not wear tight pants for your baby. After your baby has a bowel movement, wipe away the poop with a wet towel. Pay attention to wiping from front to back. This can prevent bacteria in the anus from entering the vagina, urethra, and especially the folds of the labia minora. If possible, rinse with warm water from front to back to make cleaning easier. Question 2: My child is four years old. I opened vitamin C tablets and ate three of them. The instructions say that children under 17 years old cannot take it. What should I do? Dr. Luo Zhen answered: This is not a big problem. Vitamin C is relatively safe. In the future, you must be careful to keep medicines, small parts, and gadgets at home out of the reach of children to prevent them from accidentally eating them. Question 3: My baby is 16 months old. He always likes to sleep on his stomach. He has bad breath when he wakes up in the morning, there is eye mucus in the corner of his eyes, his stool is extremely dry and spherical, his tongue coating is white, and he is also a little constipated. How can I treat this situation? Dr. Yang Yafeng’s answer: Baby’s food accumulation tends to resolve heat and damage yin. Treatment should be to clear away heat, eliminate food, and clear the abdomen. The baby can take oral digestive medicines, such as Shenqu Xiaoshi Oral Liquid, etc., combined with probiotics such as Siliankang, Mommy\’s Love, etc.

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