They are not only celebrities on the 2016 Olympic medal list, but they are also the mothers of their children!

The most exciting thing these days is the 31st Summer Olympics held in Rio, Brazil. Lan Lan\’s mother is a sports fan, so how could she miss the Olympic Games, which happens every four years. My father was once a professional shooter. He was selected into the provincial shooting team for professional training when he was a teenager. His best skill was the 50-meter 15+60-round small-caliber rifle, and he had won many provincial competition championships! When I was a kid, I often heard him tell many stories about shooting training in his youth. Dad said that his previous dream was to represent the Chinese team in competitions around the world like Xu Haifeng and Wang Yifu. However, due to the Cultural Revolution, this ideal was shattered. Shooting competitions require athletes to have extremely high psychological quality. \”A slightest mistake can make a difference of a thousand miles.\” Even breathing and heartbeat will directly affect the final result. The new elimination rule at the end of this year\’s shooting competition is an ultimate test of the athletes\’ psychological quality. On the first day of the Olympic Games, I stayed in front of the TV to watch the women\’s 10-meter air rifle competition on time. Du Li has always been my favorite shooter. She is a two-time Olympic champion. Although she did not win the gold medal in yesterday\’s game, as a veteran of four Olympic Games, she has experienced the ups and downs of retirement and comeback, and she understands the true meaning of the shooting sport better than anyone else. But many people may not know that Du Li is not only an Olympic champion, but also the mother of a 6-year-old child. When Du Li\’s son was only 6 months old, she resumed training and returned to the national team. He also brought his mother to Beijing to help take care of the children. After all, for a woman, nothing is more important than her own children, but she cannot slack off in competing in the Olympics and winning glory for her country. Although she did not win the gold medal, Du Li had a bright smile on her face when she received the award. This smile not only shows the calmness of Chinese athletes, but also is the best example a mother can set for her children! Gymnastics is also a must-see sport for Lan Lan’s mother in every Olympic Games. Yesterday I watched the preliminaries of women\’s gymnastics. Compared with a group of girls who are more than 20 years younger than me, one veteran stood out. She is the Uzbek female gymnast Chuso, known as the \”Gymnastics Grandma\” Virgina is 41 years old this year. Yes, you read that right, bigger than Lan Lan’s mother! She is also the first gymnast in the history of gymnastics to compete in seven Olympic Games. She once won the gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics at the age of 17, and after becoming famous, she chose to retire, get married, and have children. But fate played a big joke on her. In 2002, her 2-year-old son was diagnosed with congenital leukemia and needed a lot of money for treatment. In desperation, she chose to return to the game and participate in competitions to earn money to raise medical expenses for her son\’s treatment. She was already 27 years old that year. The sports career of female gymnasts is very short, and the average age is generally around 20 years old. Returning to the gymnastics arena is not easy for a 27-year-old female athlete who has retired for many years. She raised money for her child\’s treatment while undertaking recovery training. her bodyBecause she has become less light and soft after retiring for many years, she has to put in more efforts, sweat, and endure unimaginable pain as a young athlete. All of this contains a mother\’s love for her child. In November 2008, at a gymnastics competition in Basel, she unfortunately ruptured her Achilles tendon while completing her last jump. For a 33-year-old athlete, such a serious injury basically brought an end to her sports career. However, after recovering from a serious injury, this veteran who used gymnastics to interpret great maternal love returned to the competition. Standing on the competition field, she had to endure the pain like a knife and perform every action well. Because she knows that if she wants to win the gold medal, she must persist. The more prizes you win, the more you can treat your son! She said: As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will persevere for my children, because I am a mother! I really watched Chusovitina\’s qualifying match yesterday with tears in my eyes. I think her appearance in the Olympics not only represents the Olympic spirit of \”never give up\”, but also embodies the greatest Olympic spirit. maternal love! Fortunately, Chusovitina\’s son has gradually recovered. She said she could finally enjoy the joy of gymnastics without any burden. Be it Du Li or Chusovitina, they are not only Olympic champions, but also mothers of their children! ! ! They have set the best examples for their children and most fully embody the Olympic spirit of \”fighting tenaciously and never giving up\”! They are mothers and role models for their children throughout their lives! Finally, let us cheer for all the Olympic athletes. Regardless of whether they can stand on the podium in the end, let us applaud all their efforts!

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