These 10 signs indicate that you are addicted to doting on your children, so be careful

Before becoming a parent, you may have thought: \”I will never be like my parents. I will definitely do better than them. I can\’t let my children suffer the same hardships that I suffered.\” When some people are trying to get rid of the shadow of their parents, They will completely go down another path: the complete opposite of their parents. Are parents too strict? Okay, my children have to \”follow their hearts\”! Are my parents neglecting me? Okay, my children have my care 24 hours a day! 15 high-scoring baby education books recommended, which can be called life textbooks. I read a lot of educational books and understood dozens of parenting theories. However, the reality gave the parents who worked extremely hard a blow. Are we worse than our parents? ! At least they raised us to look like normal people. And why are our children so different? This is because if you are too eager to be a good parent, you will do a lot of useless work and even be counterproductive. If you have these 10 signs, you’ve done “too much.” Parents who are eager to meet their children\’s needs and do everything for their children are too eager to meet their children\’s needs. For example, in order to make up for the lack of childhood, or to satisfy the happiness of the \”giver\”, children can easily get too many gifts, praises and rewards without making any effort; they cannot see the children suffering at all, as long as the children have a little bit If there is a problem, he will rush forward immediately; everything is arranged clearly, so the child does not need to worry about it. Next, parents will find out, how can they serve so well, but their children are still dissatisfied all day long? Things that come easily are never worth cherishing. Parents arranging everything not only deprives the child of the motivation to fight for something and loses a lot of the joy of life; it also makes him feel that in the eyes of his parents, he must be fragile and incompetent, and it will be difficult for him to endure setbacks in the future. Parents who love their children but don’t love their own children, whose only focus is on their children and who have no self at all, will almost never end well. Parents\’ sense of sacrifice will not only make them feel wronged and full of resentment, but also put a heavy burden on their children, thinking that they are the sinners who made their parents miserable. If parents are unhappy, how can their children be happy? People who don\’t love themselves don\’t know how to love others. Authoritarian parents need to have authority over their children\’s lives, but authoritarianism and authority are completely different things. Authoritarianism makes children think that if they disobey their parents, they will lose their own value. They can only obey, lie and conceal, and give up their true personality. Parents who want too much to be children\’s friends succumb to youthism and cannot be authoritarian, but if they want to be children\’s friends, it must be good? There is a difference between \”friends\” like parents and \”friends\” in the true sense. Don’t expect your children to talk to you about anything and play with you as if they were your peers, and force your children to establish some kind of tacit understanding with you that only belongs to friends. The child does not want this \”tacit understanding\”! I\’m only 16, who wants to be like you who are 46? Zhou Hong Appreciation Education Case Video Original Full Series 6VCD+mp3 Parents are parents first. Forcing oneself to be in the same position as the child will instead push the child to want to draw a clear line with their parents and do more rebellious things than their parents to prove that they are different. Showing anxiety in front of childrenI worry about the smallest things and often say to my children: \”Be careful, you will catch a cold/you will fall/you will get injured/you will fail in the exam…\” This is equivalent to giving the child a warning to catch a cold/fall. /Injury/poor test and other commands. In addition to understanding the literal meaning, children will also feel the anxiety of their parents. No matter how anxious you are, digest it silently and learn to control your emotions in front of your children, otherwise you are teaching your children to be anxious. Ignoring Children’s Feelings and Emotions Although it’s easy for modern parents to do too much, paradoxically, parents pay too much attention to their children while simultaneously ignoring their children’s feelings and emotions. To put it bluntly, we just want to \”pay attention\” to our children in our own way. As long as the children\’s emotions do not meet our expectations, we will ignore them on the excuse that they are too \”willful\” and too \”glassy\”. Instill happiness and confidence. It is believed that as long as parents are \”loving\” enough, children will be optimistic and confident. Praising and approving a child no matter what he does does not make the child feel safe. On the contrary, it will make them swing back and forth between a sense of inferiority and a sense of superiority, turning them into arrogant and fragile people. Rather than relying too much on \”kindness\”, it is better to turn yourself into a springboard for your children to overcome difficulties. Interfering in the relationship between brothers and sisters. If parents express preference obviously, or excessively interfere in the \”fight\” between brothers and sisters, it will arouse their jealousy. This is a bloody lesson. Interference in children\’s life choices determines when to grant \”autonomy\” to children. Children\’s growth has stages, and parents must adjust their practices according to different stages, but this stage is determined by the child himself. What parents should do is to accompany their children\’s growth, not to decide their children\’s growth. They should let go when they shouldn\’t, but refuse to let go when they should. Wanting to be the \”perfect parent\” we think that if we don\’t make mistakes, our children will be successful and happy, and they will always love us and never leave us. If you really become the \”perfect parent\”, it will be your child\’s misfortune and he will be overwhelmed. Only when you can afford to make mistakes can you become a normal person. Parents learn the correct way from making mistakes and can apologize after making mistakes. Children will have the opportunity to learn to face mistakes bravely and get up again after falling. Parents must not fall into a one-man show. You have exhausted yourself and made your children miserable, what are you trying to do? The complete works of the hilarious Oolong Yuan four-panel comic pdf [43+ four-panel 13+ prequel 15+ complete works 22+ theatrical version 1] Raising children is not a one-way output of parents. Rather than saying that parents \”shape\” their children, it is better to say that children \”shape\” \”My parents. Save some energy, grow together with your children, and you will feel more happy~

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