Those who have children starting from June 1st will be happy

Recently, I saw a video with the following content: Starting from June 1st, those with children at home must know the following eight pieces of legal knowledge. I felt happy and laughed after watching it. 1. The three-child policy has been liberalized. If you want to have a younger sibling to accompany your child, you can boldly prepare for pregnancy. 2. The child can have the father\’s or the mother\’s surname, and the household registration can be in the woman\’s family or the man\’s family. 3. Illegitimate children can also register for household registration, and children born in the same marriage also have inheritance. 4. If you want to change your child\’s surname, both parents must agree to apply in writing at the police station. 5. If naughty children tip the anchor, parents can contact the platform customer service to appeal for reimbursement. 6. Children play games and recharge thousands or tens of thousands. Parents can prove that it was the children who played the game, which can also cause the game official to return the recharge. 7. The \”double reduction\” law prohibits extracurricular tutoring in subjects. Those who want to provide tutoring courses for their children can use two free learning platforms: the National Primary and Secondary School Network Cloud Platform and the National Educational Resources Public Service Platform. 8. If a child is bullied at school, there are nine types of compensation: medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, nutrition expenses, identification fees, hospitalization food subsidies, disability compensation, follow-up treatment expenses, and mental loss expenses. Seeing these, those who have children at home are really happy, and some can’t help but laugh. With this legal knowledge, children\’s interests can be better protected from harm, especially Articles 5 and 6. As parents, you must understand and understand the basic knowledge of the protection of the rights and interests of minors, learn and be familiar with the relevant contents of the \”Law on the Protection of Minors\”, and lay the foundation for protecting the legitimate rights of your children. Otherwise, children’s rights will be harmed but they will not know how to defend them. Then, as teachers and parents, in addition to mastering the necessary legal knowledge themselves, they must also tell their children relevant legal knowledge so that they can learn to protect themselves from infringement from an early age. 1. The importance of the law should be taught to children about the role of the law: (1) Learning legal knowledge is helpful to improve one’s own legal awareness and prevent minor crimes. (2) Studying the law can protect minors. For example, the \”Minor Protection Law\” protects the relevant legitimate rights and interests of minors. (3) Learn the law. When you encounter illegal infringement or your rights are violated, you can file a legal lawsuit to recover losses. 2. Several alarm numbers that children should remember: 110 for police, 119 for fire, 122 for traffic accidents, and 120 for emergency centers. 3. Be familiar with six effective ways to protect yourself: (1) Pay attention to traffic safety on the way to and from school, and leave school early Go home; (2) Don’t talk to strangers, don’t eat food from strangers; (3) Don’t go out with strangers; (4) Don’t open the door to strangers; (5) Remember life first, property second; ( 6) When encountering difficulties, seek help from parents and teachers promptly; (7) Avoid falling into difficult situations and learn to get out of them. When encountering difficulties or accidents, you should stay calm and actively seek help. 4. Tell your children to avoid bad behaviors: ⑴ Being absent from school and staying out at night; ⑵ Carrying controlled knives; ⑶ Fighting and insulting others; ⑷ Forcibly asking for property from others; ⑸ Stealing and deliberately damaging property; ⑹ Participating in gambling or disguised gambling; ⑺ Watching , listening to pornographic and obscene audio and video products, reading materials, etc.; ⑻ Entering commercial song and dance halls and other places that are not suitable for minors to enter according to laws and regulations; ⑼ Other bad behaviors that seriously violate social morality. Anti-drowning safety education for primary school students, etc., comprehensive protection of children\’s safety encyclopedia 100-lesson audio. In short, children are the future of the family. As schools and families, we must not only educate children to abide by the law, but also prevent illegal infringements from happening to themselves, and learn to use Legal weapons to protect yourself.

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