This is the cold violence that every family has

Take your kids to basketball lessons on weekends. Children attend classes on the field, with parents waiting nearby. The tallest girl in the class, her mind was never on the class, but kept turning her head to look at her father. Every once in a while, she would angrily shout, \”Dad, you are looking at your phone again!\” At first, her father smiled and agreed, \”Okay, okay, I understand, I won\’t look at it anymore.\” Then close the phone and put it in your pocket. But less than five minutes later, the girl turned around again and found her father immersed in his mobile phone again. So she called again, \”Dad, why are you looking at your phone again?\” After a few times, her father began to show impatience and avoided talking about the problem of looking at his phone. Instead, he angrily scolded the child: \”If you don\’t study well in class, why are you so busy?\” !” The girl insisted on reminding her a few more times, and her father’s reprimand became more and more forceful. She finally gave up and returned her eyes to her coach. But her mouth was pursed throughout the class, her expression was depressed, and she cried a lot during the class because other children bumped into her. ——Actually, I have been paying attention to that girl for a long time. She is the oldest in the class, but her mood is the worst. She is more than half a head taller than the other children, but she breaks down and cries once or twice in almost every class. The reason is often small things like not completing game tasks or not getting sticker rewards. The coach often sends rewards directly to her to calm things down. The parents nearby also always frowned at her, thinking that she was disturbing the order of class. I am the same, I find it strange that such an old child has such poor emotional control. But seeing her father addicted to his mobile phone and her furious look, I suddenly began to understand her family environment. Presumably, it has become the norm for their parents to be addicted to mobile phones and pay little attention to their children. In fact, the most fundamental reason for every child who behaves abnormally is the lack of love. She wants to attract others\’ attention through exaggerated actions. The reason for her lack of love was that her parents gave her the precious attention they should have given to their mobile phones. With the development of wireless networks and the launch of various APPs, mobile phones are no longer just communication tools, but have added an identity: a killer. It murders time, murders attention, murders relationships, and even murders lives. Some people were obsessed with playing with their mobile phones and walked into the West Lake without knowing it; some were playing with their mobile phones and a two-year-old child was run over and killed by a car before they realized it later; some were playing with their mobile phones and their children were drowned without even realizing it. However, more terrifying than these shocking accidents of life is the emotional violence that occurs every day like a blunt knife cutting flesh. The farthest distance in the world is when I am by your side while you are playing with your phone. There is a pair of elderly people from Sichuan in the community who were brought to Beijing by their children last year to live with their son and wife. When they first arrived, they were very pleased with their son\’s filial piety and looked forward to having grandchildren and having a happy old age. But within a few days, the old couple\’s faces turned gloomy. They clean and cook at home during the day, and when their children come home from get off work, they are looking forward to the return of two humble people. After eating, they leaned on the sofa and buried their heads in their mobile phones, not communicating with each other or the elderly. They were immersed in that virtual world and never noticed the disappointed and lonely eyes of the old man.Two old people were talking to others in the community in broken Mandarin, \”In the past, when we were in our hometown, we would just talk to them on the phone for a few days, and that was enough. When I saw them posting photos on their WeChat Moments, I was happy. Now we can do it every day When I see them, I know more than I did then.\” The old people wanted to know if they had a good day, if their work went smoothly, and if they encountered anything new. But they didn\’t even dare to ask questions, because their voices would be swallowed up by silence. ——The two young men could not hear it at all. They will laugh at the funny videos on their mobile phones, but rarely give their parents a warm smile. For the elderly, the indifference of their children is an unbearable cold violence. But they are not unfilial, they are just kidnapped by their mobile phones. Cell phones are really fun. Various information software will push the latest current affairs to your eyes; on Weibo, you can see the daily lives of celebrities you like and hate; in Moments, you can see what colleagues, classmates, and friends ate, where they went to play, and what gifts they received. , what embarrassing thing happened. There are also gods and goddesses in the live broadcast room who can never be touched in real life. They can provide services if you send enough gifts. You can know everything about the world without going out, and you can also entertain others and yourself. Feeling so good! But when our attention is captured and imprisoned by mobile phones, we often forget to think: What is the most important thing in our lives? Family, love, friendship, self. These things need to be watered with our heart and attention every day, but we are allowing them to wither and turn a blind eye. Yu Yu and Sha Sha met on the phone, fell in love and then got married. But then they almost divorced because of mobile phones. When Shasha added a high school classmate on WeChat, she entered a wrong number, so she added less than. They chatted, sharing joy when they were happy, comforting each other when they were frustrated, and the more they chatted, the more they became more and more speculative. So they started meeting, fell in love, and then got married. But marriage is the grave of love. After living together, they discovered that the other person was no longer the lively and lovely partner, but a cold figure playing with a mobile phone, like a virtual symbol. They realize that the mobile phone is the third party between them. It seems to have magic, always pulling two people away from their partner. Sasha would complain that Yu was just playing on his phone and not paying attention to her. But when Yu Yu put down his phone and decided to chat with her, he found that Shasha was playing mobile games again. After countless failed communications, the temperature of their marriage finally dropped to freezing point. The two began to believe that they had found the wrong person and put divorce on the agenda. It was Shasha who surrendered first. She asked Yu Yu, \”So I\’m not as good as a mobile phone in your heart?\” Only then did the two of them realize that the reason for the divorce was so absurd and terrifying. Yu Yu said, \”I\’m sorry, I won\’t use my phone anymore when I go home.\” Shasha burst into tears and said, \”Me too.\” Later, they set a series of rules about mobile phones and wrote them down and posted them on the wall: Talk to each other Do not look at your phone when you are in bed; do not bring your phone into the bedroom; delete all game apps… If there is any violation, give the other person a 10-minute bear hug. Cell phones can make or break a relationship. Because every relationship requires attention to maintain. If you give your attention to your mobile phone, you will inevitablyThere will be a deficit elsewhere. The farthest distance in the world is when I am by your side while you are playing with your phone. After working hard outside for a day, I finally returned home, but spent all my time scrolling through my mobile phone. After checking Weibo and WeChat, I checked several news apps until it was late at night and I was too sleepy to keep my eyes open. You know the world\’s political situation, economic trends, celebrity gossip, and the daily routine of your neighbors, but you don\’t know the sighs of your family members before going to bed every day. Mobile phones have really become a cold violence in every family. The time when two people are inseparable has many inexplicable holes because of the intervention of mobile phones. When there are problems in the relationship, if you want to make up for it, you will find that you are at a loss. Because it seems that no one did anything wrong. In the parent-child time that should be spent with children, due to the interference of mobile phones, adults lose a lot of patience and children become a lot more anxious. So the child has this voice, \”You are not my father, you are the father of the mobile phone.\” I don\’t know how many people have realized that your family, life, and self are sinking little by little in front of the mobile phone. I often hear people say this: I also know that it is not good to look at my phone all the time, but I don’t want to look at it. However, I am always in a trance and find that my phone is in my hand again. As if everything was wrong with the phone. In fact, quitting mobile phone addiction just depends on determination and action, as well as supplementary supervision. Every family should set a time period when the whole family does not look at their mobile phones at all. During this time, everyone turns in their mobile phones, locks them, and only shares their attention and emotions with their families. Even if there is only one or two hours of efficient interaction every day, family relationships can be watered enough to please every family member. Simplify your mobile phone page and uninstall all apps that are not beneficial to you. Develop interests and hobbies other than mobile phones. There are so many things in this world, which are a hundred times more fun than browsing on your mobile phone, but you need to discover them. The simplest and crudest way is to supervise each other with your family. If you see one party playing with their mobile phone, they will immediately confiscate it and make them do all the housework. If you are annoyed by this, it means that you care more about your mobile phone than your family relationship. Such people should live their lives with mobile phones.

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