This time [Mom is Superman 2], the child is not good, he loves being smug too much

In the recently popular program \”Mom is Superman\”, Wenjing Bao took her daughter to make dumplings and visited Sha Deng\’s house. Bao Diaozi took his children\’s makeup box and put on makeup in front of Dalinzi. After finishing a set of eye shadow, blush, and lipstick, change clothes, dress up, and appear beautifully with your face glowing. Dumpling makeup immediately attracted heated discussion among netizens. Some praised her as \”cute\”, some praised her makeup skills as \”stylish\”, while some netizens worried \”Is it really good to let a child wear makeup at such a young age and love beauty so much?\” Dumplings are not the only children who love beauty. Li also posted a photo of Huang Duoduo\’s makeup on Weibo, and captioned it: \”In the blink of an eye, I caught you. Don\’t be so beautiful. Go to sleep!\” In a blink of an eye, Huang Duoduo seemed to be growing bigger and bigger. Love beauty more. Last month, Sun Li posted a short video of Huang Duoduo weaving rabbits. Duoduo\’s technique is very skillful, but netizens pay more attention to her dress-at a young age, she not only has pierced ears, but also wears a ring on her ring finger. The reason why the children of celebrities love beauty may be due to their parents’ careers. Work requires makeup, and children are exposed to it, so they naturally imitate it. But why do we, the \”middle-aged greasy aunts\” who don\’t even put on makeup, give birth to children who love to be pretty? My daughter is 6 years old and wants to wear skirts every day – sleeveless skirts in summer and cotton skirts in winter. I match my clothes every morning. I have to decide which skirt to wear and which pair of leggings to wear. Of course, the shoes must also be matched. Her biggest dream is to be a makeup artist when she grows up, because she can dress herself up beautifully. My colleague’s daughter is 4 years old. Not long ago, she asked her mother to buy her a “child-specific makeup box.” On the weekend, I spent the whole morning putting on beautiful makeup, and even laughed at my mother for not matching it. My friend\’s son is 8 years old. When buying clothes, he starts to choose his own styles. He only wears clothes from one brand and even has his own requirements for hairstyle. Are our mothers too conservative, or are our children too fond of being pretty? Your child loves beauty so much, are you really not worried? Heart of beauty in everyone. Children love beauty, so naturally there are mothers who are not worried, such as Bao Wenjing and Sun Li, who are very tolerant towards their children\’s beauty love. However, some netizens were worried for them first. Many parents are worried that their children will \”go bad\” if they love beauty since childhood, will not study well, and become problem children, so they suppress their children\’s beauty behavior, especially when we were young. Some friends said that her mother told her since she was a child that wearing makeup is the most evil thing, and only bad women wear makeup. Good children should study hard and not be bad. Some friends said that her parents told her since she was a child that she should look like a student when she was studying, and she should look so beautiful until she goes to college, so she always adopted a cool and handsome tomboy style before going to college. Let’s talk about myself. I have been a \”standard good student\” in the eyes of other parents since I was a child – I wore boy\’s clothes, had a boy\’s hairstyle, never cared about dressing up, and had excellent academic performance, all the way from elementary school to university. However, when we children grew up, we realized that loving beauty in childhood was not as scary as adults said. And girls like us, who have been suppressed since childhood, sadly find that when we dress, weNot only does she have no taste in acting, she also relies on her husband’s vision when choosing clothes. Now that she’s a mother, she’s starting to learn how to be beautiful all over again. Children love beauty, should they object? Psychology believes that children begin to enter the \”aesthetically sensitive period\” from the age of 2 and a half to 3 years old. Children during this period begin to become very interested in their own clothes, especially girls. In addition to wearing makeup, they also like to wear beautiful shoes and clothing. skirt. At this time, parents do not need to panic or make a fuss, and should respect their children as much as possible. Even if the child reaches an age where studies are the main focus, parents do not have to be too anxious. Education expert Yin Jianli once said that children who love beauty do not need to be too restrained and should let nature take its own course. Love of beauty is human nature and instinct, and no one can deny human beings’ pursuit of beauty. And well-dressed children are more likely to arouse people\’s favor and help. UNICEF once conducted an experiment in which a 6-year-old girl played two different roles and pretended to be lost on the street. For the first time, she played the role of a well-dressed and fashionable little girl, clean and tidy, and passers-by came to ask and help her. The second time, she played an urban wanderer, wearing tattered clothes and being dirty. This time, the attitude of the passers-by changed dramatically, and no one came to help the little girl. Finally, the little girl was so wronged that she ran out of the restaurant sadly. She cried and said: This makes me very depressed because my face is covered with dirty soot and all my clothes are dirty. , they all told me to go away. In fact, it does not mean that children must be dressed up in fancy clothes, but dressing up appropriately can indeed give children more confidence and help them get more help. How to help children develop a healthy sense of aesthetics? Children\’s love for beauty should not be suppressed, let alone left alone. Another extreme consequence of letting it go is that children will focus too much on pursuing appearance, thus ignoring their own inner connotations. In daily life, parents can guide their children to develop the following habits in a timely manner to enhance their inner beauty. Yang Lan said: \”A woman with good taste should be like this: always dress appropriately, always have a refined temperament, always smile and listen, speak elegantly and generously, never be ostentatious, never wear heavy makeup, no You will keep up with fashion but be very well-groomed, so that you can shine from the inside out.\” Please tell your children: Your words and deeds should be worthy of your appearance. A person who is beautiful on the outside should also be beautiful on the inside. Huang Duoduo, who has his ears pierced and wears rings, is also a \”other people\’s child\” that many parents envy. She looks pure and beautiful, dresses elegantly and refined, plays the piano well, speaks authentic and fluent foreign languages, is caring and independent, what should such a child have to worry about? Being with books, beauty lies in temperament. A child who loves reading naturally has her own unique understanding of \”beauty\”. Wu Yishu, the winner of the second season finals of \”Chinese Poetry Conference\”, left a deep impression on people. Her beauty has its own temperament, with a strong bookish flavor, fragrant and long-lasting. Netizens said: \”This beautiful girl born in the 00s fulfills all people\’s fantasies about talented women in ancient times.\” She has been immersed in the fragrance of books for a long time, not onlyHe is a perfect academic and has a super calm mentality. Even after he became famous, he still had to study and read poetry. He didn’t pay too much attention to his own programs on TV, let alone be complacent and proud. A girl like Wu Yishu\’s casual calligraphy will never become worse no matter how much she loves beauty. Be grateful and discover that the beauty of life is not only reflected in dressing up, but also in life. Let your children experience life more, from going to the market to buy food or cleaning at home, to experiencing various aspects of life and feeling the beauty of life. Let the children feel that beauty is multiple. It could be cooking a delicious meal with your own hands, helping a person in need, or overcoming a difficulty that you think you have. Rodin said that life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to discover beauty. As long as you keep hope and be grateful, there will be beauty everywhere in your life. Children who love beauty have love in their hearts, light in their eyes, love life, and are always full of enthusiasm. After all, the children of this generation are much happier than ours, because behind their beauty, we have our tolerance and support, as well as the right guidance and help.

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