These 15 classic sentences to praise children from the age of 3 will determine their lifelong thinking level

Do you believe that praising a child can change his or her way of thinking? Praising a child in this way may be hurting him. An American Stanford professor\’s experiment has confirmed that most children who have been praised for a long time, \”You are so smart\” will choose to refuse when faced with challenging tasks, while children who are praised for \”You are so hardworking\” not only have the courage to Accept challenging tasks and become more courageous with every setback. This is the result of psychology professor Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking research: the power of a “growth mindset.” Education is about making children believe that they have the power to become better. Research has found that the way people see themselves is mainly determined by their thinking patterns. \”Growth thinking\” and \”fixed thinking\” have their own characteristics. Children with a \”growth mindset\” are more likely to embrace success. They believe that their IQ and abilities can be changed through hard work. Difficulties and failures are just challenges that help them improve. Therefore, they are passionate about learning. Stanford Professor Carol Dweck Among them, Professor Carol Dweck’s most critical research result is that a person’s thinking mode can be changed, that is to say, a growth mindset can be educated and cultivated. Education is to make children believe that they have the power to make themselves better! Especially from the age of 3, children begin to gradually absorb the things around them through the subconscious \”absorptive mind\”; after the age of 3, they can more specifically analyze and judge things in the environment through their senses. This means that there is a fundamental change in the way three-year-olds explore the world. Professor Carol Dweck also proposed many practical methods in daily life. The most important one is to praise the child\’s efforts, strategies and choices rather than his talent, which determines his lifelong thinking level. 15 Best Praise Phrases to Cultivate Children\’s Growth Mindset. Please stop saying \”You are so smart\” and start making good use of these 15 sentence patterns! Because wise praise hides a child’s life-long way of thinking and growth! ➊ Praise for hard work, baby, you work very hard! You tried really hard on that. Friends who have watched the Thai short film \”Try a Little Hard Every Day\” know that in the short film, a child who originally had no football potential eventually grew into a qualified young football player. \”Son, you work very hard,\” \”try a little harder,\” \”just try to be better than the person in front of you,\” \”just try to be better than yourself,\” are the results of his hard work and hard practice, and are also the support of his mother\’s affirmation. ➋Praise to my perseverance baby, I know that even though it was difficult, you never gave up. You never gave up, even when it was hard. When a child faces a difficult challenge, such as trying again and again without fear of failure and finally surpassing himself, remember to affirm his patience and perseverance and tell him: \”I know , although it is difficult, you have never given up, I am proud of you!\” ➌ Praise for attitude, baby, you have a very good attitude in doing things! You have such a positive attitude.Positive,A serious attitude is the prerequisite for success. When a child faces difficulties but is still full of positive energy, don\’t forget to praise his attitude. ➍ Praise the details, baby, you have made a lot of progress in ! You have really improved on ____. When your child makes progress in a certain area, don’t be stingy with your praise. Please praise the details. The more specific the better. For example: Baby, your posture when playing the piano is more standard now, and you can still sit for an hour, which is a lot better than before. That’s great! ➎ Praise the creative baby, your method is really innovative! What a creative solution to that problem! When a child has a fantastic idea, don’t praise him for being “smart”. In fact, it should be the result of creativity and thinking. Please tell the child, “This method of yours is really innovative” and praise him. Get creative! ➏ Praise for the spirit of cooperation, honey, you and your friends work great together! You work very well with your classmates. If your child completes a task together with your classmates, please remember to seize the opportunity to affirm your child\’s cooperative communication skills. \”You worked very well with your classmates\” is better than a simple \”You worked very well with your classmates.\” Awesome” is more effective. ➐ Praise for leadership, honey, you are responsible for this matter very well! I love how you took ownership of that! Leadership is an indispensable quality for a child\’s growth. If a child is responsible for a certain task, although it is not entirely done by the child alone, he is responsible for the management and coordination and shows management And leadership, remember to let the children know, \”Baby, you are very responsible for this matter\”, and let the children realize that leadership is also an important ability. ➑ Praise for courage, baby, you are not afraid of difficulties at all, it is so rare! You are not afraid of a challenge! I like that! Although the young protagonist in the movie \”Miracle Boy\” was ridiculed by others in the face of his own shortcomings, he was not afraid of difficulties and finally defeated himself and gained the recognition and recognition of others. Respect, this is a very rare kind of courage. Praising your child for his courage can help him increase his self-confidence. ➒ Praise the enthusiastic baby, you helped her complete her task, great job! You did a great job of helping ___ with her assignment. \”Giving roses to others leaves fragrance in your hands.\” Helping others is a virtue. When a child reaches out to help a friend, remember to praise his enthusiasm and encourage him to help others more. ➓ Praise for your sense of responsibility and organization, dear, you have tidied up your room and books very well! You have taken great care of your room/books. Being able to tidy up your own space is a sign of responsibility and orderliness. This is also the basis for children to do other things well.Praise and encouragement are a must. ⑪ Praise the credit baby, I believe in you because . I know I can trust you because _____. Credit can help your child embark on a smoother life path. The agreement between you and him can be like \”I believe you, because you have always kept your words the past few times\”, \”I believe you, You will definitely find a good way.\” ⑫ Praise for participating, dear. You were very active in participating in the event today. That’s great! You did a great job of participating today! Activities can expand children\’s horizons and enhance their curiosity. When he actively participates in activities and performs well, please remember to encourage your child\’s sense of participation. ⑬ Praise for your open-minded attitude. Baby, you respect other people’s opinions. This is very good! It is so nice that you value other people’s opinions. Listening to other people’s suggestions and experiences will help children continuously improve their abilities. Praising children for their open-minded and open-minded attitude will help cultivate children with a growth mindset. ⑭ Praise for choosing baby, I’m so glad you made such a choice! I am so proud that you made that choice. It is not easy for children to make choices or change strategies. Sometimes it is not only hard work that can complete the task, but changing strategies and making choices is also a kind of growth mindset. ⑮ Praise for your thoughtfulness, dear, you remember, what a great idea! You remembered to ____ ! Great thinking! Carefulness is not just about being cautious, but also about children’s comprehensive and multi-angle thinking about problems. When the child goes out, he does not forget to bring an umbrella. It happens to be useful when it rains. It turns out that the child carefully checked the weather forecast before going out. Remember to praise the child for being careful and thoughtful in doing things! Written at the end The deepest essence of human nature is the desire to be appreciated. However, appreciation education is by no means a simple matter of \”praise\” + \”encouragement\”. Children who are often praised blindly may face the problem of having their growth mindset stifled, losing their own judgment, and suffering a heavy loss of gains. Being wise and good at praising is an ability that can make children trust themselves and make them believe that they have the power to make themselves better!

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