These are the three things you should avoid when dealing with teachers in the new semester! Affect children\’s grades in one semester

The new semester is about to begin, and some of Youma’s teacher friends have already returned to school to prepare for work. Yesterday, when I was chatting with Lao Chen, a class teacher who has been in office for more than 10 years, I asked: \”Old Chen, will an old teacher like you change his attitude towards children because of parents?\” Lao Chen said with a smile: \”Your It means asking, if a parent has a good relationship with me, will I care more about his children; if a parent makes things difficult for me, will I also dislike his children?\” \”Yes, that\’s what you mean! Will it?\” Lao Chen was silent for a moment and said seriously: \”Of course it will, and I believe that most teachers will too! Although teachers\’ professional ethics require teachers to treat everyone equally, teachers are human beings and have emotions. Anyone can Subconsciously, get close to those who understand and cooperate with you, and alienate those who slander and make things difficult for you. But having said that, I have been a class teacher for so many years and found that if the relationship between parents and teachers is not handled well, the teacher’s attitude towards the children will definitely There will be changes, but they will not seriously affect children\’s learning. However, children are easily influenced by their parents and become bored and resistant to their teachers and even the subjects taught by this teacher. This has the greatest impact on children\’s learning. \”.\” I was deeply touched by what the head teacher, Lao Chen, said, because I had done such stupid things before: Once, my daughter, Xiaoyou, came home from school and ran over to me excitedly and said, \”Mom, the teacher is here again today.\” I was taught a poem and I was the first to recite it!\” Before I could answer my question, my daughter spoke in a long voice and couldn\’t wait to recite it: \”The Book of Returning to Hometown\” by He Zhizhang of the Tang Dynasty. Shao Xiaoli left home When the boss came back, his accent remained unchanged (shuai); when children saw each other but didn’t recognize each other, they laughed and asked where the guests were from.” I said, “I recited it fluently, but I made a mistake in one place. The last word in the second sentence was pronounced cui, not pronounced shuai.\” My daughter didn\’t believe it: \”That\’s what our teacher taught us!\” I said proudly, \”Your teacher taught you wrong. In poetry, the word \”shuai\” is pronounced cui, which means the hair on the ear. Very sparse.\” My daughter still insisted: \”Oh, don\’t believe it! Our teachers can\’t be wrong.\” I explained helplessly: \”Oh, your teacher really taught you wrong! When I was in graduate school, the old professor was Cui! Your kindergarten teacher is a specialist, you can’t do it!” At this time, the daughter stopped talking. She stood there with her head tilted, her eyes were red, and her tears had begun to well up. At first I was wondering why my daughter was unhappy? Then I suddenly realized a mistake I had made: I had unintentionally hurt my daughter’s feelings for the teacher! My daughter’s teacher is great at singing and dancing and is very patient with the children. She has always been her idol. My daughter often says: \”The \”Canon\” played by my teacher is very nice, and I will learn it in the future.\” \”My teacher knows a lot, and I will learn it in the future too.\” But now, I mock the teacher as a \”junior college student.\” no\”. The speaker has no intention, but the listener has the intention. My daughter will definitely feel uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, the teacher’s pronunciation of shuai (shuai) is not wrong. This is the pronunciation in dictionaries and textbooks. I told my daughter to read \”cui\”. Although it is correct, it feels a bit like showing off.. If my daughter goes to school and says to the teacher, \”My mother said you read it wrong, you are a junior college student and you can\’t do it,\” will this do any good to her? Is there any benefit to me? Slandering and teasing teachers in front of children is a big taboo. In fact, there are probably not a few people like me who have said bad things about teachers in front of children. After all, the relationship between parents and teachers is not that ideal now. I have heard complaints from parents around me more than once: \”There is a lot of homework all day long, and parents are asked to check and sign. I am surprised, I have done all these tasks, what does the teacher do?\” \”He always arranges parent-child arrangements. Homework, but there are some things that children cannot do. In the end, it is all the work of the parents. What does the teacher think?\” It is normal to be dissatisfied with teachers, but my personal experience reminds everyone: after all, please abide by one The bottom line is, don\’t say it in front of your children. You know, when a child likes a subject, he often starts by liking the teacher; when a child hates a subject, he often starts by hating the teacher. When we criticize and tease the teacher in front of the children, it will damage the teacher\’s image and authority in the children\’s hearts. This will make the children disrespect, disapproval, and even hate the teacher, which will eventually lead to boredom and resistance to the subject. , has a great impact on performance! The most common thing many children say who are partial to subjects and hate learning is: \”I don\’t like this teacher, so I won\’t teach him!\” Don\’t let your children violate school rules because of your dissatisfaction with the education system. China\’s education system Everyone is well aware of the disadvantages of it, and parents can\’t help but complain: \”What\’s the use of assigning so much homework?\” \”One test determines life, which delays the child.\” \”Teaching dead knowledge all day long deprives the child of imagination.\” …When Youma was in high school, there was a boy in the class who was particularly weird. His father thought the handouts and test papers issued by the math teacher were not good enough, so he bought a bunch of \”top-secret test questions\” for his son. So with the support of his father, this boy never did any homework assigned by the teacher. When the teacher was giving lectures, he studied his own \”top secret test questions.\” As you can imagine, the boy did very poorly in mathematics during the college entrance examination. Many times, teachers understand children’s cognitive level and receptive abilities better than parents, and know how to educate children well. Although sometimes the tasks assigned by the teacher and the rules set by the teacher seem useless, it does not necessarily mean that they are really useless. If parents feel that they do not understand, they can communicate with the teacher in other ways instead of simply and rudely confronting the teacher or even blatantly violating school rules. You know, if you cultivate your child\’s contempt for collective rules from an early age, you will not be able to control your child at all when he reaches adolescence. When necessary, we must firmly protect our children. Although we must respect and cooperate with teachers, we must not blindly trust them. In the huge team of teachers, it is inevitable that there will be people whose character and professional ethics are not up to standard. If they are found to have harmful behaviors to children, they must resolutely protect the children. Once before, my daughter Xiaoyou said to me after school: \”Mom, the PE teacher touched my back today.\” I was slightly worried, but I still asked calmly: \”What else did the teacher do?\” My daughter said: \” Just touchHe touched my back and also touched Cao Xiaojuan. \”I told You\’s father about this in the evening. After discussing it, we felt that the PE teacher might be touching the children to see if they were sweating, but it was not ruled out that it was an intentional violation. So we educated our daughter again that night. Once again: Don’t let others touch your parts and private parts that are covered by clothes.

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