This is the reason why the hair on the back of a child\’s head refuses to grow or grows slowly!

Question 1: My baby is 6 months old and the hair on the back of his head grows very slowly. What is going on? Dr. Xu Lijuan’s answer: Usually it’s nothing, and it will get better after two or three years of age. This is caused by repeated pressure and friction between the baby\’s head and a certain place (such as a pillow) for a long time. In addition, the baby\’s metabolism is strong, which results in the sparseness or loss of local hair. With growth and development, the baby will gradually become able to sit, stand, and walk, and his sleep will gradually become quieter. At about two or three years old, the hair on the occipital area will slowly return to normal without any intervention or treatment. Question 2: My baby is 4 months old and has become more active. Recently, I have discovered that every time I hold her or move, I can hear the sound of bones, sometimes in the legs and sometimes in the bones behind the shoulders. I don’t have any uncomfortable symptoms. What’s going on? Is it normal? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It should be a problem with the synovial membrane of the joint. If there is ringing at the base of the thigh, it is recommended to go to an orthopedic examination. The problem elsewhere is not serious, whether it is the shoulder or knee joints. Question 3: I took levonorgestrel tablets once yesterday. Can I take this emergency contraceptive pill while breastfeeding? What are the dangers of breastfeeding? What should I do if I’m already breastfeeding? I ate at 5:30 yesterday afternoon and fed milk at 6 this morning. I didn’t feed too much. I expressed some milk at 11 o’clock last night. Dr. He Jiexin answered: Emergency contraceptive pills contain a large amount of hormone components, which can promote precocious puberty. Long-term consumption is definitely not acceptable. If you take it once, it is best to stop breastfeeding for two or three days. The impact just once should not be big, and there are not many ingredients in breast milk. The main thing is that you need to pay attention to it in the long term and stop feeding your child.

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